Jeremy Michael Sarver is an aspiring contestant on the eight season of American Idol. This family man has one of the most dangerous jobs...

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This week's American Idol results show lacked the drama and surprise of last Wednesday's installment, when Alexis Grace was shockingly sent home.

Instead, Michael Sarver received the lowest-number of viewer votes - and everyone in the building knew that the judges would not save the nice oil rigger, as he sang another rendition of "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" last night.

The only surprise of the evening was that Matt Giraud found himself in the bottom two, alongside Sarver.

Did Michael Sarver deserve to go home last night?

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You've heard them sing in front of a national audience.

Now, let's see what the first three finalists on this season of American Idol - Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver - have to say about their experience so far. Each spoke to reporters this week about life on the show...

Gokey, on his late wife, Sophie: “I apologize to everybody if they feel like it’s shoved down in their face but it’s so fresh in my mind. It’s only been 7 months [since her death]. Honestly, this is a sob story I don’t want but it is shaping my life, and it’s causing hope for a lot of people. Now I have my mission set in stone.”

Grace, on being compared to Kelly Clarkson by Simon Cowell: "It just motivates me to do better in the competition and be myself and really connect with songs that I choose."

Sarver, on his working-class appeal: “I believe that real life people can relate to me, especially in the economy and the day that we live. It’s very difficult for a lot of people, and I see it as a chance to see someone rise from the ashes... I think people relate to that and it’s special to their hearts.”

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Which of these American Idol finalists is your favorite so far? Click on each pic for an enlarged version.

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American Idol fans played Simon says last night.

Despite a mediocre performance of the over-played Gavin McGraw hit "I Don't Wanna Be" on Tuesday, Michael Sarver has been voted through to season eight's final round. The main reason?

Simon Cowell pretty much told fans to vote that way.

Following Sarver's lackadaisacal audition, Cowell said this oil rig worker was a nice guy who deserved another chance; then - voila! - he becomes one of the week's top three vote getters.

Either America will do whatever Cowell says, or producers simply wanted an early upset this season. Do you think this vote was rigged?

The two most surefire contestants were also voted through to the finals. Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey deserve congratulations for making it to the round of 12.

With a special wild card round set to add a trio of finalists later this season, allow us to begin the campaign now: Anoop Desai for Wild Card!!!

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