Justin Bieber is a 20-year-old autotune-happy Canadian pop singer who's better known for his douchey behavior and photoshopped Calvin Klein campaign than for his music.

Keith Richards is a 71-year-old British rock legend who - despite snorting his father's ashes and doing roughly two-thirds of the drugs produced between 1964 and today - is still best known for his trailblazing riffs and enduring cultural contribution.

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Justin Bieber's public persona went from squeaky-clean child star to thuggish troublemaker in record time. Now it seems that after months of image problems the troubled hitmaker might be trying to get back into the public's good graces.

The online leak of Bieber's racist videos from early in his career is just the latest in a long line of humiliations for Justin, and a very different sort of video posted online today seems to be his way of reminding fans that he's still just a 20-year-old kid who loves his family.

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