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Photos from this month's Jenny McCarthy Playboy spread continue to hit the web, though you'll still need to pick up the magazine for the full monty.

The 39-year-old's Playboy cover, showing her in all her old Hollywood glory, dropped last week. Since then, a few more pictures have been released.

Let's just say she's "still got it," to borrow the unofficial tagline of the much buzzed-about spread. Here's another tease of what's to come ...

Jenny McCarthy in Playboy Photo

Jenny recently remarked that she wanted to pose for the men's magazine that made her famous one last time "before things really start to fall apart." As if.

For 40, or almost 40, she's looking pretty darn good.

Hopefully Hef brings her back for another spread around the time of her 50th birthday. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it, right? Who says sexy is reserved for 20-year-olds.

Here's a look at the Jenny McCarthy pictures released so far:

  • Jenny McCarthy in Playboy Pic
  • Jenny McCarthy Playboy Pic
  • Jenny McCarthy Nude
  • Jenny McCarthy Playboy Photo

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Count Kendra Wilkinson as a fan of the Jenny McCarthy Playboy cover.

K-Dubs doesn't plan on baring it all anymore, but she has a message for McCarthy, who, at 39 years old, stripped down for the latest issue of the mag.

That message is simple: Way to be!

  • Clothed Jenny McCarthy Pic
  • Kendra Wilkinson Cleavage

"Good for her," Kendra, who's posed for her share of Playboy spreads and starred on Hugh Hefner's TV shows. "She definitely has it, why not flaunt it?"

Jenny McCarthy, the 1993 Playmate of the Year, returns to nude form on the cover of the July/August double issue, which hits newsstands this week.

The cover, featuring Jenny McCarthy nude, is already out.

"She looks great," the Kendra on Top star said at Las Vegas' Pure Nightclub. "If that gives her confidence at almost 40 years old, why not do it?"

McCarthy has maintained humor about her Playboy return, recently saying she wanted to pose once more "before everything really falls apart."


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Some things really do get better with age.

Just months away from turning 40, and 19 years after she got naked in Playboy for the first time, Jenny McCarthy is back in the men's magazine.

And she's still got it.

The model / actress' fourth nude pictorial hits newsstands this Friday in the July / August issue. Check out the just-released cover photo of Jenny McCarthy in Playboy:

Jenny McCarthy Nude

"I'm really proud of it," McCarthy told People of the pictorial.

"The pictures are really gorgeous and classy. They really could be out of W magazine."

"They're just really elegant photos. It's probably a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the stuff you'd see of people with their clothes on."

"The one thing I like about Playboy is they don't have the anorexic look. The women are voluptuous. So I didn't really want to diet. I just wanted to tone up."

Mission accomplished, we'd have to say. Models everywhere need to take a cue from this (and Kate Upton pictures) and do what comes naturally: Eat.

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If anybody wants to know why Jenny McCarthy is posing for Playboy at the age of 39, nearly two decades after she first did, her response is twofold, and simple:

1. To promote autism research, and 2. Why not?

TV's Love in the Wild host took to Twitter this week and said, "Why should only 20 yr olds be considered sexy?" she writes. "Let's (hear) it for the MILFs."

Somehow we imagine guys can buy into that.

In a poll, fans have responded by a two-to-one margin that McCarthy has only gotten better with age from when she first appeared in Playboy in 1993.

Interestingly, two years ago, McCarthy told Playboy in an interview (above) that she could be persuaded to pose again, but the mag couldn't afford it.

Maybe the price went down? Or Hef dug deeper?

Who knows. Also interestingly, Jenny said at age 37 that wasn't sure if she'd still "have it" in a few years. Guess it's safe to say she still does.

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It feels like 1993 all over again.

Jenny McCarthy will pose nude for Playboy's July/August issue, marking a surprise return from one of Hugh Hefner's most famous Playmates of the Year.

After almost 20 years, the soon-to-be 40-year-old model, actress and mom is returning to show off her goods on the cover of the men's mag June 29.

Jenny McCarthy Picture

Jenny first posed for Playboy in 1993 for a modest $20,000, earning herself the title of Playmate of the Month and a bit later on, Playmate of the Year.

She confirmed her return to the magazine with a bit of irony.

McCarthy told E! this week, "All I wanted to do [when she began in the industry] was work with my clothes on, and now I just hope to get them off!"

Any objections? Guys? No? Speak now or forever hold your ... nevermind. Check out three vintage Jenny McCarthy Playboy covers after the jump:

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