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(Jennifer) Love (Hewitt) was in the air on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1.

The former Ghost Whisperer and The Client List star made her debut on this CBS drama as Kate Callahan, a new member of the BAU team with extensive undercover experience.

We fist met the character as she laughed in the face of a child porn purveyor after he got hauled away in handcuffs.

We then saw her in the elevator with Reid and then in an interview with Hotch and then - Bam! - she had the job, taking the spot vacated by Blake when Jeanne Tripplehorn exited the series in May.

Hewitt was thrust right into a stomach-turning case on the Criminal Minds premiere, as the unit went after an UnSub who removed his victims’ arms, legs and head and then proceeded to leave the torso somewhere else entirely.

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Consider yourselves warned, bad guys: she knows what you did last summer.

In fun, surprising and sexy news, Jennifer Love Hewitt has signed on as a series regular for Criminal Minds Season 10.

The actress - who previously worked on CBS throughout the run of Ghost Whisperer - will debut on the October 1 premiere and portray Kate Callahan, an undercover FBI agent whose stellar work at that agency has earned her a position with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Jennifer Love Hewitt as a Blonde

Hewitt basically takes over for Jeanne Tripplehorn, who left the series in May after two years.

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Lifetime may bill itself as "television for women," but it robbed men of one of life's greatest treasures last week: Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage.

Yes, the network canceled The Client List after two seasons.

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Lifetime

Ratings for the drama fell a bit - from 2.7 million for the Season 2 premiere to 2 million for the Season 2 finale - but insiders actually saw the series got the axe due to demands made by Hewitt.

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Thankfully for men around the globe, Jennifer Love Hewitt is at it again.

The actress has released a new promo in which she teases both The Client List Season 2... and every warm-blooded male with a pulse.

Singing about how she's a woman, JLH dances and strips down in the nearly two-minute long video. It's the next best thing aside from ogling Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini photos all day.

Keep that drool at bay and watch now:

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Let's give Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot of credit: the actress isn't even trying to pretend any longer.

Why should you tune in for this actress' upcoming new show on Lifetime, The Client List? Not for the acting, not for the storyline, not for the production value.

JLH made the reason clear in this scantily-clad promotional video for the April 8 premiere and now she's doing it again in a new poster for the series:

The Client List Poster

The Client List will air on Sunday nights and center on a single mother who takes over control of a brothel. We'll certainly be tuning in. Or at least staring at this picture for the next few hours.

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Might Jennifer Love Hewitt be in line for a major television role?

The actress, who has made news more for her failed relationships over the last couple years than anything she has done on the big or small screen, is a leading contender to replace Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU.

Picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hargitay has portrayed Detective Olivia Benson for for 12 years, but signed a new deal last week that only calls for her to appear on 13 episodes of the upcoming season.

NBC President Bob Greenblatt confirms that creative plans for 2011-2012 involve Benson taking on a supervisor role around halfway through, and a new female detective coming on board.

"We’re looking at options," he says. "Jennifer Love is somebody who we’ve been circling."

The large-breasted actress guest-starred last season on Law & Order: SVU and would bring at least two major assets to the long-running drama.

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