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Our thoughts go out Jennifer Love Hewitt today.

The actress has lost her mother Patricia, who passed away yesterday following a long battle with cancer.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cleavage

"Her family mourns her loss," says a rep for The Client List star. "She was an angel to all who knew her and they are grateful she is now in a better place. They ask for privacy at this difficult time. No further details are being provided."

Patricia worked as a a speech-language pathologist and is survived by her daughter and son, Dr. Todd Hewitt.


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A couple episodes into her new Lifetime series, Jennifer Love Hewitt is everywhere.

Correction: Jennifer Love Hewitt and her breasts are everywhere.

The actress, who recently admitted these were her favorite parts of her body, is not shy when it comes to discussing the snack trays that have helped build her career in Hollywood. Heck, have you seen this Client List promo? They receive more air time than the actress herself.

But Jimmy Kimmel may have actually embarrassed the well-endowed star during her appearance on his talk show last night. Watch the clip below to see exactly what he gifted her:

P.S. Jimmy, can you make us a copy?

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Planking is so 2011.

Tebowing is so early 2012.

The latest craze, heating up Hollywood at least? Makeup-free Twitter photos, as both Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato have gone all natural over the social network over the last few weeks. And now Jennifer Love Hewitt has joined the trend.

What do you think of her bare look?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Without Makeup

If you aren't a fan, have no fear. There's always this Client List promo, in which Hewitt is made up... but seriously dressed down. Watch and drool over the video now.

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The phrase "too much of a good thing" apparently applies to Jennifer Love Hewitt's chest. Lifetime thought so, at least, covering those puppies up in a new ad.

Updated ads for The Client List, based on the movie of the same name and also starring Hewitt, show the actress' ample chest has been dramatically reduced.

In the original, sexier ad on the right, the 33-year-old flaunts her breasts in a revealing, low-cut black slip. But in a second ad, that negligee grew via Photoshop:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Client List Ad

So what did Hewitt think about the sizable digital breast reduction?

"Somebody sent me a copy of the photograph, and I was like, 'Um, what happened?'" she told N.Y.C.'s KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show. "I'm not quite sure what's going on there. But apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction."

Someone moronic? Not necessarily.

JLH said she thinks it's hotter "not to show everything" and won't go nude for the role, telling ET, "That's not something that I feel particularly comfortable with."

Sad. Anyway, what do you think of the two ads above?



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Jennifer Love Hewitt stars on The Client List, which premieres this Sunday night on Lifetime.

But during an appearance on Ellen this week, the "very single" actress was asked if she possessed a different kind of list, one with the names of anyone in Hollywood she'd like to date. She does. And it is comprised of one name:

The newly single Adam Levine. He split this week with his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend. Think these two would make a cute couple?

Watch JLH dish on Maxim, Lingerie and the Maroon 5 frontman now:


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In the latest issue of Maxim, Jennifer Love Hewitt utters the understatement of the century.

Asked about her favorite body part, the actress gets right to it with the magazine and replies: "I like my boobs. They've always served me well. They're good."

VERY, VERY good, we'd say of those 36C snack trays. Get a closer look for yourself in the following photo or on the official poster for Hewitt's next project, The Client List.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Maxim Cover

On that upcoming Lifetime drama, which premiere April 8, JLH portrays the head of a brothel, which meant a unique way of burning calories to prepare for the role: pole dancing lessons.

"It's a great way to stay in touch with your sexuality," she says. "I also love to cook, so I can have a cake in the oven while I do a pole dance."

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Let's give Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot of credit: the actress isn't even trying to pretend any longer.

Why should you tune in for this actress' upcoming new show on Lifetime, The Client List? Not for the acting, not for the storyline, not for the production value.

JLH made the reason clear in this scantily-clad promotional video for the April 8 premiere and now she's doing it again in a new poster for the series:

The Client List Poster

The Client List will air on Sunday nights and center on a single mother who takes over control of a brothel. We'll certainly be tuning in. Or at least staring at this picture for the next few hours.

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It marks one month until spring, but February 21 is a monumental day on the calendar for a far sexier reason:

It's the birthday of three beautiful young celebrities: Ashley Greene (25), Jennifer Love Hewitt (33) and Charlotte Church (27).

In honor of such a gorgeous occasion, we encourage readers to send in their best wishes to these birthday gals and also to honor your favorite by voting for her below, as we ask the question on everyone's mind: Whose cake would you most want to jump out of... if you know what we mean?

And the Winner is?

Three gorgeous women, all celebrating birthdays on February 21. Whose candles would you most like to blow out... if you know what we mean! View Poll »

Also celebrating birthdays today, but not worthy of being included in this poll: Corbin Bleu (23), Kelsey Grammer (57), Alan Rickman (66).

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Okay, okay, we'll watch The Client List.

In a new video to promote the Lifetime original series - which centers on a broke Texas housewife who takes over a brothel - star/executive producer Jennifer Love Hewitt takes off a great deal of clothing and writhes all around, surrounded by half-naked men.

Her business is your pleasure, the tagline reads. And - GULP! - the show is not kidding. Sit back now, fellas, press Play and prepare a cold shower immediately afterwards. You're gonna need it:


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Confirming a rumor we reported this summer, Bachelor star Ben Flajnik admits he did in fact go on a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and that she initiated it.

In the end, though, Ben felt SHE was not HIS type!

The reality star, who was left heartbroken by Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette finale this summer, and who will be calling the shots starting January 2 (see The Bachelor spoilers for the scoop on the season), described the date as such:

  • Jennifer Love H. Pic
  • Ben Flajnik Hair

Although the actress was "a nice girl," she didn't meet his needs.

"It was right in the middle of the time when I was deciding to be The Bachelor," Ben Flajnik said of the date, which consisted of dinner at his family's winery.

"When this is all said and done, I'm a regular guy, and ending up with a Hollywood celebrity is not something that I want or envision myself doing."

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