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Jenny from the Block was to be Jenny in the Nursery once again.

Contrary to reports from this summer that stated Jennifer Lopez was close to dumping Casper Smart, the latest issue of OK! Weekly claims just the opposite:

J. Lo wants to get married and have a baby!

Casper Smart and J. Lo

"No one is talking her out of it," an insider tells the tabloid of Lopez's dreams, though her mother is supposedly hesitant to give her blessing.

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Jennifer Lopez concerts are always eye-popping, titillating events ... but the show she put on in Italy last Thursday took the experience to a new level.

Performing in a sexy sequined suit before a sold-out Bologna, a tricky dance move caused the top of her outfit to shift near the chest, resulting in a nipple slip:

  • Jennifer Lopez Nipple Slip
  • Jennifer Lopez Cleavage
  • Jennifer Lopez Live in Concert

Of course, this pro's pro doesn't duck for cover. 

After a quick adjustment with the aid of her dancers, J. Lo went right on performing without missing a beat. No word if Casper Smart helped her "adjust" after the show.

Click to enlarge the J. Lo photos above!

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


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One Million Moms is at it again.

The anti-gay organization, which has taken exception to Ellen DeGeneres and The New Normal in the past, is now setting its sights on The Fosters, an upcoming ABC Family series produced by Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez in Spain

The drama will center on a multi-ethnic family headed by a lesbian couple.

One Million Moms - which has not actually seen the show, of course - is urging folks to write in their objections to the network and have released a statement on their website that reads:

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Jennifer Lopez has been through three marriages and is dealing with a scandal in her latest relationship, as rumors swirl over Casper Smart's sexuality and/or infidelity.

But you won't find the former American Idol judge feeling sorry for herself.

In the latest issue of InStyle, Lopez labels herself a survivor and credits her faith for helping her through any tough times.

Jennifer Lopez InStyle Photo

“I live by the mantra that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle," she tells the magazine. "It’s not until something bad or difficult happens that you really get to grow. And then you realize that those difficult moments, the times when you feel pain, are when you do a lot of your growing. You realize: There’s no reason to be terrified of things. Either way I’m going to be OK.”

Among other topics J. Lo touches on:

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Jennifer Lopez fans, listen up.

The music superstar is currently on tour, and THG will be handing out TWO FREE TICKETS to her concert this Friday, August 17, in Los Angeles, Calif.

All you have to do? Just follow two simple steps and join the fun. Winners are responsible for all travel costs, but the tickets are on us, if you:

  1. Register for The Hollywood Gossip or Log-In if you already have a THG account (ONLY REGISTERED USERS WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN).
  2. Submit your best caption(s) for the pic below, featuring Olympian McKayla Maroney looking unimpressed by J. Lo and Casper Smart!

That's it! Good luck!

UPDATE: Your winner is maluka5. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below and we will contact you about the prize momentarily.

McKayla Not Impressed With Casper

McKayla: Wow, that's Casper Smart? I hid in a car for this? Yeah... I'll just go back to liking One Direction and Bieber.

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Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias fans, listen up.

The pair of music superstars is currently on tour, and THG will be handing out TWO FREE TICKETS to their concert Saturday, August 11, in Anaheim, Calif.

All you have to do? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for The Hollywood Gossip or Log-In if you already have an account (ONLY REGISTERED USERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO WIN).
  2. Submit your best caption(s) for the pic below.

UPDATE: We have our winner! Gissel87! The winning entry appears below. We'll be contacting you momentarily about how to pick up the prize!

J. Lo and Marc Anthony Picture

Marc: Reunited and it feels so gooooood!
J. Lo: It's almost over. It's almost over.

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They may be a unified front when it comes to malicious claims made against Casper Smart, but a new report suggests that Jennifer Lopez is growing apart from her 25-year old boyfriend.

Or wanting to, at least.

On the heels of accusations that Smart is either gay or a big fan of exotic massage parlors, insiders tell People that the former American Idol judge thinks things have moved too quickly between the couple.

J. Lo and Casper

"She's getting frustrated with him," an insider said of J. Lo, adding that the singer is increasingly "short-tempered when she's around him."

Still, on a professional basis, Lopez and Smart may be stuck together. He is choreographing her summer tour and starring in a reality show later this year that revolves around their working relationship.

Moreover, adds the source: "Jennifer is the kind of girl who doesn't like to be alone. Until she finds a replacement, I think, he's around."

You heard this individual, fellas? Submit your applications now!

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Casper Smart frequent exotic massage parlors and/or is a homosexual seeking fast and easy one-night stands.

So claim a pair of tabloid cover stories this week, both of which have prompted Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend to threaten lawsuits against the publications behind them.

  • Jennifer Lopez Betrayed!
  • Casper Smart Gay Allegations

The first, from In Touch, quotes a couple of employees at a massage parlor in New York City who allege Smart has stopped by for appointments there twice in the last month.

Star, meanwhile, asserts that the dancer was caught at a peep show in the Big Apple last month, somewhere that's a "well-known cruising spot for gay men looking for instant hookups."

According to TMZ, the couple's attorneys, Shawn Holley and Howard Weitzman, have sent letters to both magazine warning that the "reports" are "false, malicious and defamatory" and will cause "immense damage" to Jennifer and Casper's careers and reputations. They pair will follow up with legal action unless retractions are printed.

No response so far from In Touch or Star.

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Poor, poor Jennifer Lopez.

While the singer is talking openly about possibly marrying Casper Smart, the 25-year old backup dancer has been totally betraying his gorgeous girlfriend, according to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly.

By frequenting an exotic massage parlor in New York City!

Jennifer Lopez Betrayed!

The tabloid has snapped photos of Smart allegedly exiting just such an establishment in Hell's Kitchen, where an employee named Bibi confirms she witnessed Casper entering, sticking around for about 10 minutes and then leaving.

"He is a nice man. He has strong muscles," Bibi tells the magazine, sounding like someone who has talked to Casper and maybe even seen him shirtless.

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She just turned 43 years old, but Jennifer Lopez shows no signs of slowing down.

The singer and now former American Idol judge is touring all summer long with Enrique Iglesias and she's also dancing it up like only she can in her latest music video. This one is set to the track "Goin In."

It features Flo Rida, and also many lights and splashes of color inside a club, all while J. Lo shows off her ridiculously toned body and impressive set of moves. Impressive stuff all around. Watch now:

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