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The big news on American Idol last night wasn't which contestants were leaving - but which stars were coming.

The full lineup of guest judges were announced and it's none too shabby.

Harris on Idol

We'll start with Jennifer Lopez, who is rumored to both perform and serve as a guest judge. There's no word on whether or not the show will convert to Scientology for the evening.

Next, Gwen Stefani will serve on the panel for a night. Will there be yodeling involved? Tune in and find out! We also hope she brings along Kingston. That kid is a cutie.

Other stars that will sit alongside Simon, Randy and Paula in the future include:

Finally, men everywhere can be content that Antonella Barba moved on last night. You'll have at least one more week to admire this singer's beauty.

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Despite denials and protests, J.Lo is moving closer to Scientology.

Sources say that as recently as December, Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, were taking professional business meetings at Scientology's Celebrity Center in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez Photograph

Anthony is said to have taken the "purification" course, a hopped-up sauna that the Cult Church of Scientology says "cures" all ills.

Lopez may have invested big buck$ her soul in the IRS-sanctioned religion thanks to infertility issues and difficulties in the couple's marriage.

What's clear is that Lopez and Anthony's sudden friendship with chief celebrity Scientology freak leader Tom Cruise is no accident. Other than belonging to the expensive, pay-as-you-go religion, Cruise and the Lopez-Anthonys would have nothing in common.

We're also told Lopez and Anthony entered Scientology with help from Angelo Pagan, the husband of King of Queens actress Leah Remini. Both Pagan and Remini have taken dozens of pricey courses in L. Ron Hubbard's creation.

This would also account as well for Remini's sudden entry into the Cruise inner circle, as witnessed by her appearance at Cruise's wedding with Katie Holmes outside Rome.

Scary stuff. Add to this group newly arrived U.K. celebs David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, and you've got a certifiable, star-studded collection of freaks.

Not to mention huge breasts, in the case of the latter.

Lopez confided in at least one friend that she "would do anything" to help her marriage. Sadly, among the couple's problems has been infertility. At 36 and with a strong desire to become a mother, J.Lo is growing impatient.

Through three marriages (Anthony, Cris Judd and Ojani Noa) and two other long-term, public relationships (Diddy and Ben Affleck), no knocking up of Jennifer has taken place - and that's a list of prospective baby daddies almost as long as the one Anna Nicole Smith was juggling!

Okay, not that long.

Scientology is notable for recruiting stars at low points in their careers or personal lives, preying on uncertainty, instability or just plain fear by promising to fix life issues. Looks like they just snared a big fish.

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Jennifer Lopez has jumped to the defense of TomKat's wedding â€" and religion.

"[The wedding] was a great celebration of their love," J. Lo told a Florida TV station. "It was good. It was beautiful."

Greeting Her Fans

The singer/actress raised eyebrows when at the star-studded nuptials in Italy â€" and started speculation that she's considering converting to Scientology, the religion embraced by Tom Cruise, as well as Lopez's friend, King of Queens star Leah Remini.

But Jennifer Lopez doesn't need the stars to show her the Scientology ropes: her father is a member, and she's irked that people ridicule the cult religion.

"I, myself, am Catholic," Lopez said. "My dad has been a Scientologist for 20 years. It's weird people want to paint it in a negative way."

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham is telling pals she has no intention of joining Scientology, despite her close friendship with Cruise and Katie Holmes.

"There's no way I'd spend any money on that nonsense," she told a friend recently.

Says a friend of Posh's:

"It's laughable that there's even talk of her becoming a Scientologist. Just because people are friends doesn't mean they do everything they do. Scientology is an expensive religion; Victoria is too cheap to convert."

Not sure we buy the bit about it being pricey. This chick shops hard. But we definitely buy the bit about being nonsense - that's a given.

And even the $250M deal David Beckham signed with the L.A. Galaxy wouldn't be enough to ward off Xenu, the evil space emperor central to Scientology. Really.

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Everywhere Jennifer Lopez goes, drama is sure to follow.

But even the woman who once comprised half of the original Bennifer could not see this one coming. During the auditions for her new Glow After Dark reality show Friday night, two representatives from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took the stage.

Jennifer Lopez Close Up

Covertly, they first pretended to audition before launching into a tirade against the fur-loving singer/actress and possible Scientology convert.

The event, which was held at Macy's in Downey, California, erupted into complete chaos as one of the animal rights activists busted out with a funny, rhyming chant that went, "J.Lo, fur ho!"

The other faux contestant railed against Lopez as well, stating:

"I think the most important thing about being a diva... is not only being sexy and being stylish, but is not wearing real f***ing fur!"

The shocked M.C. scooped up one of the infiltrators and strong-armed her off the stage. Lopez was not present during the outburst. Neither was Beyonce. Not that she would have had any reason to be. But that girl also loves her some fur.

Famke Janssen, who has been an outspoken advocate of animal rights despite her unabashed love for pork products, could not be reached by The Hollywood Gossip for comment.

In other animal rights news, PETA backer Pamela Anderson has fired off an angry letter to the U.S. Postal Service, which plans on immortalizing KFC founder Colonel Sanders on a stamp. Writes Pam:

"Honoring a man whose legacy involves breaking animals' bones and scalding animals to death in defeathering tanks is contrary to the values of most compassionate citizens."

Wow. One could say Pam went postal on those bitches. Eh?

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Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale are going b-a-n-a-n-a-s for a new piece of real estate they just snagged. Sorry, that's gotta be in the running for worst introduction to a piece of celebrity news ever.

Reports say Kingston James McGregor Rossdale's parents paid almost $15.5 million for a hot Beverly Hills mansion formerly owned by other prominent celebrity couple, albeit one without a cute baby - Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

J. Lo and Babs

Stefani and Rossdale, who welcomed Kingston into the world in May, plan to have more kids and raise a family in the luxury California property, which has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms and an infinity pool - whatever that is.

Lopez plans to convert to Scientology. God help her.

Stefani recently expressed her desire for more children, saying in an interview: "I pray that I can have another baby."

So do we. We like Gwen. And we love celebrity babies!


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Jennifer Lopez is turning to the teachings of Scientology in an effort to become a mother, according to various new reports.

Jennifer Lopez Close Up

The diva star, who recently attended the Italian wedding of celebrity Scientology fiend Tom Cruise, is reportedly taking tips from actress Leah Remini, who used the doctrines of the religious cult group when she was trying to conceive her first child.

According to Life & Style, J. Lo became interested in Scientology when Remini confided in her that the religion helped her conceive.

"She's starting to understand the cleansing process. It's all about putting the positive energy where you want it," a source tells the magazine.

The source insists Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, are unlikely to join the ranks of those brainwashed freaks because he's a devout Catholic, but at the same time, "he's willing to let Jen do what she needs to make things happen."

Hopefully, those things involve three-minute kisses, silent births, vows and ceremonies that are downright scary and other nonsense.

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And we thought the marathon TomKat kiss was dramatic.

It turns out the biggest diva of the Italian wedding last weekend was not the beautiful, brainwashed bride in the $340 thong. It was Jennifer Lopez!

J. Lo Hair

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes kindly arranged for a private plane to bring some of their more famous friends to Italy for their wedding. But a source says the first thing J.Lo did was send her assistant to secure seats by laying her belongings on all the best ones.

Lopez also flew her hairstylist, Ken Pavés, into Rome just to do her hair for the big day. The singer then made sure all eyes were on her at a group dinner on Thursday night.

"The November 16 welcome dinner was supposed to be casual. But J.Lo, of course, wore a gown. So much for casual," a source said.

And the special treatment didn't stop there. At 2:33 a.m. in the wee hours after the wedding, Lopez had a waiter sneak doggie bags to her and husband Marc Anthony on their way out.

What a hoe. Who invites Jennifer Lopez to a wedding, anyway? Or wants to see Jennifer Lopez ever in their life? But THG digresses.

In other news, Us Weekly is releasing a commemorative TomKat wedding edition (see below). It'll have some great TomKat pictures, but it seems like an awful lot of work for a union that won't last until 2009.



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Know how long ago it was that Jennifer Lopez dated Diddy? He went by Puff Daddy back then. That was like 16 nicknames ago.

Nevertheless, Diddy hasn't forgotten about his former flame. The rap superstar gets personal on his new album, Press Play, with songs inspired by both girlfriend Kim Porter and J-Lo.

J. Lo and Marc

"It's probably my most personal record," Diddy, 35, said. "On a lot of the other records, to be honest, I didn't do a whole lot of writing. On this one, I did a lot. And I exposed myself with everybody's most sensitive subject, and that's the subject of love."

Awww, the supposedly bad boy has a soft side. That's a bit like finding out Kate Bosworth has a fat side.

Anyway, this lovelorn aspect of the performer includes his relationship with Lopez, who he dated for two years before they split in 2001.

"I used every experience," he said. "She was one of my girlfriends, and the most highly publicized one. But I've been blessed to go out with a couple of great women and she was one of the great ones."

Conversely, Nick Carter at least claims he was blessed to go out with (i.e. go to bed with) a couple easy women. But do Diddy and Lopez still talk?

"Yeah. We're ex-boyfriend and girlfriend. And that's cool. It's a positive thing. But my focus right now â€" when I'm with a woman, I'm focused on that woman."

That woman is Kim Porter, with whom he's expecting twin girls.

"The relationship that gave me the most inspiration was the relationship with Kim," Diddy said. "(It's) my most long-term relationship. It's had a lot of ups and downs, and it made for a lot of great songs."

Press Play is due in stores on Oct. 17.

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It's not easy to keep it real. While Jennifer Lopez is always aiming for her true self, sometimes you need a movie to show you what's important.

Thank goodness for El Cantante in that case.

J. Lo Picture

The film stars J-Lo and husband, Marc Anthony. The latter says he'll play it safe now that he's researched the downward spiral of the late Puerto Rican salsa legend Hector Lavoe.

"He painted this clear picture of what you could be if you put your mind to it, but how painful a life you could live if you made the wrong choices," Anthony said.

And to think, Lopez almost married Ben Affleck instead.

Anthony kicked off a concert in San Juan over the weekend and admitted to feeling a personal connection to Lavoe, who rose to the heights of stardom by bringing salsa to the U.S. â€" only to fall into drug addiction and die in 1993 at age 46.

The project began five years ago, when Lavoe's widow approached Lopez with a script and asked that the star play her in the movie.

"Once I read the script, I knew there was something about their life, the relationship they had, that was compelling to watch," said the actress/singer.

We assume such discussion of the movie helped J-Lo feel better about the fact that her booty has been replaced by that of Beyonce as the best in Hollywood.

Getting back to work in the studio should also help to distract Lopez. Her next project is a Spanish-language album which Anthony is producing. She says it also offers reflections on life.

"It just talks about maybe I've rushed, maybe I've made mistakes ... but you know my only sin is that I was loving the way a woman loves," Lopez said.

That seems harmless enough, right? Especially when you consider the sins of someone like Kristen Cavallari, who's had lots and lots of pre-marital sex.


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New York City Fashion Week is about more than just Carmen Electra and Kristen Cavallari posing for a camera.

It's about other celebrities doing that, too. Let's take a look at a few of the more dashing ones.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

Who needs The O.C? Rachel Bilson is excited about her role in the latest Zach Braff film, The Last Kiss. And she's looking mighty fine as she promotes it, as well.

Ashton Kutcher, meanwhile, isn't always talking about his relationship with Demi Moore or starring in bad movies. Sometimes, he's just looking very handsome.

Hey, remember when Jennifer Lopez was popular and often in the news? Yeah. Neither do we, really.

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