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Jennifer Lawrence shouted out MTV at Sunday night's SAG Awards.

Odd as that might seem, the acclaimed actress explained that the network was responsible for her first-ever gig - a My Super Sweet Sixteen promo video.

It was at that point that J-Law became a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild, and the rest, as they say, is history. Talented, and desirable history.

Check out the promo featuring then-14-year-old Jennifer below!

MTV props aside, her acceptance speech was even more notable for the Jennifer Lawrence wardrobe malfunction (or so it appeared) en route to the stage.

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Jennifer Lawrence appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction en route to the stage to collect her Best Female Actor in a Leading Role statue at the 2013 SAG Awards.

The excited Silver Linings Playbook star narrowly escaped being completely exposed as her dress came close to tearing completely in half ... or so it appeared:

Exciting as this would've been for the fellas (she is the World's Most Desirable Woman, after all), it looks like there's a better explanation for what went down:

J-Law's Christian Dior gown, revealed on the runway at a couture fashion show on Monday, showed clear distinctions that were connected by sheer lining.

Lawrence's dress had the lining hidden, however, so people couldn't really tell that it was a tiered gown until she walked up on stage to get her award.

The combination of her pulling up on the top part of the dress and possibly having the train stuck on a heel (or something) revealed the sheer lining in between.

That's it, people. No ripping, no Jennifer Lawrence nude on stage.

She's just her normal, clothed, awesome self. Which works.

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