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We've arrived at that time again, THGers.

It's late in the year, which means staff members are working around the holiday clock to unveil the finalists for, and eventually the winner of, the site's prestigious, arbitrary, Seventh Annual Celebrity of the Year honor.

Kate Upton has already checked in at #10, while Walter White cooked his way into our hearts at #9. Now, we present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #8... JENNIFER LAWRENCE!

Jennifer Lawrence in Front of Photographers

Let's get the professional accolades out of the way up front: J. Law won an Academy Award in March. She was just nominated for a Golden Globe.

She's extremely talented and respected throughout Hollywood and it showed like never before over the past 12 months.

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The Girl on Fire has defeated The Girl Who Twerks.

In an especially close vote, Jennifer Lawrence has been named The Associated Press Entertainer of the Year, taking home the honor by a razor-thin margin in a survey of AP newspaper and broadcast members and subscribers.

Lawrence earned 15 votes, while Miley Cyrus garnered 14. Netflix came in third.

Jennifer Lawrence Pic (Vogue)

Lawrence, of course, kicked off her year by winning Best Actress (and adorably tripping over her dress) and then went on to smash the box office in Catching Fire.

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Jennifer Lawrence always has the best stories.

This would be the case if she were your best friend (which it feels like she is), but the fact that she's an A-list movie star just makes them 10 times better.

On Conan last night promoting American Hustle, the Oscar winner said that if she wasn't in show business, she'd want to be a maid. Why that choice?

Well, because she likes cleaning and snooping.

Funny story about that! Her own maid recently came across a number of sex toys at the actress' residence, she awkwardly and hilariously described ...

"This is actually really funny. Somebody as a joke bought me a bunch of butt plugs. It's a long story," she said. "I had a copious amount of butt plugs."

Mmmkay. How many are we talking here?

"Tons of butt plugs. All different kinds of colors. And the maid was coming so I was like, ‘well I'll just shove this under the bed so she doesn't see all these butt plugs.'"

"She might not know they are a joke."

You know where this is going ...

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She's America's sweetheart. A total media darling for her fun-loving and quirky ways. She also happens to be stunning and remarkably beautiful.

So why was Jennifer Lawrence photoshopped by Flare Magazine for their February (2011) cover? See the changes for yourself:

  • Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop Gif
  • Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop Close Up

The changes Flare Magazine made were subtle, sure, but were they even necessary? Jennifer Lawrence is a total babe!

Yes, it's a fashion magazine and they're in the business of beauty. Even JLaw herself understands that photoshopping will happen to her, and after seeing her Dior ads proclaimed "I love photoshop!"

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Looking for yet another reason why Jennifer Lawrence is the coolest person in Hollywood?

The Oscar winner provided it this week during one of her many Catching Fire red carpet premiere.

Surrounded by photographers, all screaming for the perfect shot of Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Jena Malone, the actress behind Katniss Everdeen lost it.

"Shut uppppppp! No! No! No!" Lawrence screamed, totally joking around while Banks and Malone laughed and moved her along.

Watch now and ask yourself: Why can't all celebrities handle fame in such a totally awesome manner... while looking amazing at the same time?

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The Catching Fire reviews are in, and they are generally very positive.

But if there's one thing this week that has received higher praise than The Hunger Games sequel itself, it's the red carpet attire of star Jennifer Lawrence.

With a pixie cut squarely atop her head, the Oscar winner jetted from Paris to Los Angeles to New York City... and looked completely gorgeous at every stop.

But which Catching Fire premiere look was best on Lawrence? Compare a trio of them below and decide for yourself:

Fashion Face-Off!

Jennifer Lawrence wore three different outfits to three different Catching Fire premieres. Which is your favorite? View Poll »

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Jennifer Lawrence is even cooler than we thought, if that's possible. This video from the London premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire proves it.

The 23-year-old star was just doing her thing, being her normal stunning self without trying too hard, and promoting the latest movie she's great in.

That's when she spotted a young fan crying behind a security barrier ...

It's not clear how the girl got Jen's attention, or why she was sobbing.

That also isn't the point. The point is that Jennifer Lawrence stopped in the middle of an interview, walked off the red carpet, and showed her compassion.

In an unforgettable minute, she talked to, hugged, posed for a photo with and was generally there for a random person she's never met and won't see again.

Seems like a really nice person and role model, don't you think?


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Suffice it to say, Jennifer Lawrence is the anti-Miley Cyrus.

When the Catching Fire star was asked about the sexualization of young women in Hollywood like the "Wrecking Ball" singer, she did not hold back.

“It is a part of the entertainment industry that sells,” the actress said on BBC's Newsnight. "For some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more.”

The latter's recent antics include lighting up on stage and Twerking with a dwark in an ultra-revealing outfit as she accepted an award at Sunday's MTV EMAs.

The former is content to just let her work do the talking.

"It's not really something that I worry about because I feel like everybody's kind of got their own path,” Jen told the BBC, without naming names.

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Jennifer Lawrence has a new, very short haircut.

So the Catching Fire star can expect to receive a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, from those in the fashion world as a result.

But we somehow doubt she'll give a flying... you know what.

At a fan Q&A session yesterday, the Oscar winner was asked by an audience member what she thinks of E!'s Fashion Police and others who spend their time judging a star by his or her looks and she gave a very simple response:

"Screw those people."

You tell 'em, J. Law! Watch this video for her full reply:

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Jennifer Lawrence has joined the pixie cut parade.

With Jennifer Hudson recently cutting her hair and Pamela Anderson chopping off a number of her locks, this Oscar winner has become the latest female celebrity to shorten up her 'do.

Lawrence debuted the cropped cut in a Facebook photo today, as she's sitting in a plane en route to a fan event in promotion of Catching Fire.

But will she be catching heat for the radical transformation?

Jennifer Lawrence Haircut

Study the front view of the haircut above and the side view below:

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