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With all due respect to Howard K. Stern (i.e. absolutely none whatsoever), there are better examples of celebrity parenting skills than this shady lawyer has recently depicted.

Take Jennifer Garner, for example.

The actress has proven, time and again, that her most appropriate alias is "great mother." Seen here, J-Garn is playing around with adorable baby, Violet. Mother and daughter have even made a new little friend.

Heck, it could be Jayden James Federline for all we know. It's not like we've seen pictures of him yet. Or like Britney Spears has a clue where the tyke is.

As numerous, evil people (yes, we're looking at you, Prince Frederick von Anhalt and Virgie Arthur) fight for custody of poor, lonely Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, we have an idea:

Give her to Garner. Even with Ben Affleck as a father, the girl will stand a great chance of growing up happily.


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Not every celebrity mother is Britney Spears.

Some actually find time to play with their children. And wear underpants. Take the case of the following two beauties:

Sexy Star Trekkie

Jennifer Garner, a first-time mommy, looks like a natural with daughter Violet. We may have questioned this actress' taste when she wedded Ben Affleck, but there's no denying her parental skills. Way to be, Jen.

Then, there's maternal veteran and model, Heidi Klum. Three kids into her marriage to Seal and this knockout is as playful as ever. 

We're guessing Kara Janx, a former finalist on Klum's show, Project Runway, only hopes she and her new husband are equally caring parents someday. Don't we all?

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After stopping in for a hair appointment with her stylist, Sally Hershberger, super actress and super mom Jennifer Garner was all smiles as she left the John Frieda Salon in West Hollywood Wednesday (below, left).

A Baby is on Board!

Later that day, Jen was seen out and about with one-year-old daughter Violet in Beverly Hills on Thursday. Pretty, happy and best of all, down to earth, it's easy to see why Bennifer is one of the Gossip's favorite couples. Yes, Ben Affleck doesn't get on our nerves nearly as much as he once did. It's good to see.


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At the Hollywood Gossip, a large portion of our news coverage is dedicated to stars who fall into one (or more) of the following three categories:

  1. Anorexic waifs (Nicole Richie)
  2. No-talent hacks (Ashlee Simpson)
  3. Slow-moving train wrecks (Britney Spears)

That said, we sometimes like to divert attention away from those people and focus on stars who can be classified as none of the above. As soon as we came across these Jennifer Garner pictures from this month's Elle magazine, we knew it was one of those times.

Jennifer Garner Smiles at Daughter

There are plenty of stars we love to hate. But with an adorable baby, a terrific career, a body that doesn't resemble a stick figure and a husband (Ben Affleck) who is sometimes annoying, but generally a good guy, Jennifer is one of those Hollywood stars we love to love.

Go Bennifer!


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She's one of the less publicized celebrity babies. But that doesn't make Violet Affleck any less important.

Or any less baptized after Sunday night.

Jennifer Garner and Daughter

The adorable daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who turned 1 on December 1, was baptized on Christmas Eve at Christ Church United Methodist in Charleston, W. Va., where her mother grew up.

Garner's parents, sister and brother-in-law are members of the church, where Violet's cousin Alex was baptized the same day, the Associated Press reports. It was the sort of loving, low-key ceremony that probably made Jayden James Federline very jealous.

Affleck, a Golden Globe nominee for Hollywoodland, said earlier this month:

"Yes, I've changed diapers ... Parenthood, the whole thing is wonderful. All the clichés that all the people bore you with are, in fact, true."

We're sure Gwen Stefani would agree when it comes to little Kingston. Her, Affleck and Garner really do seem like some of the best famous parents around.

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Ben Affleck shows off his parenting skills while on daddy duty this past weekend. The actor giggled along with daughter Violet as they spent time together on a rocky beach off the coast of California near the exclusive Bacara Resort & Spa. Ben and his wife, Jennifer Garner, were in town to attend the wedding of her assistant at the Montecito Country Club. Jen served as a bridesmaid (right).

So cute. Don't you love them? Nice to see there are still some normal-looking celebrity couples out there. Talking to you, Britney & Kevin.

Bennifer Baby Time!
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She survived the curse of Bennifer (the original Bennifer, that is) but the Phoenix heat in August proved too much for Jennifer Garner.

Ben Affleck's better half was hospitalized last week after passing out due to exhaustion suffered while filming her new movie, The Kingdom, out in the Arizona desert.

Jennifer Garner Awards Arrival

"Jennifer wasn't feeling well after working all day Friday in the Arizona heat, went to the hospital and was released the next morning. She is back on set and healthy," her representative said.

According to several reports, Affleck, who's been wrapping production on his directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone, in his native Boston, immediately bolted Beantown upon hearing of the hospitalization.

The Boston Herald confirms that Affleck was by her side, but says he didn't abandon his cinematic ship, because filming on his movie had already been completed. Regardless, the brief rest seemed to do the trick, as Garner was back on set the following day.

"She's great. Absolutely fabulous. Today she's in the desert, upside-down spinning around in a car that's pretending to have been blown up in 110-degree heat in Phoenix. That's my wife," Affleck said.

The 34-year-old former Alias star has been in Arizona filming the thriller centered around an elite group of government agents sent to investigate the bombing of a U.S. facility in the Middle East. Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman and Jeremy Piven also star in the firm, due out next April.

Next up, Violet's mom will flex her acting chops in Sabbatical, centering on a married couple who take a break only to have the husband go missing during their time apart, and Be With You, a remake of the Japanese film.

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According to US Weekly, not everyone is enamored with the Hollywood scene. We are, of course, but Bennifer is hitting the road, seeking better surroundings for a budding family. Wanting to raise 8-month old Violet in an environment that's decidedly un-Hollywood, Ben and Jen are bound for Boston, Mass.

There are numerous advantages to the move. Not only is it currently a buyer's market in terms of real estate prices as rising mortgage rates have cooled demand, but they can seriously cut down on baby-sitting costs with Ben's family in the area. The 34-year old Affleck is a Boston native, while Garner, 33, grew up in Texas and West Virginia.

Jennifer Garner Smiles at Daughter

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Oh, the delicious irony. The female portion of Bennifer reportedly turned down a movie role because the female half of the original Bennifer had already been cast.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Jennifer Garner passed on the part of Pamela Ewing in the upcoming Dallas movie upon discovering that Jennifer Lopez, ex-fiancee of Garner's husband Ben Affleck, had signed on.

J. Lo Laughing

The Alias star started dating Affleck in July 2004, when they co-starred in the movie Daredevil. Seven months earlier, the actor ended his much-ridiculed engagement with Lopez.

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck

Garner was apparently engaged in talks to play Bobby Ewing's wife Pam in the upcoming Dallas flick, but backed out when she heard Lopez would be portraying Sue-Ellen, the alcoholic wife of J.R. A source close to Bennifer says Garner was really psyched about Dallas, but felt the strain between them on the set could have led to awkward situations.

Good call, Jen. No need to go anywhere near that skank. We love you!

In other news, Bennifer nearly burned down its rented Cambridge, Mass., home after leaving a frying pan unattended. Fortunately, the couple and daughter Violet emerged unscathed and the fire department saved the property from significant damage. Garner also recently joined Reese Witherspoon and Cicely Tyson on a visit New Orleans, La., to draw attention to the plight of Hurricane Katrina victims.

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