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After her busty appearance at the People's Choice Awards, a lot of people are asking if Jennifer Aniston's breasts are real, or whether she now has implants. These conspiracy theorists cite, as evidence, the following comparison: 


Apparently, there are a lot of people online who have never seen breasts before (at least without having to hand over your credit card to the bouncer). Please note three things about the supposedly "fake" breasts at right:

  1. Jennifer is wearing a dress that accentuates them, unlike her outfit at left.
  2. Jennifer is bending over slightly, which (believe it or not) can make breasts appear bigger.
  3. In spite of points 1 & 2, they do not look that much larger than the adjacent image, nor do they appear the slightest bit fake.

Come on people. Not only does the photo evidence fall short, but what has Jennifer Aniston ever done to make you think she'd go buy fake breasts? Get serious.

If you want to see someone who's had work done, gaze upon these Ashlee Simpson pictures. And hey, if you want the textbook example of giant boobs that have most likely been surgically enhanced, look no further than Posh Spice, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham. Those things are getting their own ZIP code in L.A., we're told (by liars).

We could also tell you to look at Anna Nicole Smith as an example, but that would be a blatant violation of your civil rights, which protect you from cruel or unusual punishment.

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Whew. This could've been awkward.

Both Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn won People's Choice Awards for their breakup â€" that is, their movie The Break-Up â€" last night. Fortunately, good humor and class ruled the evening.

Jennifer Aniston in Hollywood

Aniston was named favorite female star, while Vaughn was picked by the public as favorite leading man.

"You all have supported me since the days of Friends," Aniston told the audience, "just through all of it â€" good work, bad work and the ugly. I just thank you."

Aniston also poked a little fun at Britney Spears, quipping about the short skirt she was wearing: "Man, I tell you, it's a lucky thing we do wear underwear, huh?"

Among other winners, Johnny Depp, who was filming in London and unable to attend the ceremony, accepted his favorite male movie star and male action star for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest via satellite.

He and costar Keira Knightley were also selected favorite onscreen match-up.

Grey's Anatomy, meanwhile, was a double winner: favorite TV drama and Patrick Dempsey, favorite male TV star.

"Thank you for a second chance!" Dempsey told the crowd. "I'm very fortunate to be part of a great ensemble." To the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes, he said: "Thank you for creating Dr. McDreamy, it's changed my life."

And Desperate Housewives's Eva Longoria, who was named favorite female TV star, told the crowd: "If it wasn't for the people, I'd never win an award."

Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" was named favorite R&B song, while Carrie Underwood and Kenny Chesney were cited as favorite singers.

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That whole Kevin Federline rumor never really materialized.

But the love life of Jennifer Aniston is once again being bantered about. So goes the world of a recently single Hollywood beauty.

Pretty Jen

The most recent man to make his move on Vince Vauhgn's ex is billionaire playboy Steve Bing. According to In Touch, Bing approached Aniston and gave her his phone number while she was having dinner with friends at West Hollywood's Madeo restaurant.

"They've known each other socially. He saw an opportunity and made a move," said a source.

Aniston isn't the first hottie Bing has gone for. His gobs of money charm has helped him date such well-known, attractive actresses as Nicole Kidman and Elizabeth Hurley.

Hard to say what it is about the guy. But we just want Jen to be happy. Going from Brad Pitt to Steve Bing, however? Sounds like more of a step down than going from a stripper to Lindsay Lohan.

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Take the following story with a grain of salt as large as Jessica Simpson's boobs.

There is a rumor (brace yourself, readers) that the latest celebrity hook-up (are you ready for this?) between two random people in the news (make sure you're sitting down) went down between Kevin Federline ... and Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Scoop!

Pick your jaws up off the floors, fans, and consider: each is single. Each may be feeling lonely and bitter. Each has been forced to watch former flames move on in the public eye.

We'll let The Long Island Press, which broke the story, explain how it supposedly came about:

After hanging out with former Friends costars, Jen made for Club Citrus with some gal pals ... And what other newly exed celeb happened to be in the same place, slamming a Colt 45 while wearing a too-large-for-his-frame velour sweatsuit?

Sources tell me they spent the rest of the night in a private area, making fun of their exes.

When the lights of the club finally came on, the two were seen escaping into the shadows through a back door.

Holy Hollywood Gossip, people! If this rumor is valid, it would be crazier than Anna Nicole Smith and Janice Dickinson put together! Let's pray that it is.

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Stop us if you've heard this one before: Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have broken up.

After more than a year together, the couple has finally parted ways for good.

Lonely Girl

"After Jennifer's trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today," reps Stephen Huvane and John Pisani told People magazine.

The statement ends weeks of speculation that Aniston and Vaughn's relationship has been cooling off. But it doesn't end the issue of whether or not they broke up due to a disagreement about being called Vaughniston or Vinnifer.

Vaughn has been filming Fred Claus in London since late September, while Aniston has been busy working in Los Angeles and New York.

The couple began dating in the summer of 2005 while working on The Break-Up in Chicago. Perhaps that title should've been an omen. We just hope it remains amiable and Vaughn doesn't go all Beyonce on us.

Because Jennifer Aniston is not fat.

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Yarr, mateys, Johnny Depp is still receiving recoginition for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean. Already this year's top-grossing actor, Depp snatched up a leading three nominations for the People's Choice Awards, whose nominations were announced Tuesday.

The star is up for favorite male movie star, along with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington; best male action star, competing with Samuel L. Jackson and Jet Li; and, with costar Keira Knightley, favorite on-screen match-up.

You Can't Hide, Jen!

Halle Berry, having starred in X-Men: The Last Stand, is a double nominee, competing with Jennifer Aniston and last year's winner, Sandra Bullock, in the race for favorite female movie star.

Berry is also in the running for favorite female action star against Kate Beckinsale and Uma Thurman.

Aniston also shared a nomination with Vince Vaughn, both her Break-Up costar and off-screen partner, for best on-screen match-up.

Vaughn landed a second nomination as favorite leading man, as did Matt Damon and Brad Pitt.

Damon and his The Departed costars Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio are also in the favorite match-up race.

Favorite TV stars in the running are Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Longoria and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the female division, and Patrick Dempsey, Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland in the male.

Talk-show host nominees are Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey.

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Are they together? Aren't they together? Will we continue to write about Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, even when we have no real news on their status as a couple?

We don't know; we don't know; and of course!


After nearly 60 days apart, Aniston arrived in London last week to see her possible boyfriend. On the night of October 27, Us Magazine has learned the actors shared the penthouse suite at a London hotel, where the pair ordered room service (steak, veal and red wine).

(Does that mean the waiting staff reported such detailed, important news to the publication? Makes David Hans Schmidt look like a role model.)

The trip was the first time the on-off-on again couple had seen each other since their rumored break up. On Saturday, Vinnifer took in a matinee performance of the musical Wicked, then returned to the hotel.

Aniston, who once decried reports of a romance with Vaughn as false on Oprah, returned to the show earlier this month to deny a split. But various outlets have raised a skeptical eye: quoted an Aniston "insider" declaring the actress' attempts at keeping the romance alive a "face-saving measure"; People magazine, in its recent cover story on Aniston, quoted a Vaughn "insider" as saying the couple had had a "cooling off" period.

Others simply speculate that her decision to discuss her relationship with Vaughn is to boost DVD sales of The Breakup. Ouch! Talk about cynical. We just hope Jennifer is happy.

And that maybe one day she joins The Pussycat Dolls on stage.

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Jennifer Aniston has joined other big names on stage for a New York special last night -- the sixth annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway benefit.

The sold-out, one-night-only event benefited the non-profit organization Working Playground, which promotes the arts and culture in schools.

A Hot Couple

The 10-minute plays were literally produced in just 24 hours. However, it bears no connection to the hit TV series 24.

Aniston was joined on stage by other big name actors such as Liev Schreiber, Erika Christensen, Anna Paquin and Rosie Perez.

As for the best-dressed actress' performance, the New York Post wrote:

"Jennifer Aniston made a hit debut on Broadway last night" -- Aniston was a smash success!

Eat your heart out, Vince Vaughn. If you're broken up with Jen, that is. We can never keep track. If you two are still together, you're probably happy for her, too. So... never mind.

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We give up. First Vaughniston/Vinnifer is engaged ... then they're not.

Then the relationship is over ... and now, according to Jennifer Aniston hersef, it's not. How is a gossip rag to keep up?


The former Friends star recently taped an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and said she has not broken up with Vince Vaughn. As we all know, too, you can't lie to Oprah.

Aniston was mainly there to promote Room 10, the short film she co-directed as part of Glamour magazine's "Reel Moments" series. She said that contrary to rumors, she and Vaughnhave not split up, audience member Rochelle Alfaro told People magazine.

Yes, audience members are now leaking stories to major publications. Anything to get your name in the news ... right, Star Jones?

Another one, Margaret Stent, also said Aniston shot down talk that of breast implants, explaining that when she gains weight, it goes to her chest. Just like Tara Reid, only the opposite.

In the end, the actress made it clear that she and Vaughn are "still on," says Suzanne Hartigan, who traveled from Georgia to Chicago for the taping.

She added that Aniston is "just as beautiful as she is in pictures."

How beautiful would that be? Take a look at these Jennifer Aniston pictures and see for yourself!

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It's a good thing the term "Vinnifer" never really caught on. How come?

Aniston With Longer Hair

Because the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vauhgn is over, reports Us Weekly.

And it's not a new development. The couple came to an end during the week of September 9, just before the actor left for London to begin work on his holiday comedy, Joe Claus.

"It's not common knowledge, but we're not together anymore," Vaughn told a source on September 13, adding that they solidified the breakup in a long phone conversation. "We've split up."

An Aniston friend - not Courtney Cox Arquette - confirmed as much: "They're 100 percent done."

So, what went wrong? Evidently, the relationship began to unravel almost immediately after Vaughn's June 27 proposal to Aniston.

Of course, there are many unanswered questions. Like, what happened to the engagement ring? And do rumors of Brad Pitt pressuring Angelina Jolie into having more kids play any role in this break-up?

We're not saying we have answers. Just that there are questions.

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