Jenna Jameson is the world's most famous porn star. A lot of guys have seen her naked. She's retired now, though, and is focusing on...

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A new couple joined the house on VH1's Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 2, and the rest of the cast had already seen one half of the duo nude.

That would be Jenna Jameson and her boyfriend, MMA coach John Wood.

We don't know that all the other Couples Therapy stars are fans of the porn queen, of course, although Juan Pablo Galavis seems to know Jenna's work.

Nikki Ferrell? None too thrilled with that particular revelation from her beau.

Jenna might be giving Juan Pablo more than an erection. She's his competition for the biggest train wreck on the show this season, hands down.

While one wouldn't expect a calm, soothing, demure porn star, she seems like she's on something, and we're not talking about high on life here.

Dr. Jenn Berman can only sit and watch as Jenna berates her, and her boyfriend, who suggests that perhaps J.J. is being just a wee bit condescending.

"Condescending and bitchy is how I made a $36 million empire," she says.

Well, she's clearly digging in and doubling down on that attitude of hers.

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The countdown until the Magic Mike 2 premiere is on, as legions of fans of the original smash hit movie keep Channing all over their Tatums in anticipation.

Most Magic Mike fans know this was the semi-autobiographical story of Channing Tatum's days as a stripper. Well, he was far alone in that line of work:

Channing Tatum
"Magic Mike" wasn't the loosely autobiographical story of Channing Tatum for nothing! He got his start as a stripper.

No, Tatum's pole-dancing past isn't unique. Stripping is one way many of today's famous faces got their start, paying their bills prior to achieving fame.

Some of them went on to become Hollywood A-listers, and some of them went on to be, well, sort of crazy people who are famous for no discernible reason. 

Check out 21 stars who used to be strippers above and see who falls into which category. Some of these former dancers may really surprise you, too.

And then there are stars who took it to another level. Yes, the celebrities who used to be porn stars ... those are surprising for even more obvious reasons:

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Jenna Jameson is getting back into porn, the XXX business that made her a household name, but that she vowed to leave behind forever. The reason is simple:

To support her family.

The 39-year-old is now doing some webcam work, which purportedly involves stripping and doing sex acts for money, if that wasn't clear already.

Asked by TMZ why she's doing it, she said, "Well, my motivation is taking care of my family, and having fun, and meeting all my fans. Good, right?"


Jenna Jameson's revitalized porn career comes five years after she swore she would "never, ever spread my legs again in this industry, ever."

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Jenna Jameson typically knows how to use her mouth.

She is the world's most famous porn star, after all.

But the veteran adult movie actress made headlines earlier this week for a rambling, incoherent interview with Good Day New York, one meant to promote her new book but one that instead left many wondering:

Is Jameson on drugs?!?

No, the blonde insists.

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During a visit to Good Day New York yesterday, Jenna Jameson made Eminem's ESPN interview look like Emmy Award gold.

The former porn star was on hand to promote her book "Sugar," telling hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly that it's a "fantastic, yummy story." And that was about as coherent as Jameson got.

The blonde stammered her way through a series of uncomfortable questions regarding her former occupation, from how it impacted her marriage to whether she was forced into it.

She also offered up a take on Lovelace ("Whatever she had to say, I seem to think that it was bull.") before the interview was cut short due to Jameson's odd behavior.

Watch now to see what we mean... and also to witness Kelly's obsession with the adult movie industry:

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Jenna Jameson is off the hook after her alleged assault on her transgendered porn star assistant with a brass knuckles iPhone 5 case last Saturday.

Catch all that?

Jenna J. Pic

The Orange County D.A.'s Office has decided there just ain't enough evidence to pursue the case, despite Jenna Jameson's arrest Saturday night.

The porn queen was originally cited for battery after allegedly using the brass-knuckles iPhone case to hit Britney Markham at a Newport Beach salon.

Britney has since asked a judge for a restraining order against JJ; it is not known if she plans to file a civil lawsuit now that criminal charges are off the table.

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More details have emerged following Jenna Jameson's arrest for battery over the weekend in California. The alleged victim is her assistant, apparently.

The weapon of choice? A brass knuckles iPhone 5 case. That's a new one.

Jenna Jameson Brass Knuckles iPhone

Britney Markham filed a restraining order request, alleging that Jenna Jameson barged into a Newport Beach salon and started screaming at her.

Eventually, she punched her in the stomach and back with the device.

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Jenna Jameson had an interesting birthday celebration Saturday night.

The porn star emeritus was arrested for battery in Newport Beach.

Jenna Jameson Mug Shot

Law enforcement sources say Jenna was hanging out in the OC city's Balboa Peninsula neighborhood when she allegedly got into a fight with someone.

The alleged victim put Jameson under citizen's arrest (seriously) and then flagged down a police officer, who cited Jenna for battery and later released her.

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Jenna Jameson is no longer taking it from behind for a living.

But the retired porn star is taking chances with her hair, debuting a very new color and style at a birthday celebration in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Just two months after showing off a raised, shaved, blonde 'do, Jameson has gone green. For the environment? We doubt it. For attention? Probably.

For a positive effect? You tell us. Compare, contrast and vote now:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Jenna Jameson has debuted some seriously green hair. Compare it to her previous color/style now and vote on your favorite. View Poll »

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We know: her hair is not typically the body part one focuses on when it comes to Jenna Jameson.

But this porn star has gone all Miley Cyrus on fans, debuting a new 'do while hosting an event at Tabu Ultra Lounge at the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend.

It's short. It's shaven. It's... different. See for yourself and then judge below.

  • Jenna Jameson Hair
  • Jenna Jameson Hairstyle

What do you think of Jenna Jameson's new hairstyle? Do you like it?


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