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Sorry, Jim and Pam fans.

While Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski may have perfect chemistry on The Office, each has gone his/her separate ways in real life; and, this time, Fischer hopes her marriage doesn't end in divorce.

Lee Kirk

The actress has announced her engagement to writer Lee Kirk. The proposal reportedly took place on June 30, while the couple was vacationing in Europe.

Fischer - who divorced director James Gunn in July 2007 - referred to Kirk as her "super cute boyfriend" at the 2008 Emmy Awards. That earned Kirk the wrath of The Hollywood Gossip.

He better treat her well!

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Okay, we don't even know Lee Kirk.

But with Jenna Fischer having identified the writer as her new "super cute boyfriend," we can safely say that we hope Kirk's pen explodes. So there!

The couple was spotted together at Sunday's Emmy Awards, as The Office star told People about her man:

"We met through mutual friends. We've actually known each other for a long time. He went to college with an old friend of mine."

You better treat Jenna well, Lee Kirk. We'll be watching.

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Jenna Fischer was recently named the hottest celebrity divorcee by Maxim.

With good looks and an innocent, girl-next-door charm, it's no surprise how Jenna Fischer has endured herself to fans - who will get to see a lot more of this actress in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, which stars John C. Reilly.

Jenna Fischer and Husband

"John has a great butt," said Fischer, who split from her director husband James Gunn in September. "That's his butt in the movie. I want the world to know that John C. Reilly has a mighty fine tush." Really, thanks for letting us know.

As for the partially nude Jenna Fischer sex scenes?

"During that first seduction scene, John played around with all these sexy animal noises. First he growled, and I reacted by saying "Oh, My Tiger!" Then he pretended to be a horse; "Oh, my stallion!" Then he quacked and I said, "Oh! My ..... Duck!"

No word on if there's any Jenna Fischer nude material in the flick, but The Office star confirms that she and Reilly may have set a record for longest kiss.

"The director told us we needed to go as long as possible, then a little longer," Fischer said. "We decided it was going to be the biggest buildup to a kiss ever!"

Not a bad feat for someone recovering from a broken back.

"I hurt myself this summer," she says. "I fell down stairs and fractured some bones in my back. The bones are all healed, so now I need to do some physical therapy."

First on Jenna Fischer's therapy list? Some ow-impact yoga with pregnant co-star and source of many great The Office quotes, Angela Kinsey.

"I don't know how I got roped into doing yoga with her, but my doctor heard that she was pregnant, and suggested some low impact exercise like yoga."

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In a bit of an upset, but certainly a worthy win, actress Jenna Fischer has been named the number-one most eligible divorcee according to a new Maxim poll.

Best known as Pam Beesly on The Office, Fischer was married to screenwriter James Gunn, but recently came back on the market. Holla at her divorce lawyer!

Jenna Fischer beat out buxom pop "singer" Jessica Simpson, who was once Mrs. Nick Lachey and is now single after dating rocker John Mayer, among others.

Jenna Fischer Picture

Jenna Fischer: The hottest divorced celebrity out there. Call us!

Also in the running in this scientific contest were the sexually ambiguous Carmen Electra and recently divorced country crooner Sara Evans, who had to take herself out of last season's Dancing With The Stars to focus on the nasty split with her long-time, alleged pervert husband Craig Schelske.

Other contenders included Lost's blonde-locked Aussie Emilie de Ravin, the ex of many rockers Heather Locklear, and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, who recently split from controversial author Salman Rushdie.

Way back in the pack at an unimpressive #15 is Britney Spears. With a pair of little "mistakes" to drag around, a history of substance abuse and no career prospects to speak of, Britney's not the catch she once was!

The also-divorced Lynne Spears, on the other hand? MILF central!

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Here's what happens when bad fashion happens to good actresses.

Two of our favorites are pictured below, neither looking her best.

First, Jenna Fischer is sporting a giant bow. But it's unlikely anyone is gonna wanna unwrap this star of The Office as long as she wears such an unflattering ensemble.

To paraphrase Dwight Schrute: Jenna Fischer looks good in this dress? FALSE!

Next up, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere appears to be lacking the power of good fashion taste. Unless Stephen Colletti knocked up the young actress before the couple called it quits, we're not sure why she's wearing such an ill-fitting, wide dress. Does she has something in common with Christina Aguilera?

No way Hayden Panettiere is pulling a Halle Berry, right? But then why else would the actress don such an overflowing outfit?

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Jenna Fischer should stick to posing nude. It's a lot safer than... walking.

Especially now that The Office actress fractured her back in four places from a fall down a set of stairs. That's something not even co-star Steve Carell would find funny.

Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk

"She avoided anything scary near the spine and she'll make a full recovery in time to shoot season four of The Office this summer," Fischer's publicist told the New York Daily News.

The accident reportedly took place Tuesday in the downtown Manhattan bar Buddakan, where a TV upfront party for Fischer's NBC sitcom was being held. It's the sort of injury that seems like it would hurt more than being forced to watch the Jodie Marsh reality show on continuous loop.

Fischer's friend and costar Angela Kinsey "has been with her the whole time," the rep told USA Today, adding that Fischer's husband, actor-filmmaker James Gunn (Slither), has arrived to be at her side.

Fans are already leaving dozens of get-well messages for Fischer on her MySpace page, wishing her a speedy recovery. Says one, "You've got a lot of people lookin' out for ya. Keep strong, Jenna!"

Maybe watch a video of Blake Lewis during your recovery time.

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Kim Kardashian nude? Wake us when she's actually dressed.

Heather Mills nude? Please don't frighten us like that.

Lee Kirk

Tricia Helfer nude? Now we're paying attention.

The point is that numerous celebrities take off their clothes. Some do it for money. Some do it for attention. Some do it because they're alcoholic skanks named Lindsay Lohan. But there's one star we never would've guessed would get naked:

Jenna Fischer.

As Pam, the conservative, reserved receptionist on The Office, Fisher is cute in the girl-next-door-you-wish-to-hold-hands-with sort of way. Not the Antonella Barba nude-and-on-her-knees sort of way.

Granted, the actress isn't exactly showing any skin here. So Jim doesn't need to worry that his long-time love is changing her ways. Still, the cover shot comes as a surprise. Who's next to get nude, Kendra Jade?!?

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Shes young, she's beautiful and she sends Jim's heart aflutter on The Office.

Indeed, there are many reasons why Jenna Fischer could be considered one of Us Weekly's "Fresh 15." She was recently profiled by the magazine and we couldn't help but share some snippets from this adorable actress.

Jenna Fischer and Husband

For starters, the gal loves herself some 24.

"I love Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). He is the ultimate alpha male. The only problem is, if you're Jack Bauer's girlfriend, there is a very good chance that you are going to get kidnapped, tortured, and used in a plot to kill millions of Americans. The good news is that Jack Bauer will rescue you and it will be hot."

No argument here. But don't be giving any ideas to Rachel Bilson; she has enough man trouble as it is.

Also, Fischer is becoming somewhat of a video vixen. Not in the realm of Karrine Steffans, of course, but Willie Wisely discovered that Jenna had a song of his up on her MySpace page and asked her to star in his music video for "Through Any Window."

Finally, The Office actress has a new movie coming out with Will Ferrell.

"They showed me the footage the second to last day of shooting and I'm glad they didn't show it to me earlier because I would have freaked out the whole time."

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