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What's a girl to do after joining 16 & Pregnant, graduating to Teen Mom, then achieving a surprising level of celebrity for having unprotected sex as a teen?

If you're Farrah Abraham, become a hard core porn star, erotic novelist and wannabe musician, as well as write a memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

Now it looks like Jenelle Evans is following suit ... with the last part, at least. Like Farrah, Kailyn Lowry and Maci Bookout, she's reportedly writing a book!

This week, Jenelle Evans tweeted to her fans that when she gets time, she will be writing down the sordid details of her past and how she overcame them.

It's an inspiring story if ever there were one.

Clearly, Jenelle has some EPIC tales to tell. The term wild child seems almost too tame to describe her in some of her craziest moments (below).

She's also getting things back on track lately, and kudos to her for that, but are we expected to believe the turnaround is as complete as she makes it sound?

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Jenelle Evans has upped the selfie ante again with photo of her son, Kaiser Griffith, from his most recent 4D sonogram. That's right, a selfie before he's even born.

You can clearly see little Kaiser’s face. How cute ... right?

Jenelle Evans 4D Sonogram Photo

Though his eyes are still closed, the little boy's arm is crossed over his midsection as if he’s trying to wave hello (or just make some more room up in there).

“Mr. Kaiser Griffith,” Evans captioned the ultrasound photo.

Jenelle is due to give birth to her second child, and first with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, on June 29. As her due date draws near, the photos are off the hook!

With this latest effort, one can only imagine what Jenelle Evans will share with her fans once the delivery begins ... let alone once little Kai is actually born.

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After seeing Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's latest selfie earlier this week, it's obvious that being pregnant hasn't stopped her from, well, enjoying herself.

Case in point? This shot of the parents-to-be naked in the shower!

Jenelle Evans Shower Selfie
Jenelle Evans poses for a shower selfie with Nathan Griffith. Too cute or TMI?

She captioned the above pic "Be jealous." Of her? Of shower sex in general? She didn't say, but clearly those are the words of someone who is loving life.

It looks as if they've worked through their recent problems nicely.

Jenelle Evans may have very well reached the super-hormonal point where she's pretty much turned on by anything and everything her man does.

How else do you explain that Nathan doing chores is getting her hot and bothered? "I get so giddy when @GroundLevelUp makes the bed. #MilitaryStyle"

Military style ... followed by some other style. We're guessing.

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Did Jenelle Evans revert into her party girl ways over the weekend? It wouldn't be a stretch to assume so, but she insists reports to that effect are B.S.

She was out bar-hopping with her baby daddy Nathan Griffith and some other friends over the weekend, despite being due to give birth next month.

Jenelle Evans insists she was just the DD, however.

The Carolina Hurricane re-tweeted a photo that one of her friends posted of their night out Saturday, then hit back at the obligatory backlash on Twitter.

Seriously, people ... Jenelle Evans, designated driver?

We never thought we'd hear those two things used in the same sentence, other than maybe "Jenelle Evans should have called a designated driver."

You get the idea. The best part of her Twitter defense is claiming that her mom, Barbara, can vouch for the fact that she doesn't give two f--ks about drinking.

At this point we ALL know she prefers weed and heroin.

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It is (finally) all over for Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers.

Sources confirm to E! News that the Teen Mom 2 star has filed for divorce from her troubled husband, who she wed in 2012. 

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Selfie

Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin R. T. Sullivan, confirms that “Jenelle is only seeking a divorce from Mr. Rogers at this time," adding:

"She is not seeking any support of any kind. She is looking forward to a new chapter in her life."

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A new report claims that Jenelle Evans, whose son Kaiser is due to arrive in June, is having second thoughts about raising him and may put him up for adoption.

Evans, 22, and oft-maligned baby-daddy-to-be Nathan Griffith, 26, are rumored to be meeting with adoption agencies about giving up their unborn son.

Is there anything to this gossip, though?

Not according to Jenelle Evans' camp.

“Yeah that [report] is completely false," says a source close to the Teen Mom 2 cast member, adding, "They have never fought about giving up Kaiser."

Jenelle and Nathan share a phone, the insider adds, and "have not had one argument since he has been out of jail. They honestly have been getting along just fine."

That would be a refreshing change.

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Jenelle Evans doesn't even have legal custody of her son Jace, but imagine her surprise when absentee dad Andrew Lewis showed up at his daycare.

Even though he’s banned from the center, no less.

Lewis and the Teen Mom 2 star never married and despite being MIA for most of his offspring's life, he has recently been sneaking in secret visits with Jace.

Jenelle Evans is not happy about it.

“He has told people that he has gone four times,” a source said. “They snuck him in once but Andrew’s not on the approved list of visitors so they started turning him away.”

Barbara Evans, Jenelle's mom and Jace's primary caretaker, doesn’t take these visits lightly as her fears for Jace's safety are of paramount concern.

“Babs went over to daycare and took Jace home when she heard Andrew was trying to visit," said an inside source. “Babs takes care of him full time."

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Jenelle Evans went off on a text message rant in a recent exchange with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp, a chat that - if authentic - was shockingly ugly and revealing.

The Teen Mom 2 terror used the time baby daddy Nathan Griffith was in jail this month to reconnect with her notorious ex, and wow. Just wow.

The texts obtained by Radar show Jenelle Evans ripping into Kieffer, ripping into her former flame, calling his girlfriend a whore and using a racial slur ...

Describing Nathan Griffith as superior to Delp, she says, “Let’s see…Personal trainer, football player, college student, completed his 4 year term in the marines."

"Was deployed twice I think but def once, graduated high school from a private school, comes from a great family ... wouldn’t trade him for a N****R like u."


Evans then continued ripping into Delp, whom she previously accused of getting her hooked on heroin, comparing him to her current love Nathan:

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On the back half of the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 reunion special, Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska were in the hot seat with Dr. Drew. What did we learn?

After a montage of clips you've all seen if you watch Teen Mom 2, Jenelle defends her increasingly turbulent relationship with boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans Bump Pic

Just because they love each other does not mean they are perfect, she says, a familiar strategy of pointing out the obvious, yet not the root of their issues.

Jenelle Evans reacts similarly to questions about her legal issues, saying simply, “When you’re young and stupid, you did young and stupid things.”

Profound stuff right there.

Asked why would they have another child when they already have kids by other people and neither one of them has custody, Jenelle had an interesting response.

“I think we can prove to everyone we can be good parents,” she explains, noting that Nathan is battling his ex for increased, daily visits with his daughter.

Dr. Drew gives her due credit, saying how proud he is of her for being in school and putting her life back together and making some positive changes.

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Jenelle Evans and her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, celebrated an Easter surprise:

Him being let out of jail early and his pregnant baby-mama-to-be picking him up!

Jenelle Evans Shower Selfie
Jenelle Evans poses for a shower selfie with Nathan Griffith. Too cute or TMI?

Nathan Griffith was jailed April 9 for 30 days for driving on a suspended license. This also marked the third time he was stopped on suspicion of DUI.

The occasionally happy duo is expecting their first child together this summer. She's in her third trimester now and it is believed she is due in June.

Jenelle Evans is still married to her estranged husband Courtland Rogers.

South Carolina law has a mandatory, year-long period between when a couple separates and when they can petition for divorce. That date is April 24.

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