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This week on Teen Mom 2, one of the girls got married, one toyed with the idea of a Vegas wedding, another got engaged, and a lot of tears were shed.

To top it all off on this double episode, someone even ended up in jail.

Bet you can guess who the latter was ... but what about the rest?

Read all about it and more in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap!

Poor Jenelle

Gary Head heads to military base camp, leaving Jenelle Evans to ponder whether she’s ready for marriage. Spoiler alert: She guesses wrong. Minus 70.

When he returns, he proposes to Jenelle while she’s laying in bed and she says yes. OMG!! She then asks Gary if they’re going to be happy together.

Most people would ask this before accepting, but that's Jenelle for you. Minus 130.

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Jenelle Evans may want to keep her mouth shut.

Just days after outing the supposed "TRUE COLORS" of ex-boyfriend Gary Head - who Evans says used her car to pick up bitches - a video has hit the Internet that paints Jenelle is rather bad light.

It depicts the Teen Mom star snorting... something.

Jenelle was on probation at the time and she bought pills from a drug dealer and crushed them up,” an insider tells Radar of the above footage. “The pills are Percocet, and she did not have a prescription for them.”

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Jenelle Evans is speaking out for the first time about her (latest) split from Gary Head, which occurred right around the (latest) time she got out of rehab.

Gary, who was by her side this winter during her epic breakup with Courtland Rogers, looked like a doting boyfriend on this week's Teen Mom 2 as well.

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans Picture

Of course, we know they broke up back then, as well as just a few weeks ago. As such, Jenelle has taken to Twitter to explain why the duo called it off.

“Cannot wait until next weeks episode to see that dude’s TRUE COLORS,” Jenelle wrote on March 26, just a day after the latest Teen Mom 2 installment.

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry got physical with Javi Marroquin and it was all caught on camera, leading to one of the show's most controversial moments yet.

Read all about that and more in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap ...

When Javi moved in with Kailyn, they not only merged finances, they merged pets, lives, kids ... it's all a little too much for them to handle it seems. Minus 40.

Javi refuses to keep the dogs out of the house because there’s a hole in the fence and they get out. So they jump up on Kailyn's friends and they get pissed.

Soon, the argument over this escalates to surprising levels.

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer made things right with Jeremy Calvert, while Jenelle Evans tried out some shiny new toys and much more.

Read all about it in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap!

Jenelle and Kieffer Photo

The troubled Jenelle Evans goes under the knife and gets some lovely fake boobs, while parting ways with that boob Kieffer Delp, again. Wash.

It didn't go smoothly. The breakup part at least.

Babs worries that Kieffer might try to steal Jenelle's pain meds to use or steal. Always a sign that your boyfriend is an upstanding character! Minus 50.

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer decided that she maybe wants Jeremy Calvert back after all, while Jenelle Evans decided to get fake boobs.

Kailyn Lowry continued her feud with baby daddy Jo Rivera, as Chelsea Houska continued being unaware that Adam Lind is a deadbeat loser.

Read all about it in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap!

Teen Mom 2 Cast Pic

Just one week ago, Leah Messer told Jeremy Calvert she was going to counseling with Corey Simms. Jer moved out, their engagement seemingly off.

Surprisingly, he decides to meet up with Corey about this.

Even more surprisingly, they have a civil conversation.

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Just when you think she's in, she's out. So it goes.

Jenelle Evans has again bailed on rehab, just four days after admitting herself, saying she's fine and "just needed some time trying to figure things out."

Somehow we don't have a lot of faith that she has.

Cute Jenelle Evans Photo

“She wasn’t in rehab that long because she doesn’t think she really needs it," says a friend. "She’s finally ready to live her life like a normal person."

Stop us if you've heard that before.

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It's easy to give Jenelle Evans a hard time, or to simply your eyes at her.

Between her whirlwind relationships, Twitter rants and Teen Mom 2 antics, she's entertaining to say the least. But she's also clearly a very troubled individual.

When MTV considers you a liability, you know you have some issues.

Jenelle Evans Twit Pic

Evans' attorney, Dustin Sullivan, confirms that she is back in rehab again for the second time in a week, and it's not just for anxiety, stress or exhaustion.

"Jenelle is in a rehabilitation treatment facility in North Carolina to address addiction issues for drug use," said Sullivan. It's reportedly heroin, no less.

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Jenelle Evans is back in rehab, again. It's been a rough few days.

The trouble Teen Mom 2 star checked into a detox center last month and was released Friday, only to check back into a rehab facility after a tough few days.

Her addiction to heroin is believed to be the root of the problem.

Jenelley Evans

“Jenelle was in great spirits before she went in," says a source.

"She is really hoping that she can get control of her life. She is bi-polar and she’s had a really hard time balancing the medication she needs for that."

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Jenelle Evans got out of rehab last Friday. That's the good news.

The bad? Drama involving her ex(es) is once again off the hook.

Jenelle Evans, Gary Head Kiss

Upon leaving rehab, the Teen Mom 2 star got her phone back and immediately jumped on Twitter ... to find out from Gary Head that she was single again.

Suffice it to say, the newly-sober Jenelle Evans was pissssssssed.

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