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Buckwild's Shae Bradley lamented her show's demise yesterday, slamming MTV for keeping Teen Mom 2 on the air and linking to Jenelle Evans mug shots.

  • Shae Bradley Photo
  • Jenelle Evans Mugshots

When Shae found out Buckwild was canceled by MTV, she immediately wondered why the network keeps other, similarly controversial shows going.

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans saw this and lashed out, at which point Shae posted the above collage and $h!t got even more real on Twitter.

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We now interrupt Farrah Abraham sex tape coverage for a look back at last night's Teen Mom 2, in which we pick up after Jenelle's latest blowout fight.

Meanwhile, Leah walks down the aisle with a special man at her side, Kailyn and Javi fast-track their own nuptials, and Chelsea is sick and "stressed."

Read all about it and more in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap!

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp

After the fight between Jenelle Evans and Gary Head, she obviously leans on that asshat Kieffer Delp for support. Minus 100 for never, ever learning.

As Jenelle recounts the violent altercation between herself and Gary, it's clear she wants nothing to do with him anymore ... well, at least for a few days.

She tells Tori that Gary ripped the ring off her finger and tried to strangle her with a bed sheet, which is probably blatantly untrue knowing her. Minus 100.

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is lashing out at Twitter fans wanting to know what's going on between herself and embattled husband Courtland Rogers.

This is pretty much the definition of irony.

Jenelle Picture

Making bad decisions is one thing, but being stunned or incredulous by what are both repeated and wholly predictable outcomes is quite another.

If you hang out with bad news individuals who do drugs, you too increase your chances of being a heroin addict and/or inmate. Pretty simple, no?

Similarly, if you broadcast every detail of your private life - including levying serious allegations against the men in your life - people respond in kind.

That's what makes Jenelle Evans' temper tantrum on Twitter so hilarious.

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans appears to have admitted to heroin use - and confirmed the rumor that bad boy ex Kieffer Delp got her hooked on it.

"I hate you kieffer!!!!! why cant you leave my life alone and stay away from me ... you got me strung out on heroin #BYE," she wrote in a rather revealing Tweet.


The heroin rumor, and Kieffer's role, started when Courtland Rogers blamed Delp (and later said that Jenelle killed their unborn baby because of the drug).

Rogers, Jenelle's estranged husband, recently reconciled with her after one of the all-time celebrity splits. Both he and Evans have been to rehab in the past.

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans filed six assault charges against estranged husband Courtland Rogers earlier this year, but now wants them all dropped.

After getting back with Rogers and vowing to work things out two months later, she's had a change of heart ... but whether officials oblige is another story.

Jenelle and Courtland Rogers Photo

Police take four accusations of battery on a female and two counts against an unborn child seriously, and the State of North Carolina is continuing its investigation.

Even if Jenelle Evans wants to stop any legal action from taking place against her husband, police can continue the case if they feel there's enough evidence.

Says a source close to the investigation:

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was rushed to the hospital via ambulance Tuesday, according to reports  ... and is back with her estranged husband.

“I love Jenelle and I’m really scared for her,” Courtland Rogers said.

Pic of Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers

“Her mom (Barbara Evans) told us to get her to the hospital as fast as possible, that’s why we called the ambulance. Jenelle’s scared and so am I.”

This isn’t the first time Jenelle Evans, 21, has been hospitalized.

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This week on Teen Mom 2, one of the girls got married, one toyed with the idea of a Vegas wedding, another got engaged, and a lot of tears were shed.

To top it all off on this double episode, someone even ended up in jail.

Bet you can guess who the latter was ... but what about the rest?

Read all about it and more in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap!

Poor Jenelle

Gary Head heads to military base camp, leaving Jenelle Evans to ponder whether she’s ready for marriage. Spoiler alert: She guesses wrong. Minus 70.

When he returns, he proposes to Jenelle while she’s laying in bed and she says yes. OMG!! She then asks Gary if they’re going to be happy together.

Most people would ask this before accepting, but that's Jenelle for you. Minus 130.

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Jenelle Evans may want to keep her mouth shut.

Just days after outing the supposed "TRUE COLORS" of ex-boyfriend Gary Head - who Evans says used her car to pick up bitches - a video has hit the Internet that paints Jenelle is rather bad light.

It depicts the Teen Mom star snorting... something.

Jenelle was on probation at the time and she bought pills from a drug dealer and crushed them up,” an insider tells Radar of the above footage. “The pills are Percocet, and she did not have a prescription for them.”

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Jenelle Evans is speaking out for the first time about her (latest) split from Gary Head, which occurred right around the (latest) time she got out of rehab.

Gary, who was by her side this winter during her epic breakup with Courtland Rogers, looked like a doting boyfriend on this week's Teen Mom 2 as well.

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans Picture

Of course, we know they broke up back then, as well as just a few weeks ago. As such, Jenelle has taken to Twitter to explain why the duo called it off.

“Cannot wait until next weeks episode to see that dude’s TRUE COLORS,” Jenelle wrote on March 26, just a day after the latest Teen Mom 2 installment.

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry got physical with Javi Marroquin and it was all caught on camera, leading to one of the show's most controversial moments yet.

Read all about that and more in THG's official Teen Mom 2 recap ...

When Javi moved in with Kailyn, they not only merged finances, they merged pets, lives, kids ... it's all a little too much for them to handle it seems. Minus 40.

Javi refuses to keep the dogs out of the house because there’s a hole in the fence and they get out. So they jump up on Kailyn's friends and they get pissed.

Soon, the argument over this escalates to surprising levels.

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