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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has never been one to ... how shall we put it ...

Take things slow? Prioritize? Think before she acts? Use her brain period?

What we're getting at is that she's already moved in with Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith

The underwear model she's been dating for the past few weeks - a lifetime in Jenelle Land - does seem like a good guy. But really, girl? So soon? 

"I live in Myrtle Beach now :)" she tweeted, confirming that she has already packed her bags and relocated to her new boyfriend's S.C. residence.

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Oft-troubled and even more oft-ailing Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans once yet again entered the hospital, this time reportedly due to a lump in her throat.

Apparently, the problem has been going on for two weeks and she decided it was worthy of a trip to the doctor. Or so she shared yesterday on the 'net.

Jenelle Evans Throat

“My throat doesn't hurt but my voice box is messed up and there's a lump in my throat. :/ wtfffff ?! I don't want to go to the doctor AGAIN,” she tweeted.

After revealing that new boyfriend Nathan Griffith went to work when she wanted company, Jenelle went to seek help and was given several tests.

“Blood test, chest x-ray, breathing treatment, and EMT [EKG] test. :( ugh!" she said.

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Jenelle Evans has never been one to take things slow.

The Teen Mom 2 star may still be married to Courtland Rogers, but they're estranged and he's in jail, and she's been dating underwear model Nathan Griffith.

It's been a good few weeks of no drama now, which is like an eternity in Jenelle's world, so it's no surprise that she is HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE!

Nathan Griffith Photo

"We have been talking for a month and a half and nobody knew but me and him," the reality star Tweeted. "We kept it quiet so the media wouldn’t blow up."

"So yeah I love him."

Wait wait ... Jenelle Evans kept something quiet to avoid attention?

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Jenelle Evans wants to set the record straight about her most recent arrest, and as excuses go, this one isn't terribly interesting, but it is believable.

She just forgot about that court date, or the fact that she had to appear in person, because she just has too many damn court dates to keep track of.

Jenelley Twitpic

After getting arrested for no-showing a court date in her cyber-stalking case, the Teen Mom 2 star took to her blog to tell us what happened that day.

Long story short: Jenelle Evans embarked on a trip to visit her brother in Hickory, N.C., six hours away from her home, and forgot about the hearing.

Writes the troubled reality star:

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In what has to be the best/worst idea we've heard in months, MTV is mulling a Teen Mom spinoff special starring Farrah Abraham ... AND Jenelle Evans.

Two of the most controversial reality stars, together in one house. With their moms. You can't make this stuff up. Well, unless somebody did.

  • Jenelly
  • Farrah Abraham Twitpic

MTV has not commented, but reports say the network is pitching the special, one-time episode starring the Teen Mom stars and their estranged moms.

If it's got Barbara Evans, we'd watch. End of discussion.

Execs are exploring the idea of them living "in a house with their moms for a week, or more, while cameras roll, kind of like Big Brother,” a Radar source says.

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You're not gonna believe this, but Jenelle Evans was arrested again today.

NOTE: Today is May 20, 2013. This is not an old story you came across.

The 21-year-old Teen Mom 2 star was supposed to appear for a hearing in her cyber-stalking case, but Brunswick County court officials say she no-showed.

The judge in the case then issued a warrant for the hot mess' arrest.

Jenelle Instagram

Jenelle eventually turned herself in, posted bail and was cut loose.

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Jenelle Evans' recent arrests for possession of heroin and assault may land her in jail for two years or more if convicted, according to a new report.

That's harsh enough that even mom Barbara Evans might feel sorry for her.

Jenelle Evans Mugshots

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star was arrested with husband Courtland Rogers in April but the case is just getting underway today, her lawyer Dustin Sullivan said.

“We are waiting for her to be indicted for a felony,” her attorney said.

The sentencing guidelines, if she's convicted, "could be 25 months.”

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Barbara Evans, Jenelle Evans' mom and frequent player on MTV's Teen Mom 2, is peerless among reality stahs. BAHBRAH is truly one of a kind.

  • Jenelle's Mom
  • Boooooooooooyfriend

Not just for taking care of the kid Jenelle acts like she doesn't have, or for being unafraid to lay the smack down on her daughter when she deserves it.

The woman is just hilarious and her accent, while sort of painful and borderline indecipherable, just gives this all-time character even more character.

Babs does not mince words. Or speak in a way that you can understand hers. But as bad as her daughter is, she'd be worse without her mom.

Basically, as hard as it is to watch Jenelle Evans self-destruct, at least you know it hurts Babs - who gives her all to her daughter and her grandson - harder.

She's basically the reason for the show.

Follow the jump for more classic Bahbrah GIFs and photos as we pay tribute to the unheralded, under-appreciated and unsung star of Teen Mom 2 ...

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Jenelle Evans came clean last night on MTV's Teen Mom 2 reunion.

The troubled star opened up to Dr. Drew about how her ex Kieffer Delp got her addicted to heroin, and shot her up so much one time, she nearly died.

Jenelle Evans Twit Pic

Jenelle said the only reason she got back together with Kieffer is because she felt so alone and rejected after her ex-fiance Gary Head assaulted her.

She has a way of exaggerating claims against her exes and blaming everyone else for her problems, but for Jenelle, this was still a major confession.

Evans said she desperately turned to Kieffer for support, and in turn he enabled her to do drugs and reportedly got her to try heroin for the first time.

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