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Jenelle Evans' latest mug shot is here, after she failed a drug test after her latest court hearing ... in which she struck a plea deal to keep her out of jail.

At least she was in good spirits, apparently:

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (August 2013)

The Teen Mom 2 star was in court earlier, answering to charges of drug paraphernalia, heroin and Percocet possession, stemming from her arrest in April.

Jenelle Evans agreed to a plea bargain in which she pleaded guilty paraphernalia charge, in exchange for the other, more serious charges being dropped.

She was hit with 18 months' probation, but no jail time - amazing, given that she was busted with major quantities of the drugs and assault on her husband.

That charge was dropped when Courtland Rogers pleaded guilty, so all was looking up for Jenelle ... until she was randomly drug tested and failed.

Later this morning.

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Jenelle Evans is an unstable, controlling mess, according to the woman who used to be married to (and has a child with) her live-in boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Allison Stevens, 24, is mother to Emery, her 2-year-old child with Nathan, and says she doesn’t want the Teen Mom 2 star anywhere near her little girl.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith

Jenelle, who has (or had) a 3-year-old son Jace, has spent time with his little daughter, infuriating Allison given that Evans is what she calls “unstable.”

“I haven’t spoken to Nathan since May, because Jenelle totally controls him,” Allison said.

“But if I could say one thing to him, it would be, ‘Please don’t involve our child in that horrible world.’ And as far as Jenelle is concerned, she’s unstable."

"I don’t want her anywhere near my daughter!”

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was back in court on charges of cyberstalking (against ex Gary Head) and assault and heroin possession (on/with Courtland Rogers).

In a rare piece of good news for the troubled reality star, the cyberstalking charge was dismissed - and the other two charges may soon be too.

Jenelle Evans, Courtland Photo

Yes, she could be off the hook even after admitting on MTV that she was a heroin addict? Attorney Dustin Sullivan says he "doesn't foresee" a return to court.

A big reason for that? Courtland Rogers, who appeared in the same courthouse just one day before, copped a plea and is going to be released.

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Jenelle Evans was rushed to the hospital Monday evening. Fortunately, it had nothing to do with her drug problem(s). She had her appendix removed.

Jenelle Evans Hospitalized

The troubled Teen Mom star was in crippling Monday when she finally sought medical help and was told she would have to have emergency surgery.

Her boyfriend Nathan Griffith was by her side. He tells Radar:

“She’s been in pain for about a month and I suggested before that it could be her appendix,” he said. “So I dropped her at the hospital before work."

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16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham has gone OFF on Jenelle Evans in an epic Twitter rant, one which began when Jenelle was feeling sorry for herself.

After the Teen Mom 2 star said people kick her when she's down, Danielle responded, “You, my dear, have been knocked down for 4 years. Yo a** never got up!”

  • Danielle Cunningham Photo
  • Jenelle Bikini Photo

“I hate the fact that [Jenelle Evans] can’t be a mother. Just when she feels like it. Does [her four-year-old son] Jace even call Jenelle mom?” she asked.

“lmfao jenelle even your mom secretly hates you.”

Ouch. No need to bring Barbara Evans into this.

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Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband Courtland Rogers is still in jail following his arrest in April, while she's a free woman (and moving in with Nathan Griffith).

As his trial approaches, however, Rogers is gearing up to clear his name - which will entail blaming her for the drugs and violence they were busted for.

Jenelle Evans, Husband Photo

Jenelle and Courtland got popped April 23 in his mother’s North Carolina home for heroin and assault after they got in brutal fight and called the cops.

Courtland has since been unable to come up with the $80,000 bail he needs to be sprung from the pokey, but believes he has a "rock solid defense."

“Courtland is planning to make sure his lawyer and the judge know the drugs in the house were not his, they belonged to Jenelle Evans,” the source said.

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Jenelle Evans‘ boyfriend Nathan Griffith may be in the doghouse even more after he appeared to diss the reality star's pre-surgery body on Twitter.

Jenelle Evans, Boyfriend Nathan

It all started when one Twitter user sent him a tweet about leaked pics of Jenelle Evans nude before she got breast implants. His surprising response?

"Well, I’m lucky she doesn’t look like that anymore [sic].”

Ouch. Burn?

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 celebrity Jenelle Evans is head over heels for her new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, but is he just using her as his meal ticket?

Nathan Griffith Pic

While Jenelle’s husband, Courtland Rogers, sits in jail (he's unable to post bail), it turns out Nathan has been in the local courthouse many times too.

Nathan Griffith, 25, has had one traffic case, one common pleas case and two civil cases against him, indicating that he may have financial problems.

A $5,005.82 judgment was entered against him in April, and just one month before he bought a house with Jenelle, he was evicted from his place.

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Jenelle Evans’ live-in boyfriend Nathan Griffith is not gay, she insists, with the model himself weighing in to say that sodomy is against his religion.

The gay rumors started after pictures surfaced of him in bed with another guy - photos the Teen Mom 2 star and her friends quickly decried as fakes.

  • Nathan Griffith Shirtless
  • Jenelle Evans Bikini iPhone Pic

“That’s not him at all, it’s a completely different guy,” one source said. "The picture is rumored to be Nathan posing for Entourage Bathhouse in Las Vegas."

"He's never even been to Vegas!"

Jenelle addressed the rumors personally, insisting "Nathan is NOT GAY" on Twitter, while Griffith came out swinging as well in a lengthy missive.

“My mom was and is a minister,” Nathan Griffith wrote.

“My family is religious and I’m not trying to be a hater but God burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Um sodomy is against my religion sorry to disappoint you.”

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently moved in with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith after a few months of dating, which is like years in regular person terms.

Now they're moving into their own place! Which they bought! That's right, Jenelle Evans, who's still married to Courtland Rogers, is officially a homeowner!

Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith

Jenelle broke the good news on Facebook, posting "We bought a house!!! With Nathan Joseph Griffith," along with a picture of the charming home.

"The picture was taken a long time ago, it's from the post online," she tweeted of the shot, which was stamped May 2. "Ill take more pics tomorrow."

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