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Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans' boyfriend, is alleging police brutality after he was arrested last week for DUI and a host of other criminal charges.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Selfie

Nathan Griffith was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, speeding, driving on wrong side of road, disobeying a police officer and driving under suspension.

They were all over the road on September 8 in N. Myrtle Beach, which Jenelle Evans attributed to the couple trying to get home and have sex (seriously).

The traffic stop did not go well. According to police, Nathan was Tasered during the incident and later “vomited in the rear seat” of the patrol car.

He's claiming the cops used excessive force, however, and Radar has posted alleged photos of the injures he says he suffered during the arrest.

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Jenelle Evans' boyfriend Nathan Griffith was arrested for DUI after police pulled them over early Saturday - and you won't believe the reason they got stopped.

The drunk Teen Mom 2 star told cops they were rushing home to have sex.

“Honestly, we were trying to have sex,” Evans told a North Myrtle Beach policeman when he asked why Nathan Griffith, 25, was swerving on the road.

A policeman then asked: “That’s why you guys were all over the road?”

“Yeah,” replied Evans, who is still married to Courtland Rogers.

Jenelle clarified that the couple was not actually engaging in sex in her 2007 Toyota when the officer quizzed if he was “touching” her whilst driving.

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We hope you're sitting down for this, but Jenelle Evans says she is not a role model and shouldn't be anyone's idol. Truer words have never been spoken.

In response to a tweet from 16 and Pregnant star Ashley Salazar saying that Jenelle is her idol, she responded, "Really I shouldn't be anyone's idol."

Honestly. Props to Jenelle Evans. Prayers for Ashley Salazar.

Sexy Jenelle Evans

Showing surprising self-awareness, the troubled Teen Mom 2 star added, "well I mean until my life is stable then people can idolize me but noooo."

Well put, considering her track record. In 2013 alone ...

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Jenelle Evans allegedly broke her thumb at some point last night or this morning, sparking the obligatory Twitter debate regarding how this occurred.

Jenelle Evans Bikini

The troubled Teen Mom 2 star was radio silent on social media Thursday night, which apparently sparked a firestorm of speculation about her whereabouts.

According to Jenelle Evans, she fell asleep at 5 (p.m.) then “woke up with a broken thumb" ... which she say was an "accident" but offered few details on.

Her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, “said I fell off the bed earlier lol I don’t remember.”

Naturally, her Twitter followers were quick to assume this was BS.

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Jenelle Evans has posted a bikini photo on Twitter. Shocking, we know.

Also on display is the MTV star's new man Nathan Griffith. Take a look:

Jenelle Evans With Nathan Griffith

She's had her share of ups and downs in life - losing custody of her kid, miscarriages, divorce, 110 arrests (give or take) - but Jenelle Evans is happy now.

Former MMA-fighter boyfriend Nathan Griffith is a big reason for that.

Regardless of whether she’s behind bars, battling haters online or enjoying the sun in a bikini, he seems to be smitten with the Teen Mom 2 star.

Will it last? That's very far from certain. But by her standards, this appears to be a relatively stable relationship, and that alone is worth celebrating.

Or at least noting on a slow news morning.

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Jenelle Evans’ four-year-old son Jace is having surgery Thursday, and the troubled Teen Mom 2 star is under attack for allegedly not knowing this.

Jenelle Evans and Boyfriend Photo

Twitter fans claimed they had seen four-year-old Jace and her mother, Barbara Evans, in the hospital on Monday, something the star refutes.

“Jace has surgery at the end of the month lol that girl is lying,” Jenelle Evans wrote, but the attacks on her cluelessness continued.

“Jenelle ONLY spoke of Jace when a hater tweeted that he’d already had surgery and she had NO IDEA! Says a lot, doesn’t it?!” one critic wrote.

“You have no idea what’s even going on with Jace because you aren’t his mom, just his birth mother,” added another, in an oft-repeated sentiment.

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Jenelle Evans is still battling many demons - most notably weed, which she can't seem to stop using, and which people close to her worry is a gateway drug.

Despite being a recovering heroin addict, the troubled Teen Mom 2 cast member refuses to stop smoking marijuana despite her family and friends' urging.

And the fact that she got arrested for failing a drug test last week.

Jenelle Selfie

“People close to Jenelle have been telling her that pot is a high school drug and she should stop doing it," says a source close to the Carolina Hurricane.

"They tell her all the time. She keeps saying ‘I’m going to quit,’ but she hasn’t yet. A lot of things stress her out. So she smoked a few times recently.”

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Jenelle Evans' latest mug shot is here, after she failed a drug test after her latest court hearing ... in which she struck a plea deal to keep her out of jail.

At least she was in good spirits, apparently:

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (August 2013)

The Teen Mom 2 star was in court earlier, answering to charges of drug paraphernalia, heroin and Percocet possession, stemming from her arrest in April.

Jenelle Evans agreed to a plea bargain in which she pleaded guilty paraphernalia charge, in exchange for the other, more serious charges being dropped.

She was hit with 18 months' probation, but no jail time - amazing, given that she was busted with major quantities of the drugs and assault on her husband.

That charge was dropped when Courtland Rogers pleaded guilty, so all was looking up for Jenelle ... until she was randomly drug tested and failed.

Later this morning.

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Jenelle Evans is an unstable, controlling mess, according to the woman who used to be married to (and has a child with) her live-in boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Allison Stevens, 24, is mother to Emery, her 2-year-old child with Nathan, and says she doesn’t want the Teen Mom 2 star anywhere near her little girl.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith

Jenelle, who has (or had) a 3-year-old son Jace, has spent time with his little daughter, infuriating Allison given that Evans is what she calls “unstable.”

“I haven’t spoken to Nathan since May, because Jenelle totally controls him,” Allison said.

“But if I could say one thing to him, it would be, ‘Please don’t involve our child in that horrible world.’ And as far as Jenelle is concerned, she’s unstable."

"I don’t want her anywhere near my daughter!”

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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was back in court on charges of cyberstalking (against ex Gary Head) and assault and heroin possession (on/with Courtland Rogers).

In a rare piece of good news for the troubled reality star, the cyberstalking charge was dismissed - and the other two charges may soon be too.

Jenelle Evans, Courtland Photo

Yes, she could be off the hook even after admitting on MTV that she was a heroin addict? Attorney Dustin Sullivan says he "doesn't foresee" a return to court.

A big reason for that? Courtland Rogers, who appeared in the same courthouse just one day before, copped a plea and is going to be released.

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