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For their first live auditions of season 11, both Jen Hirsh and Elise Testone covered the same Adele song last night. That has to be an American Idol first, right?

Even more incredibly? The track was NOT "Rolling in the Deep!"

Instead, each of these hopefuls delivered a version of "One and Only," with Randy complimenting Jen for her R&B "swag" and then J. Lo taking it a step further for Elise, who sat at a piano for her performance. "You may be the best singer here," Lopez told Testone.

Listen to both now, compare them to other contestants such as Shannon Magrane and then vote on your favorite cover:

Whose version of Adele did you prefer?


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There's a Haley, a Hollie and a Hallie. There's also the daughter of a World Series pitcher and a young woman who auditioned five years ago and has now made a triumphant return.

Indeed, it's a mixed, talented bag of female American Idol semifinalists. They'll perform live for the first time on Wednesday night, so now is the time to place your early bets.

Sort through the following Fox promotional pics and then select a favorite and let's see if one of these females can break the string of male Idol champions...

  • Haley Johnson Photo
  • Hollie Cavanagh Picture
  • Baylie Brown Photo
  • Brielle Von Hugel Photo
  • Chelsea Sorrell Photo
  • Elise Testone Photo
  • Erika Van Pelt Photo
  • Jen Hirsch Photo
  • Jessica Sanchez Photo
  • Shannon Magrane Photo
  • Skylar Laine Picture
  • Hallie Day Photo



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Jen Hirsch has something in common with Colton Dixon: both are back on American Idol, hoping for a better fortune.

Each tried out for the show on seasons past (Dixon on 10, Hirsch on nine) and each has now advanced to Hollywood the second time around. How far can Hirsch go? All the way, if last night's rendition of "Georgia on My Mind" is any indication.

Received as well as any audition on the two-hour episode, Jen showed quite the range and enjoyed quite the reaction from Steven, Jennifer and Randy. They gave this Agoura, California native a standing ovation. See for yourself:

Jen Hirsh Biography

Jen Hirsh auditioned for season nine of American Idol, but did not advance very far. But this Agoura, California native has returned for... More »
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