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President Barack Obama was LITERALLY inaugurated just three months ago.

Still, in this age of never-ending news cycles, 2016 election talk has begun.

Jeb Photo

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton 2016 buzz is already palpable.

On the GOP side, one name surfaces a surprising amount: Jeb Bush.

Have enough Americans moved on from the George W. Bush era that they'd vote for his younger brother? Jeb is doing several things that indicate he thinks so ...

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It's never too early to start thinking about the 2016 election. Okay, maybe it is, but those who have like the prospects of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

Yes, a Clinton-Bush White House race. Can you imagine?

Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush

By 2016, eight years after Barack Obama succeeded George W. Bush and outlasted Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, both political dynasties could rise again.

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