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Here's a celebrity birthday tribute to one of our favorite celebrity babies: Harlow Madden! Not that all babies aren't wonderful, but we have a soft spot for Harlow.

The one-year-old daughter of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie not only made Nicole eat again (and look better in bikini photos), but she's just so darn cute.

Don't believe us? Click to enlarge these Harlow pics below!

Also celebrating a birthday on this 11th day of January? Former Laguna Beach and The Hills star Jason Wahler. What a jackass! Pics below:

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Oft-arrested reality TV quasi-star Jason Wahler, 21, owes a tow truck driver at least $5,000 for a 2006 fight, an L.A. jury decided this afternoon.

The former Hills fixture was charged with battery after punching Dario Stevenson in the face and hurling racial slurs at him in September 2006.

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski Photo

His blood alcohol level was an impressive .22 at the time.

Although Wahler's 60-day prison sentence was suspended after he checked into a rehab center in 2007, Stevenson's lawyer filed a civil suit against him.

A jury of eight women and four men concluded that Jason Wahler had committed an act of battery. His attorney argued that the L.A. native and his girlfriend at the time, model Kristen DeLuca, were too drunk to know what they were saying.

Dario Stevenson may receive punitive damages as well as the $5,000, but they will likely be drastically smaller than the $1 million he sought.

Jason Wahler has a history of drinking, violence and legal woes.

In April 2007, he served three weeks in jail on criminal trespassing, assault and underage drinking after punching a Seattle hotel security guard in the face.

In February 2008, he was banned from the USC apartment of his fiancee Katja Decker-Sadowski for using racial slurs against the complex's security guard.

He's also been arrested for drug possession and resisting a public officer during an underage drinking sweep in North Carolina. Yeah. The guy gets around.

Wahler rose to fame as the deadbeat, often-drunken beau of Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach and then later, after she dubiously took him back on The Hills.

Conrad famously turned down a prestigious summer internship in Paris with Teen Vogue to spend the summer with him in 2005. They broke up afterwards.

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Lauren Conrad who?

Officially, The Hills cast is LC and her hot female friends (and enemies). But without the men in their life, MTV's "reality" hit wouldn't be worth watching.

First there was Jason Wahler, a frequently-drunk, always-meatheaded holdover from Lauren's Laguna Beach days who wreaked havoc on both shows.

Then The Hills gave us Spencer Pratt. Heidi Montag's boyfriend / fiance / ex-fiance / manager is a master of manipulation and passive-aggressive rage.

Now it's Justin-Bobby (real name Justin-Brescia) causing fans to scream in agony as he belches and mumbles his way into Audrina Patridge's heart.

You gotta give it up for these guys from a pure entertainment standpoint. They've had quite a run for four seasons and counting. The only question is ...

Who's your favorite Hills villain?


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The jury in Jason Wahler's civil trial next month is going to have a lot to go on now - The Hills star's lawyer has given the OK for panelists to hear evidence regarding Wahler's 2006 arrest for assaulting a tow truck driver.

The victim, Dario Stevenson, sued the 21-year-old reality TV star and Kristen DeLuca, his model girlfriend at the time, in August 2007, accusing the pair of roughing him up while he was in the process of impounding another car.


L.A. Superior Court Judge Elizabeth A. Grimes scheduled a Nov. 3 trial.

Jason Wahler - who used to date Lauren Conrad on Laguna Beach and The Hills - declined to challenge a petition by the plaintiff to allow jurors to hear testimony concerning Wahler's behavior when the cops took him into custody.

Grimes prohibited either party from revealing to the panel what Jason Wahler was actually charged with, declaring it inadmissable evidence.

But J-Wahl's behavior during the alleged smackdown is sure to be front and center at the trial, especially considering Stevenson, who's black, has accused the drunken bad boy of lobbing the N-word at the tow truck driver repeatedly.

Stevenson is seeking punitive damages from Wahler for the verbal and physical beatdown. Kristen DeLuca has since settled with the driver out of court.

Wahler, for all his d-bag-like qualities, is still engaged to Katja Decker-Sadowski, who is by all accounts a cute girl. And a fine college tennis player.

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Old flames and friends getting together to talk about old times? A cheesy plot line on a future episode of MTV's The Hills? A little of both? Who knows!

Whatever the reason, Lauren Conrad reunited with her ex, Jason Wahler, for dinner last night. Here's a photo of the former Laguna Beach tandem ...

Lauren's Legs

While any photo of Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler may make some Hills fans ill, they do go back a long time, and he's engaged to someone else now, so it's cool.

While Lauren continues her reign as queen of The Hills, Jason has not been arrested in like a year! Hey, you gotta highlight the positives where you can.

He and fiancee Katja Decker-Sadowski also are planning a wedding.

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The Hills is a great show.

Cute girls, meatheads chasing after them, career and family issues we can all relate to. Reality TV or completely scripted, you know you can't turn off the drama.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Perez Hilton

In anticipation of The Hills' fourth season return this evening, here's a video of the cast reflecting on one of the first three seasons' most riveting plot lines - the controversial (alleged) Lauren Conrad sex tape.

Does it exist? One celebrity news site asked Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, Jason Wahler, Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad herself ...

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No, not Lauren Conrad. The one after her!

Jason Wahler's former "model" girlfriend has been forced to pay up for one of her loser boyfriend's many brushes with the law in 2006.

Kristen Deluca was in the car with Jason Wahler when the Laguna Beach meathead assaulted a tow truck driver who tried to tow his car.

The driver sued both Wahler and Kristin Deluca (below, left), and the 26-year-old hottie anted up $3,000 to settle her part of the lawsuit.

Wahler, who is now engaged to Katja Decker-Sadowski (above, right) and supposedly booze-free for the past year after four arrests in as many states (!), pleaded no contest to criminal battery, but remains in the civil suit.

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Who even remembers when The Hills cast looked like this. Smiling, young, innocent ... soon to be infected by the cancer that is Jason Wahler.

Ah, the good old days. Sure, there was always drama, but it wasn't nearly as fake. Well, at least not the boobs of Heidi Montag ... or Audrina Patridge.

Busting a Cap

You gotta love The Hills - past and present. Bonus points for any reader who can name the dude Audrina and Whitney Port are sprawled across!

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Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski are getting married.

That they're engaged is nothing new - but it could be a sealed deal within a year, according to the former Laguna Beach star's bride-to-be!

"We want to do it sooner rather than later," said Katja, a student at USC.

"My parents want me to finish school first and that won't be until 2010. So we want to do it probably a little bit before graduation, but I need my parents' help to plan the wedding!"

Added Jason Wahler (who used to date Lauren Conrad):

"And if her parents don't agree, it's a no-go! So we are looking, realistically, at 12 to 15 months from now.

Katja Decker-Sadowski and Jason Wahler: Still engaged and happy.

Jason and Katja are pitching a reality show - reportedly called 22 and Taken - and the wedding "will be a part, but it's not the focus of the show."

Even if they've got another year to go, he and Katja Decker-Sadowski have already gotten into marriage mode by moving in together.

Continue Reading...

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Spencer Pratt is sticking to his story that the Jason Wahler-Lauren Conrad sex tape existed, even if it doesn't exist right now.

LC's ex, Jason Wahler said yesterday in a statement:

"I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist. Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention. Lauren Conrad is a close friend of mine and it is insulting to her to suggest this."

But Spencer Pratt, who said on the Tyra Banks Show late last week that he's 100 - nay, 1,000 - percent sure the tape existed, countered:

"Jason's statement couldn't be more transparent. Notice how he uses present tense, 'I DO not have a sex tape... one DOES not exist.'"

"We all know that it existed, that he tried to sell it and is now covering up to make himself look better," the smarmy Hills villain said.

Tell us, which of these jackasses from The Hills do you believe regarding the Lauren Conrad sex tape: Spencer Pratt or Jason Wahler?

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Jason Wahler Mug Shot Jason Wahler, a Laguna Beach and Hills veteran, is a meathead to the extreme. With four separate arrests in as many states, he's set the... More »
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I think there's going to be some serious beat-downs. I so want to right now.

Jason Wahler [on Spencer Pratt]

I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist. Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention.

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