Jason Lewis is an actor. He's been in both TV shows and movies.

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As embattled Miss California Carrie Prejean can attest, there is controversy being caused by advocates of gay marriage and it is sweeping this nation.

Perhaps she's even seen the new "Gathering Storm" video from The National Organization for Marriage, which has been viewed 500,000+ times online.

The nonprofit organization's mission is "to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it." The video, posted April 7, warns of a rapidly developing deluge of same sex unions that real Americans must band together and withstand!

In response, One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush, Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother star Sarah Chalke, Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass and other celebs got together to shoot "The Gaythering Storm," a Funny or Die parody of the NOM video.

Follow the jump for the original video and the parody - these are two eye-openers for people on either side of the gay marriage debate:

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Could hot new couple Criss Angel and Cameron Diaz already be pushed out of the headlines? It looks that way, if a certain October Road actress and former Sex and the City star have their way.

Indeed, celebrity gossip spies caught Laura Prepon and Jason Lewis getting quite cozy together at a recent party.

Laura Prepon Pic

At the Stuff magazine/Polaroid bash, the couple was "dancing and having a great time together," said a source.

It doesn't appear as though Lewis is suffering any ill affects from his break-up with Rosario Dawson, that's for sure.

Another fresh, hot couple these two lovebirds will have to deal with, of course, is Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo. They recently showered one another with affection in public. While it's too early to tell which of these pairing will last the longest, one thing isn't in doubt:

They all hope to end up happily married, just like Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil.

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Rosario Dawson, who split from beau Jason Lewis last year, says she's enjoying the single life. In fact, she thinks it's really good.

"It's really good," she told People.

Will Smith and Rosario Dawson

Note that Britney Spears also said this before experiencing a nervous breakdown, shaving her head and landing in rehab three times.

At an autograph signing for her upcoming movie, Grindhouse (which features a bit part by Fergie, among others) in New York City, Saturday, the actress opened up about her personal life.

"I'm really kind of crazy and so busy and everything so it's nice to just be spending time with my friends and family and also not having to worry about, you know, calling in and doing the check-in," she said. "I'm not really good at that."

Dawson and Jason Lewis started dating in 2004, and made their first red-carpet appearance together in January 2005 at a party in Los Angeles.

Also at the Grindhouse event, held at comic-book mecca Jim Hanley's Universe, were Dawson's costars Rose McGowan and Freddie Rodriguez, as well as the film's co-directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

Dawson, who stopped by Comic-Con in San Diego last year to promote her own comic-book series, The Occult Crimes Taskforce, said she felt gratified getting to meet fans face-to-face.

"You get to really hear what they have to say - I think that's so important," she said.

"I don't really have a connection a lot of times to that fan base. That's why the Internet's been really amazing in allowing fans more access, but still, you don't get that one-on-one."

Many Internet readers probably wish they could get a little one-on-one going with Antonella Barba. But alas, those nude pics are just so impersonal.

Also on the actress's busy schedule is working with the Girls Club, which is breaking ground on a new building next year.

"It's going to be the first Girls Club in all of Manhattan," said the New York City native. "It's a really, really big deal. It's very exciting."

What kind of club is this? Is Christina Aguilera in it? If not, does anyone care? Whatever. We're happy for Dawson and her new single life.

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