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SPOILER ALERT: Jason Brock was eliminated from The X Factor last night.

The contestant lost a sing-off with CeCe Frey for the final spot in the Top 12, as the judges were split on who to save, but America made its voice known.

After receiving the bad news, Brock spoke to reporters and said he wasn't sure why he got the boot... but wondered if his flamboyant style played a role.

"I think that being gay is a wild card in itself," he said. "When you're gay, some people still aren't okay with you being gay. So there are actually people in the country - I don't know how many - who think it's actually wrong. So I wouldn't doubt it if that does hurt in a way."

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You've seen the Teens.

You've listened to the Young Adults.

Now it's time to judge the older generation on The X Factor, as Vino Alan went all romantic ballad on viewers last night; Tate Stevens did his best Bon Jovi impression; and Jason Brock aimed to inspire.

Who succeeded? You tell us!

Which over-25 performance was your favorite?


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