Blackface is up there with the Charleston and calling people "Mack" on the list of things that have been socially unacceptable for at least the past 90 years.

And yet it seems that at least once a year, some ignorant celeb goes full-Al JolsonĀ for a Halloween costume.

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Country singer Jason Aldean is dating Brittany Kerr, the former American Idol star with whom he was caught cheating on his wife with back in September 2012.

Aldean and Kerr have been keeping things on the down-low, but have nevertheless been together since he filed for divorce from wife Jessica Ussery in 2013.

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Tragic news today out of the music world:

The tour bus carrying Jason Aldean and members of his crew stuck and killed a pedestrian in Knox, County Indiana around 1:30 a.m., sheriff department officials confirm.

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