Janice Dickinson is an old, annoying, insane model. She thinks she's a lot hotter than she is.

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Most of her body parts may be fake, but Janice Dickinson is now facing some very real trouble:

The former supermodel has declared bankruptcy, as The New York Post confirms she's compiled nearly $1 million in debt.

Janice Dickinson on the Street

Among the creditors to whom Dickinson owes money are a Beverly Hills anti-aging center doctor ($8,000) and Uncle Sam himself, as she has unpaid back taxes that total over $500,000.

"It is true," Dickinson told Radar of the financial problems. "I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back and I feel terrible about it."

On the bright side, however, perhaps these issues will distract Janice from the mess that has become of her face.

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The self-described World's First Supermodel is now the world's next person to get engaged.

Janice Dickinson tells TooFab that she's agreed to marry Dr. Robert Gerner, a Los Angeles-based psychologist who somehow finds her attractive.

"You just know you know it's the right person," Dickinson says. "He's the ying to my yang."

Janice Dickinson Face

The long-time model and plastic surgeon veteran has been married three times already and has two children.

But you know what they say: the fourth time can sometimes be the charm!

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Outspoken supermodel Janice Dickinson loves her some John Travolta.

“I worship John Travolta,” the 57-year-old says of the A-list actor who has found himself embroiled in an ongoing, humiliating sex scandal.

Travolta, whose former pilot Doug Gotterba says they were lovers in the 1980s, has been hammered with one accusation after another this spring.

Dickinson isn't buying it.

  • Janice Dickinson Photograph
  • John Travolta Press Conference

Janice defends her longtime friend, saying, “If some queens took something the wrong way in a massage parlor, that’s their f*%king fault!”

“I am not outing him,” she said when told about Carrie Fisher saying everyone knows John Travolta is gay, and sang his praises instead.

“He is a legend; he is iconic. When Kelly was delivering their baby, he was in the room giving her what she wanted. He provides for her,” Janice says.

Janice, notably, would not say if she thinks Travolta is gay or not. With her trademark colorful language, she says just live and let live, people.

“If you want to f*%k a chicken, go f*%k a chicken,” advises Janice.

Words to live by right there, if ever we've heard them.

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Janice Dickinson has a message for Tyra Banks: F*ck you! Eat a bag of royal skank!

Indeed, the former America's Next Top Model panelist now takes extreme issue with the show and its host, telling Janice TV at FilmOn.com that The CW competition is "rigged" because "CoverGirl are the ones who choose the model - not any of the judges."

  • Janice Dickinson Photograph
  • T. Banks Photo

The show made headlines this week when Lisa D'Amato was named the first winner of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars, following the dismissal of finalist Angelea Preston, reportedly because she leaked spoilers prior to the finale.

"The fact of the matter is [Tyra Banks] makes like $90 million," Dickinson said. "She makes a lot of money per year still hawking that franchise worldwide - they're doing it in every country - and it's CoverGirl who chooses the winner."

In response to this allegation, The CW has released a simple statement that reads: "This is completely untrue."

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Tila Tequila may not be appearing on the next season of Celebrity Rehab, but viewers can rest assured:

Janice Dickinson has the train wrecked, nut job quota filled.

Janice Dickinson for PETA

The former model and all-around insane person (she once copped to playing a role in her father's death) will seek Dr. Drew Pinsky's help with alcohol abuse on this insulting joke of a reality show, as first reported by TMZ.

Dicksinson last made news in December when she posed with her boyfriend and caused numerous onlookers to vomit.

While the show tries to recruit Jennifer Capriati, the only "stars" currently booked to join Janice on the new season of Celebrity Rehab are Bonnie Pointer, Jeremy London and his ex-wife.

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Janice Dickinson needs to get a room.

And a life.

The attention-starved former model, who has made headlines in the past for claiming she murdered her father, has resorted to Speidi-like tactics in order to be photographed by the paparazzi.

Over the weekend, Dickinson and her boyfriend were standing outside Barney's in Los Angeles. Upon spotting a photographer, Janice simulated oral sex on her man and then stuck her tongue in his mouth for all to see. It was a gruesome scene.

  • What a Loser
  • Gross Kiss

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At least the washed-up D-lister didn't ramble drunkenly against the cameraman this time. She's been known to do so in the past, while screaming: “I’m totally f*%ked up!”

We know, Janice. Trust us. We know.

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Janice Dickinson, the self-proclaimed original supermodel, has never been one to refrain from speaking her mind. Especially when provoked by paparazzi.

Plenty of stars have earned headlines for getting violent with members of the celebrity gossip media, but the Mesozoic model goes ape$h!t like no other.

Circled by vultures and berated as a “great distraction,” the reality TV mainstay went on a profane tirade whilst beating a cameraman with her scarf.

Despite visible intoxication outside Nobu, Janice Dickinson actually got in her car to drive away. Thankfully, when she went to chase another photographer, her friend got behind the wheel as Dickinson screamed “I’m totally f*%ked up!”

Then they drove off. That's it. Check out this epic meltdown below:

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Considering how incredibly ugly she is, Janice Dickinson should keep her opinions about others to herself.

On The Today Show this morning, the former model did at least stand up for Jennifer Love Hewitt in light of her recent bikini picture controversy.

An Off Day

We'd love to see Tyra Banks nude. Janice Dickinson naked? Not so much. Case closed.

But Janice Dickinson then lived up to the first syllable of her last name by taking the conversation a step further and comparing Hewitt to Tyra Banks.

"These are unflattering camera angles on her," Janice said about the fiancee or Ross McCall. "You want to see someone who's fat? I'm sorry, Tyra. Tyra Banks is fat. This girl is not fat."

Al Roker tried to come to Banks' defense, and Dickinson tried to backtrack by saying, "I'm kidding because I love Miss Banks," but we're not buying it.

Janice Dickinson is such a dog, we're shocked Michael Vick didn't try to fight her.

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Janice Dickinson is a fossil. And an outspoken fan of plastic surgery.

And she has some new work she is planning on taking public real soon.

Janice Dickinson Photograph

The self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel," underwent a tummy tuck and "mini neck lift" Monday in Beverly Hills. The surgeon: Dr. Frank Ryan, plastic surgeon to the stars who famously did Heidi Montag's boob job.

Hey, you go to the best with this stuff. The star of The Hills has a nice fake rack, too, so we assume this means good things for Janice Dickinson's new... neck.

A source tells Us Weekly that while "Janice knows people think she didn't need a tummy tuck," she's been complaining about "lots of extra skin" (ew) on her lower abdomen and wanted tighter abs. Don't we all.

The source adds that she opted for the mini neck lift as an after thought because "she might as well since she was going under." Naturally.

According to the source, Dickinson, a former America's Next Top Model judge and current star of Oxygen Network's Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, is now resting at the Serenity after-care center in Santa Monica.

Just prior to having a facelift in 2004, Janice Dickinson explained the appeal of plastic surgery to Entertainment Tonight:

"I consider plastic surgery important because I'm in front of the camera, I still model, and, quite frankly, I was noticing my skin looking like a turkey wobbler. I'm just trying to hang on to what I got."

Yep. Ashlee Simpson surely concurs. This just makes the prospect of Janice Dickinson nude and campaigning for PETA all the more enticing.

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At least we don't have to see Janice Dickinson naked in the photo below.

But we do need to put up with more nonsense from people who think getting naked in the name of animal protection is the best way to spend their time. (No offense, Holly Madison nude. You're the exception.)

Janice Dickinson for PETA

Other celebrities that have contributed to this fight include Pamela Anderson and Famke Janssen. But we're most bothered by Dickinson and the underwear-clad male models seen here, rallying on behalf of PETA's "We'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

Aren't there better causes to protest? Like the Iraq war, where actual human beings are dying? Or Michael Vick and dogfighting, if they wish to remain topical?

Phew. We can focus our eye balls on the Mary-Louise Parker nude billboard behind these idiots campaigning on behalf of PETA.

"By showing some of our skin, we hope to help save animals' skins," the crazy, former model said.

Give Dickinson credit on that: if she ever threatened to take it all off, we probably would give in to all demands. No horny cops will be asking for nude photos of her any time soon.

In the end, we're not anti-animals by any means. We just have our priorities straight. Let's focus on people living in poverty and Britney Spears receiving professional help before we care about the occasional minx being killed.

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