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Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, intends to sell her Studio City home in the latest liquidation of her assets, a court revealed Tuesday.

The hilltop house, located in a gated community, has been the scene of the recent drama in the singer's life, such as the night(s) in January when she was forcibly taken from the property and forced into a psychiatric ward.

Britney Spears' Ass Returns

No word officially on where she'll be moving, but as we reported Tuesday, she's looking to ditch Hollywood and move to the quieter Valley.

Celebrity news site TMZ has obtained pictures of the Calabasas mansion where Britney Spears is hoping to live ... and let's just say it's not small.

A shot of Britney Spears' possible new pad in Calabasas, Calif.

Follow the link for the full photo gallery of this place, which has to be seen to be believed, and is perfect to host Brit's next reality show.

Come on, you know it's coming one of these months.

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Troubled singer Britney Spears may be ready to move out of her place in the Hollywood Hills - to become a full-fledged Valley girl - Calabasas style, baby.

Ding dang it! That'll be so awesome, y'all! Oh emm gee!!!

Awesome Britney Fashion

According to TMZ, Britney is "looking like crazy" to buy a house in a very exclusive part of Calabasas (former home to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey among others) located in the San Fernando Valley, north of L.A.

There are two sets of guard gates keeping Britney Spears' potential new 'hood from the common folk (and celebrity gossip photographers), so her father / protector, Jamie Spears, is surely happy about the idea.

The new pad would also be closer (and certainly more accessible) to the FedEx man and their kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James (pictured)

You may recall that K-Fed lives in the L.A. neighborhood of Tarzana, which is just a quick jaunt down the 101 Freeway ... mom of the year!

Regardless of what Brit wants, Jamie Spears will have to give it the OK.

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Well... not really. But she is at a party, okay? You have to understand, Britney Spears gossip is just not what it used to be.

That's probably a good thing as far as the troubled singer not dying is concerned. Her dad, Jamie Spears, deserves much credit.

Britney, Jayden

The video below is a prime example.

Here's an undercover video of Jamie and Britney Spears hanging out at Christian Audigier's birthday party the other night.

Watching his daughter like a hawk, when Jamie realizes they are being recorded, he moves the booze away from Britney.

Exciting stuff, people! Well ... not really. But it's a national holiday, so cut The Hollywood Gossip a little slack, okay?


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Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has quit his catering job to dedicate himself full-time to overseeing the pop star's affairs, court papers show.

As a result, Jamie Spears was given $10,000 in back pay to cover the first month of his co-conservatorship of her estate, which started February 1.

He was awarded a $2,500 weekly salary beginning in March.

"The responsibilities he has assumed as conservator ... have required [his] full-time attention," says the request for "replacement compensation."

"As a result, he has been unable to continue to his prior employment and he has lost his source of income which he needs to pay his living expenses."

Jamie, unlike Britney's mom Lynne Spears, never cashed in on his daughters and was making a modest $50,000 a year before coming to Brit's rescue.

Since Jamie Spears took over his daughter's personal, professional and legal affairs, the singer has secured expanded visitation with her two sons, who live with Britney's ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, have birthdays in September.

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A court ordered payment of nearly $400,000 to the numerous lawyers involved in Britney Spears' affairs Thursday - with the pop star footing the bill.

All the attorneys have been working on the case for under three months.

Poor Brit

Samuel Ingham, Britney Spears' court-appointed attorney, will continue to receive a fee of $10,000 a week, Commissioner Reva Goetz ruled.

Andrew Wallet, the co-conservator of Spears' finances, will receive an advance of $100,000. Wallet had not been paid since becoming involved.

Britney Spears is feeling blue after the many thousands in legal bills she's just been slapped with by an L.A. judge. Or maybe it's just her top.

The firm which won Jamie Spears control of Britney Spears' legal affairs will be advanced $175,000, and a lawyer for Britney's brother Bryan Spears will get $22,500, while Stacy Phillips, Britney's new divorce lawyer, will get $75,000.

Jamie Spears, the singer's father, and Andrew Wallet will remain in control of her life until at least a July 31 hearing. They recently won a restraining order against bad seed Sam Lutfi until that date, as well.

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Yes. Another slow Britney Spears news and gossip week.

Reeling from massive amounts of legal bills and various other expenses that would bankrupt most normal humans, Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has been working hard to stop the bleeding from his daughter's bank accounts.

Target Shopper

Since he took over running Britney's legal, medical and career affairs earlier this year after she began treatment for bipolar disorder, Jamie oversaw her role on How I Met Your Mother, and may be helping plan a future world tour.

His latest idea? Get Britney Spears to promote a furniture line!

Sources say that as Brit's co-conservator, Jamie Spears is currently in the midst of discussions with Danish celebrity broker Claus Hjelmbak to "bring Danish accent pieces to the United States ... Britney Spears will be the face of the brand."

This was reported by the New York Post today, FYI ... we're not just making stuff up out of our collective a$$es a la certain celebrity news magazines.

Hjelmbak and the pop star met at the Scandinavian Style Mansion in December 2007, when Britney Spears was supposedly paid upwards of $1 million just to celebrate her birthday at the event, which was hosted by Sharon Stone.

This guy is also the same shady character who promised Rolling Stone's Vanessa Grigoriadis he could help her get an interview with the star - if the magazine ponied up millions. Maybe not the best kinda guy for Brit to hang with.

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A California Court of Appeals judge rejected an attorney's bid to remove Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, as her co-conservator on Monday.

Attorney Jon Eardley claimed to represent Britney Spears, but we believe he was hired by Sam Lutfi to thwart her parents' efforts to ostracize him.

Eardley filed an appeal March 11 claiming the singer's civil rights were being violated because she was being held against her will by her dad.

Justice Roger Boren, however wrote in a ruling that a federal court has absolutely no jurisdiction to grant an appeal, the Associated Press reports.

Jamie's co-conservatorship over Britney Spears - which allows him control over her financial, legal and medical affairs, was recently extended to July 31.

One of his present goals, besides underwear checks and making sure Sam Lutfi doesn't get within 250 yards of Britney, is cutting corners to save some cash.

Socked with over a million bucks in legal bills from multiple attorneys, Jamie has decided to sell off some of Britney Spears' fleet of cars to reduce expenses.

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When he's not performing underwear checks before his daughter leaves the house, Daddy is taking away the keys to some of Britney Spears' cars. Forever.

The court granted the singer's father - her legal conservator while she is treated for bipolar disorder - the power to "sell or dispose of" an undisclosed number of her seven cars on Monday, legal documents have revealed.

Nude Britney Spears

Lawyers for Jamie Spears stated that the cost of maintaining the fleet of vehicles was too expensive and that the sale of "a certain number of" Britney's cars "will save substantial expense to the conservatorship estate."

Among Britney Spears' many automobiles are two white Mercedes (a SL65 and a CLK350), a white Mini Cooper convertible, and a black Audi.

Britney Spears doing less driving is probably not a bad idea.

Also on Monday, a court spokesman clarified that the pop star's $1,500 a week allowance "is not her only source of (personal) income."

Further details have not been disclosed at this time.

Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, his lawyer, Andrew Wallet, will retain control of her legal and financial affairs until a July 31 hearing.

A restraining order against Sam Lutfi has been upheld until mid-April. The shady one has indicated he may seek to oust the judge in the case.

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There was an era where you couldn't go a week on The Hollywood Gossip without a Britney Spears crotch shot. Girl seriously hates pants.

Well, Britney Spears' days of going out without any knickers on are a thing of the past â€" thanks to father and legal co-conservator Jamie Spears.

Britney Struttin' It

According to the Showbiz Spy, Jamie is serious - and personally checks that the singer isn't wearing no underwear before she leaves the house.

Jamie Spears, who is in charge of all his daughter's legal and financial affairs while she receives treatment, is fed up with the star's clothing â€" and wants to ensure her no underwear / crotch-flashing days are behind her. The nerve!

Great moments in Britney Spears nipple slip history (circa Spring 2007).

"[Jamie Spears] makes sure to ask Britney if she has underwear on before she goes out," a source close to the family dished.

The singer's personal assistant, Brett, also reportedly checks the pop singer to see if she's wearing no panties and no bra. Sounds like a great job to us.

The source added to the National Enquirer:

"Britney tries to ignore their requests, but her dad is adamant and insists she change if she's falling out of her top."

Tries to ignore their requests? Man, you gotta love Britney Spears... and the celebrity news outlets who come up with stories like this.

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Britney Spears joined her mom Lynne and her father Jamie for a bite to eat at the Paradise Cove Beach Café in Malibu, California, last night.

Lynne â€" who recently visited the set of CBS' How I Met Your Mother, which will mark Britney's return to TV next week â€" threw a coat over her eldest daughter's head to shield her from the swarm of celebrity news photographers.

Monday, Lynne (who is divorced from Jamie Spears) spent time with her two little grandchildren, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 17 months.

Meanwhile, the scourge of Britney Spears' life (and all of humanity), Sam Lutfi, filed papers objecting to the California Superior Court commissioner who ordered him to stay away from Britney Spears for another month.

Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears' Friend

The document, which was signed by Lutfi, did not reach the courtroom until after Monday's hearing, during which the restraining order barring Sam Lutfi from coming within 250 yards of Britney Spears was extended until April 16.

Sam Lutfi, who Lynne Spears accuses of demanding money from the singer and drugging her, is free to appear in court on April 16 to petition for a new judge.

The bad seed has two previous restraining orders against him for violent verbal and physical attacks for incidents not related to Britney Spears.

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