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L.A. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt's divorce from wife Jamie McCourt just got even weirder after the ex-wife of the ex-Dodgers employee who is now dating Frank's estranged wife - the recently-deposted CEO of the team - says he's full of it.

Okay, that made no sense. Let's try this. Frank fired Jamie and they are divorcing. Jamie had an affair with Jeff Fuller, who was also recently fired by the team.

Jeff's wife is accusing Jeff of really shady stuff. Okay, we clear?

Here's the deal, as we understand it. Jeff Fuller, who was fired by the Dodgers last month as either the Director of Protocol or a driver, was accused in 1995 by his then-wife of brutalizing her when she was seven months pregnant.

He was accused of pushing her into a wall and knocking her down. The wife, who now goes by Michele DesMarteau, got a restraining order against Jeff.

Jamie's rep then released a letter Michele to Jeff, which said that Michele believed legal documents had been altered and that Jeff was never violent.

Jamie and Frank McCourt in happier times.

Now Michele says she never wrote the letter Jeff's rep forwarded to celeb gossip site TMZ. She says Jeff asked her to make the "false statement" but she refused.

She says he wrote the letter knowing the incident really did occur.

Jeff Fuller says Michele "approved" the letter. He did not say if she wrote the letter or if he wrote it. Interesting. Michele also says Jeff lies about other things.

She says he's not a Pillsbury heir and in fact is always near broke.

After hooking up with Jamie McCourt, Michele says Jeff called and said he was moving to Malibu. She says she was shocked he could live in Malibu because he didn't pay child support. His response, she says: "I have a really good deal."

Jeff's rep insists Michele did indeed recant her story.

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Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt claims that his estranged wife, Jamie McCourt, has been having an affair with her personal driver, Jeff Fuller.

Why should we care about a Jamie McCourt-Jeff Fuller affair, you ask? Well here's where it gets more interesting than your average cheating scandal.

Frank McCourt fired his wife as the CEO of the Dodgers last week when the team was eliminated from the MLB playoffs by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Jamie McCourt is suing Frank, seeking reinstatement as the team's CEO as well as $321,000 a month in spousal support. Yes, that's per month.

If she is not reinstated, she wants $488,000 per month. She is also suing him for divorce. Minor detail. Anyway, she issued a statement saying:

"Frank has no right to purport to terminate me. We are co-owners of the Dodgers."

"Not only has Frank publicly held us out as co-owners of the franchise, he has also admitted this fact in front of our estate planning counsel."

On top of cheating, Frank McCourt also claims estranged wife Jamie McCourt went to France for two weeks and billed the Dodgers for the trip as a "business expense."

Frank McCourt counters that she is not a co-owner but just his employee - oh, and that she was a party to an affair with her bodyguard, Jeff Fuller.

Who knows if that's true, but that's part of what led to her firing, Frank apparently said. Well, that coupled with that she "undermined the chain of command by not reporting directly to him," according to court filings.

These two seem ready to divulge every detail about the other, and we can only imagine what will happen next. But the battle took another turn when Jamie's attorney said she is lining up financing for a bid to buy out her husband.

"Whatever it takes to buy Frank McCourt out, she's got," attorney Bert Fields said.

Yet Frank McCourt has no intention of selling the Dodgers, his lawyer countered.

"Congratulations to her for being a prospective buyer," Marshall Grossman replied. "There is no seller. Perhaps she could explore some other sport."

Jamie McCourt has neither confirmed nor denied the affair with Jeff Fuller. But with a $1 billion franchise potentially on the line, it could prove costly.

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