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Life is even more hectic than usual for Britney Spears - and in large part, that's because she's not the center of attention for once. How's that for irony?

On Thursday, after spending a cozy afternoon at her Beverly Hills home with her two sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, the reputed singer scheduled - then abruptly canceled - a session at the Millennium Dance Complex.

"She wanted to try out a new dance routine," says a source.

But, in the wake of her 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn Spears' huge pregnancy announcement, the dance studio was swarmed by hoards of photographers.

Britney, who had been kept in the dark about the baby news until the story broke on Tuesday (Kevin Federline even knew before her), saw the crowd and "freaked out and just kept driving," says a source who was on the scene.

"Britney has said that she doesn't want to deal with the media because she is still so confused and shocked [about hearing Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant]," a source tells People. "She feels that she needs peace and quiet."

NOTE: It takes Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant to make her realize this?

Britney Spears later shopped for a young, small person. Maybe one of hers.

Britney remained friendly with all the celebrity gossip media during her shopping trip yesterday, however. Although the area offers plenty of great shops, Spears stopped at a random souvenir store on Hollywood Boulevard, where she picked up (and posed with) a Tinkerbell T-shirt and a pink bedazzled onesie. Yippee.

On the way home, Spears also hit one of her familiar haunts - a Carl's Jr. - for a late night snack of a cheeseburger, fries and coke. Too bad they don't sell booze.

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Just when you thought the Spears family couldn't get any weirder.

A source close to Kevin Federline and his family has told the New York Post that the FedEx man was told that young Jamie Lynn is with child before Britney!

"Kevin knew before Britney that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant," said the insider. "In fact, Britney's mom Lynne, who has become tight with Kevin in the wake of her many troubles with her daughter and grandchildren, told Kevin about it on Monday, because Lynne wanted Kevin to be prepared when Britney found out."

Kevin Federline apparently knew Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant before his crazy ex-wife, Britney Spears, had a clue. Then again, she has no clue about most things.

Lynne Spears, who's in the running with Dina Lohan for worst celebrity mother of this (and every) year, famously sold the $1 million story to OK! Magazine earlier this week, upsetting her ex (and Jamie Lynn and Britney's father), Jamie Spears.

We're just waiting for the inevitable rumor that Federline himself impregnated Jamie Lynn. After all, the FedEx man has already delivered four "packages" in his day, if you know what we mean. We mean sperm. Dude has four kids!

And speaking of Jamie Lynn Spears gossip, The New York Daily News is reporting this morning that JLS has been dating fellow Nickelodeon star Lil' Romeo. Could it be that Lil' Romeo, too, has been tapping that 16-year-old booty? We doubt it... which is too bad, because we'd love to see Casey Aldridge fight his ass.

Hypothetically, if he were the one who got his unprotected game on and got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, Lil' Romeo (born August 1989) would be legally in the clear!

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Good news for fans of Casey Aldridge and fans of underage, unprotected teen sex everywhere: Jamie Lynn Spears' baby daddy can't be charged with statutory rape.

According to DMV records and family members, Casey Aldridge is only 18 years of age, having been born into this cruel world on April 29, 1989.

Spears Double Wedding!

The significance of that date? Jamie Lynn Spears was born April 4, 1991, making her less than two years younger than Casey Aldridge.

Dumb as Casey Aldridge might be, no charges will be filed.

Apparently, under Louisiana law, you can bone a minor so long as she's not more than two years younger than you. Casey abided by that law by a whole 25 days! Wooooo!

Even more good news for the happy, teenage father-to-be: With Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, Casey Aldridge doesn't have to worry about using birth control for the next few months at least! Who's the lucky guy now, eh?

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There's more baby drama for pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears - if you believe Life & Style Weekly, anyway. We're not entirely sure you should. Just remember the whole In Touch Weekly J.R. Rotem-Britney Spears pregnancy lie.

Anyway, a day after news broke that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, a Spears family insider (and, apparently a huge sellout) tells Life & Style that she and Casey Aldridge, the father of her unborn baby, are broken up!

Cute Jamie Lynn Spears Picture

A probably bogus source claims Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge broke up. Which is entirely feasible, we just don't trust the magazine that's reporting it.

"Jamie Lynn and Casey are NOT together. They've broken up numerous times, but he was her first and she kept taking him back," says the insider.

"They are not dating now. He's really got nothing to offer this baby. He is only a kid himself. They have no plans to get married."

"At this point, Jamie Lynn has asked her mom (Lynne Spears) â€" and not Casey Aldridge â€" to be in the delivery room with her."

A rep for Jamie Lynn Spears was not available for comment on the matter. No comment from Britney Spears either. But that nutcase is just out to lunch.

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At least 12 weeks pregnant, Jamie Lynn Spears isn't showing any visible signs of carrying the love child of Casey Aldridge. But just you wait.

This begs the question, of course, of how a high-profile 16-year-old ought to dress for the inevitable "bump watch" that is to come?

"She's a young girl, so I would want to keep [her look] innocent," a top maternity designer, Liz Lange, told People at the Great Debaters premiere in New York.

"I think little cute dresses and jeans with tight-fitting tee shirts... [Jamie Lynn Spears] is only 16, and I'd like to see her look her age."

Jamie Lynn Spears can take comfort in the fashion advice of Liz Lange.

As for how her style should differ from her big sister, Britney Spears, who frequented Liz Lange's L.A. boutique during her two pregnancies, Lange says:

"Britney was into cowboy boots with little dresses. That was her style. I'd like to see Jamie Lynn go a little plainer. [No] belly baring for her!"

Any deviation from Britney Spears' life decisions can only be a good thing.

"I hope she's ready for this. It's definitely a big step," Liz Lange added, stating the obvious. "I know that as a mother myself. But if this is what she wants and what their family wants, then mazel tov."

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The news never stops when 16-year-olds get knocked up. Here are more excerpts from Jamie Lynn Spears' $1 million interview with OK! about her pregnancy...

On the sex of the baby: I want to find out as soon as I can because I'm impatient. I just want a healthy, happy baby, so the whether it's a boy or a girl really doesn't matter that much to me.

A Jamie Lynn Pic!

On names: I haven't thought about names yet. I have to hear some options!

On morning sickness: I definitely had morning sickness, but it's getting better. It was at its worst a few weeks ago.

On not having cravings: I haven't really got much of an appetite right now. I mean, I eat, but I'm not going crazy or anything.

On believing she'll be a good mom: I love babies, and I have two nephews (Sean Preston and Jayden James) that I love. I have a great mother and she has raised three kids, so if I take lessons from her, I think I'll be great.

Casey Aldridge got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant. Way to go man!

On marriage: Right now, [Casey Aldridge and I] are focusing on the baby and making sure we do all we can to have a healthy baby. We're trying just to think about that right now, so we haven't really talked about that.

On Casey Aldridge as a father: He's always been good with babies. He's like a big teddy bear, especially around babies, so I know he'll make a good dad.

On her hopes for 2008: Just to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy and for everything to fall in place and to become a stronger person from here.

Follow the jump for some more comments from mom Lynne Spears ...

Continue Reading...

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Daddy-to-be Casey Aldridge has been close to the Spears family for some time, as both a hometown boy dating the youngest Spears daughter, and acting as a buffer between the teenage actress and the pressures of Hollywood.

"He took amazing care of Jamie Lynn," a source close to the Spears family tells People. "Anything ever went wrong, he always comforted her. He took care of her."

A Jamie Lynn Spears Image

Jamie Lynn Spears and her mother, Lynne Spears, say that Casey Aldridge is the father of the baby the 16-year-old announced she is pregnant with.

Casey Aldridge is believed to be either 18 or 19 and has stayed out of the Hollywood spotlight, only occasionally accompanying Jamie Lynn to events.

He grew up in Liberty, Miss., about 30 miles from the Spears family home base in Kentwood, La., and played high school baseball and football (Aldridge is listed in a sports directory as a lean six-foot-one, and 165 pounds).

Recently, he has been living in Southern California and was a fixture at the condo where Jamie Lynn was staying while filming her Nickelodeon series Zoey 101.

Jamie Lynn Spears' parents love Casey Aldridge, even though he got her pregnant.

In California, Casey Aldridge drove her to the set every day and stayed while she worked, impressing both Lynne Spears and Jamie Lynn's father, Jaime Spears.

"Jaime always talks about how he really likes Casey because he's a great guy," the Spears family source says. "Lynne really likes him, too. He's a good kid, cares a lot about Jamie Lynn. They both adore Casey."

The pregnancy, a source close to Casey Aldridge says, was a surprise.

"I'm sure it was a shock to him," the source says. "He has all sorts of plans for his future. He wants to start his own business, maybe get a degree and make something of himself."

Casey Aldridge will also take responsibility for his actions.

"He's a stand-up guy, and he will take care of the baby," the source says. "He is not the type to let her deal with it on her own. He will be there in any way he can for Jamie Lynn... I know a baby wasn't in his plans for right now, but he'll do what he has to do, and he'll be a good father. He really will."

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Sources report that the pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears was not paid for this week's OK! Magazine interview ... yet. The money - $1 million of it - is going to change hands later on down the road, after her baby with Casey Aldridge is born.

How did the deal go down? It started when Britney melted down at an OK! Magazine photo shoot this summer (one of so many great Britney moments of '07).

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn's mother, Lynne Spears, then read the disastrous account in the article and called OK! to thank them "for handling it so well."

She stayed in touch with OK!, and called them after she learned that boyfriend Casey Aldridge got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant. Lynne's only requirement? Keep Britney out of it. This is about Jamie Lynn alone, Lynne told them.

"She trusted them to do it in a way that would be sympathetic to her daughter," a source tells the venerable celebrity news website TMZ.

Lynne Spears brokered an OK! deal for a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears.

Jamie and mom did not want money up front, but OK! agreed to pay $1 million to Jamie Lynn Spears for a photo shoot after the child is born. That should help her statutory rapist / baby-daddy Casey Aldridge with his legal bills, at least.

Why the figure of $1 million and not higher?

Because the 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is not an international star, the celebrity gossip magazine knows it can't sell the pics overseas, and thus, doesn't want to shell out multiple millions of dollars for them. Good thinking, OK!

Interesting side note: Buzz is circulating that Jamie Lynn is a bit further along in the pregnancy than the 12 weeks she says in the article. Spring baby, anyone?

Also, it appears that the OK! servers crashed because of the site's huge traffic in the past 24 hours - not unlike The Hollywood Gossip's server when the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal broke back in September. We feel for you, guys.

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Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. She is 16. This you know by now.

The father is boyfriend Casey Aldridge. This you also know by now.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Again?

Jamie Lynn Spears spoke to OK! Magazine about the baby she has been carrying for 12 weeks, unbeknownst to us - and even to Britney Spears - until last night. Here are some excerpts from Jamie Lynn's exclusive interview with OK!:

On the pregnancy being a shock to her and Casey Aldridge: "It was a shock for both of us, so unexpected. I was in complete, total shock and so was he."

On keeping the news to herself at first: "As soon as I found out from the doctor, I took two weeks where I didn't tell anybody. Only one of my good friends knew because I needed to work out what I would do for myself before I let anyone's opinion affect my decision. Then I told my parents and my friends."

Seen here in July, Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge will soon be parents.

On her mother not liking the news of her pregnancy: "My mother [Lynne Spears] was very upset I was pregnant because it wasn't what she expected at all. A week after, she had time to cope with it and became very supportive."

On the message she's sending to teenagers about premarital sex: "I definitely don't think it's something you should do; it's much better to wait. But I can't be judgmental because it's a position I put myself in."

Lynne Spears on getting the news of her third grandchild (Britney has two young sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston herself): "I didn't believe it because Jamie Lynn's always been so conscientious. She's never late for her curfew. I was in shock. I mean, this is my 16-year-old baby."

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Britney Spears is insane.

Apparently in serious denial - or just off her meds - and unaware that her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is with child, the train wreck was spotted last night doing late night shopping at the Lisa Kline store on Robertson Blvd.

As she left the store, she emphatically told a waiting throng of celebrity news media and fans, "My sister's not pregnant!" Well, that settles that!

Reporters heard Britney Spears make the confusing statement as she departed her private shopping session at the fancy boutique around 9:00 PM PST.

Next time she hits up a gas station (in about an hour), somebody please hand Britney Spears the new OK! Magazine. That's your sister on the cover, girl!

Brit later issued a statement acknowledging that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. But family friend tells People that Britney found out about her 16-year-old sis' and Casey Aldridrge's baby on board the same time everybody else did.

"This is going to kill her," the friend said. "In the end, she'll be supportive, but this is a big shock."

Another source says there is no rift between Jamie Lynn and Britney, but that Jamie Lynn's advisors have tried to shield her from her 26-year-old wreck of a sister.

"Britney doesn't have to listen to anyone now but her sister still does so who knows what people are telling her," says the source. "She has her career now too."

All we know is that Lynne Spears is doing one hell of a job. She should really write a book about parenting! Keep up the good work, Lynne Spears.

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