Jamie Lee Curtis has been acting for almost 30 years - and is now speaking up against bad celebrity mothers. We applaud her for it, and...

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Last week was certainly a banner week for shocking photos of nude celebrities - but even after those events, we didn't see this latest one coming.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, Jamie Lee Curtis has ditched her bathing suit in favor of her birthday suit â€" at least partially. She looks good, too.

It's true, people. The cover of the new issue of AARP The Magazine shows Jamie Lee Curtis topless, standing up to her chest in a swimming pool.

"If I can challenge the old ideas about aging, I will feel more and more invigorated," Curtis said in an interview for the May/June issue.

This isn't the first time that Jamie Lee Curtis has "dared to bare" to challenge Hollywood's traditional definition of beauty.

In 2002, she posed for More magazine in only her underwear and bra, sans any sort of makeup, stylists and flattering camera angles or lenses.

The resulting photos showed a nearly-nude Jamie Lee Curtis as middle-aged mom, not glamour queen â€" complete with sagging belly and chunky thighs.

Basically, they resembled Britney Spears photos, circa 2006-present. Not that we are complaining - we prefer a few more pounds to waifs like Kate Bosworth.

This from a woman known for a bodacious body and starring roles in movies like Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda and Halloween.

"Much of the shoot was Jamie Lee Curtis' idea â€" she became very involved in the creative concept," AARP The Magazine deputy editor Nancy Graham said. "It is certainly groundbreaking for us, and for women of this age."

"We're thrilled to have such a known Hollywood icon embrace her age and show everyone it's OK to be comfortable in your own skin."

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Jamie Lee Curtis never made it as an especially successful actress. So the movie veteran is trying her hand at social commentary.

In an essay on The Huffington Post titled "Mom, It's Not Right!" (which refers to Paris Hilton's outburst as she was ordered back to jail last week) the 48-year-old actress slams the lack of parental guidance given to Hilton and others of her generation.

"It was a painful episode to watch," Curtis writes. "A young woman, begging her mother, the person who should have taught her right from wrong, to help her, to teach her the rules of life. It was a little too late. And so she wept as the Universe was bringing the teaching and settling the score."

Overly profound? Maybe. But as our recent Celebrity Mother Poll attests to, there are plenty of misguided parents out there. It's about time someone put them in their place.

Curtis, who has a daughter, Annie, 20, and a son, Thomas, 11, with husband Christopher Guest, is no stranger to being young in Hollywood: The daughter of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, she made her film debut in 1978's Halloween at age 20.

(She's also the godmother to Jake Gyllenhaal... who knew?)

Overall, Curtis says today's stars are lacking guidance. And recent Lindsay Lohan news makes it difficult to counter this point.

"The sad paths of the three most popular young women" â€" Hilton and, presumably, Lohan and Britney Spears â€" "have ended in prison, rehab and mental illness. I hope their mothers are worried sick and wondering, 'What could I have done differently?' And our culture should be asking the same question too."

Parents her age, Jamie says, are more concerned with being friends with their kids than teaching them important lessons. Are you listening, Dina Lohan? Lynne Spears?

"We were the generation who applauded every move they made. Every step they took. 'Good climbing, Brandon' was our hue and cry. We were raised by people who didn't 'understand' us and now we don't 'understand' why our children are so messed up."

In closing: "Can we take the wrenching sight of Paris asking her mother, 'why?' and ask it of ourselves? ... Wake up, Mothers, and smell the denial."

We applaud Curtis for speaking up like this. And for acting older than a third grader and not resorting to Rosie O'Donnell-like haiku in order to get a message out.

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Jamie Lee Curtis has been acting for almost 30 years - and is now speaking up against bad celebrity mothers. We applaud her for it, and... More »
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