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James Durbin urged American Idol viewers to give heavy metal a chance last night. After this energetic performance, it's safe to say a bunch of them will.

After doing a little Sammy Hagar for Jimmy Iovine and getting mixed reviews, he took his case straight to America. His message: "Give metal a chance!"

When he walked onstage with Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society and did his thing with Ozzy Osbourne, two things were crystal clear from the start:

  1. This wasn't your typical performance and some people won't love it.
  2. Wow. That was actually pretty awesome, probably the night's best.

Zakk and the judges agreed. Do you? Watch James Durbin and see:

Was it the best of the night? If not, who was? Vote after the jump:

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Last night's American Idol featured Pia Toscano's performance and then everyone else. Fans and the judges still love some James Durbin, however.

James brought a lot of emotion to The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," showing an entirely different side of a popular, dynamic performer.

The high notes at the end? Maybe not the clincher he'd hoped for. The guitar accompanying him throughout? Slightly off. Just something about it.

Nevertheless, "It's nice to see the other side of you," Jennifer says. "It's so special to watch, and special that you're vulnerable enough to share it."

"I loved seeing the real, true emotional side of James Durbin," Randy added. "I can tell, even in this moment, it's an emotional thing for you."

Did this make your emotions run high? Watch and comment below:

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Is there any doubt now that James Durbin is a rock star?

The American Idol finalist started his Elton John cover (of "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting") in the crowd last night, eventually making his way on to the stage, belting out the lyrics - and leaping off the piano just as it caught fire.

A bit of a gimmick? Sure. But entertaining and unexpected, as well.

Randy actually summed James up well with the following critique after the quasi rock concert: "You enjoy yourself; that's the greatest thing about any performer performing."

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James Durbin closed out American Idol last night with the third Steve Wonder single of the evening (following Pia Toscano and Scotty McCreery).

Rocking out like usual to "Living for the City," James threw in some dance steps and sang directly to bassist Bob Babbitt during the bridge. A very cool move that brought down the house.

The audience goes crazy when James is finished, as J. Lo says the audition was "incredible" and Randy labels it "unbelievable." Are we looking at the next American Idol? Sum it up for us, Steven: "I think sometimes it takes a little bit of being crazy to make a difference in this world - and that's what you're all about."

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Following a cover of a Paul McCartney classic, James Durbin returned to his rock roots last night.

The American Idol finalist made the girls in attendance scream with a version of Bon Jovi's "I'll Be There for You," roaming the stage while singing, shaking hands with audience members, making like a true star.

J. Lo says she loves it and tells James he's "great," while Randy warns of pitch problems but acknowledges that Durbin makes every song his own. Check it out and judge for yourself now:

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Following a performance by Judas Priest last week, James Durbin channeled another famous hard hard metal artist last night in the form of...

... Paul McCartney?!?

This versatile contestant proved his range by going a bit soft during his first rendition as a finalist, covering "Maybe I'm Amazed" and earning wild praise from the judges. Said Randy: "You just kind of turned the other cheek, showed you have a sensitive side... James Durbin is dangerous, America."

Do you agree? Watch and react now:

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Following the news that they were season 10 finalists, all remaining American Idol contestants met with the press last night at the show's after-party.

Among the quotes and tidbits various singers shared on the red carpet, James Durbin was asked about similarities to Adam Lambert. He didn't respond so kindly to the constant comparisons:

"I'm kind of tired of answering that question. We're completely different people stylistically, tone-wise. The only similarity that we have is the high note... He put his foot in the door; I want to try and put my foot straight through the door. He did some rock, I liked it. I want to do some metal like Iron Maiden, ACDC, Ozzy, Sabbath."

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  • Pia Toscano Photo

Here's a look at what other finalists had to say, which includes a warning from Karen Rodriguez: Look out, Jennifer Lopez!

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The top 12 men got the semifinal round of American Idol off the a VERY strong start last night. Diverse and talented, the group made it a pleasure to live blog the 90 minute show.

While we'd accept arguments on behalf of Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk or Paul McDonald as best of the night, our vote goes to James Durbin. A rocker whose confidence, range and overall personal is reminiscent of Adam Lambert, Durbin was nothing if not original.

He actually performed the first-ever Judas Priest single on the show, belting out a version of "You've Got Another Thing Comin'." Are we looking at the next American Idol? Or at least an early favorite? Watch and decide for yourself:

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Congratulations are in order for both Jordan Dorsey and James Durbin. Both of these season 10 contestants have advanced to this year's American Idol semifinals.

But while we'll watch these two cheer each other on over the next few weeks, we all know the truth: they are competitors now. Each is closer than he evr dreamed possible to actually winning the entire thing.

Scotty McCreery Goes Motown

With that in mind, let's get this competition officially started! Take what you know about each aspiring champion right now and then vote below:

Who will advance farther?

And the Winner is?

Jordan Dorsey is competing against James Durbin on season 10 of American Idol. Which of these semifinalists do you think will advance the farthest? View Poll »

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Does American Idol the next Adam Lambert on its hands?

It's difficult not to make such a comparison upon hearing James Durbin sing, but the aspiring contestant arrived for his audition in San Francisco last night with a very different backstory from that of the season eight finalist.

Durbin couldn't hold back his emotion when talking about his son, or even when belting out a version of "Dream On." This is a young man whose father died of an overdose when he was nine, and who has been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. It's emotional, impressive, stuff. Watch now.

Durbin is a rumored member of this season's top 40, along with other San Francisco golden ticket recipients Brittany Mazur, Stefano Langone and Julie Zorrilla.

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