James Blunt is quite the contradiction in terms. The wimpy singer makes ladies swoon. He seemingly has not a shred of manhood after...

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If you're a fan of brooding British heartthrobs, today has just not been your day.

First, we learned that Tom Hardy married Charlotte Riley in a secret ceremony back in July.

Now, we find out that singer James Blunt and longtime girlfriend Sofia Wellesley got hitched in early September, but just went public with a lavish reception over the weekend.

James Blunt and Sofia Wellesley Photo

Blunt, of course, is best known for his hit single "You're Beautiful," which we're pretty sure had it's own radio station back in 2005, because you literally couldn't go anywhere without that damn song.

While he's something of a one-hit wonder, we doubt Blunt will be hurting financially anytime in the near future, as Wellesley is a wealthy British socialite and the grandfather of the Duke of Wellington (which we're assuming is a big deal).

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Pardon The Hollywood Gossip staff for paraphrasing a headline we used to discuss the sex life of Lindsay Lohan a few weeks ago.

But it's not our fault James Blunt possesses a) a penchant for sleeping with spoiled celebrity skanks and b) a punny last name.

Paris Hilton in Playboy?

The singer is either enjoying his break-up with Petra Nemcova a lot - or punishing himself for past transgressions. It's hard to say after reports first linked him with Lohan, and have now done the same with Paris Hilton.

Despite the fact that Hilton has been dating Desperate Housewives actor Josh Henderson since late March, the HO-tel heiress was seen getting her pole dancing on for an audience that included Blunt on Wednesday night.

A source for Page Six saw Paris and Nemcova's ex snuggling up at an L.A. club, where they "danced and held hands" before they started making out.

Afterwards, the two left for a party at Paris' pad, and a witness tells Us Magazine that Blunt and Hilton "had a great time" on Paris' stripper pole while friends such as Cameron Diaz looked on.

"As James' hand went inside the back of Paris' top, we knew there was more to come," a witness at the party tells Us. "They definitely hooked up!"

Yech. And we thought the song "You're Beautiful" was sickening. Blunt's taste in women makes the taste of British auction goers bidding on Kate Moss nude look normal.

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Sometimes, life as The Hollywood Gossip is almost too easy. Celebrity stories converge like Alaina Alexander and the realization that nude pictures make you famous.

To wit:

Ol' Crazy Eyes

Earlier today, we reported that Lindsay Lohan was dating someone. The rehabbed, young actress was mum on the identity of this unlucky fellow, however.

A few hours later, word broke that James Blunt and Petra Nemcova had called it quits. Apparently, the super model had finally heard "You're Beautiful" one too many times. Welcome to the club, Petra.

And now, x17online - the celebrity photography company - is reporting that these two events may be linked. In other words: Blunt has experienced the Firecrotch first hand. Or maybe mouth.

Here's how x17online reported the story:

... when Lindsay Lohan rolled up to [club] Teddy's Wednesday night she wasn't riding in her own SUV ... she was riding in [a] Camry that belongs to none other than James Blunt! After getting down at Teddy's, the new couple headed back to Lindsay's place in James' car where James stayed until the wee hours of the morning (our photogs left at 5 am yesterday, and he still hadn't come out!)! Stick that in your Blunt and smoke it!

So there you have it. Proof as clear as Britney Spears' new blue eyes that Lohan and Blunt shagged rotten.

We just hope he hasn't stopped rinsing himself off since.

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When it comes to his image, James Blunt wants to be, well, blunt.

"Everyone thinks I'm this quiet singer-songwriter who stays at home every night. I've never been that person," the Grammy-nominated singertells Life magazine in its upcoming issue.

In truth, he says, "I'm a big partier."

Evidently, dating Petra Nemcova is not enough for Blunt to stave off criticism that he's as lame as his music.

"I drink a lot. I do," he says. "And I go to a quiet place and start writing. I'm not an observer, [songs come from] something I've experienced or felt. The last two years will have a place on the next record."

You know, James, Tara Conner drinks a lot to. And we've all seen where it's gotten her.

From the sound of it, however, Blunt wants to go to a new place with his lovely lady friend.
"I have friends who are married with children, who say, 'Gosh, haven't you done well,' " he tells Life. "And I'm thinking, No, it's you who has done well ... Who knows? Maybe I'll try my luck."

And whatever he does, it should be comforting to know that Kanye West has his back.

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With the Grammy Awards coming up, it's no surprise the race for Best New Artist would be strongly contested.

But it is a tad shocking who Kanye West appears to be throwing his support behind. Leaving his hip hop roots behind for a moment of candor, the rapper had the following to say:

Kanye West and Amber Rose Pic

"I like Chris Brown, but James Blunt should win."

Really, Kanye? Hasn't Blunt won enough? The guy is dating Petra Nemcova, after all.

Seen here performing in Miami in the week before the Super Bowl, West has been known to surprise fans with his allegiances. We caught the mogul making nice with Paul McCartney awhile back. Can't say we saw that coming.

Then again, when Jesus walks with you, guess that makes you a popular friend to many.

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He may be nominated for some Grammy Awards. He may be dating a world famous swimsuit model in Petra Nemcova. Heck, he may even be a former British military officer who served multiple tours of duty and once remarked that he's been shot at more times than 50 Cent.

But when James Blunt sings his wildly overplayed hit, "You're Beautiful," it's hard to take him seriously. Come on. No self respecting man writes a song like that. It's akin to John Mayer and that "Wonderland" garbage. Okay, not that bad. But it's in the same ballpark... a very lame, grating and absurdly effeminate ballpark.

Even Sesame Street's affable Telly Monster, being serenaded below, can't see the appeal...

We're fairly certain Oscar the Grouch would have the same reaction, if not worse. He is, after all, a dirty SOB who lives in a trash can. Hey, cheap rent, right?

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Look, just because Hilary Duff and Joel Madden are no longer together, that doesn't mean other couples aren't basking in each other's glow.

Petra Nemcova, for example, is sick of rumors that she isn't happy with wimpy singer, James Blunt. She told People magazine: "We're very much in love."

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

You can't be any more, yes, blunt than that.

Nemcova and Blunt, 32, showed a united front when they hit L.A.'s Hyde Lounge together hand-in-hand last week. They may have seen Jessica Biel, Derek Jeter and every other celebrity there. The model and singer met in December 2005 and started dating earlier this year.

Rumors circulated recently that they'd split â€" with some even speculating that Nemcova had hooked up with hip-hop mogul and fellow activist Russell Simmons.

But "we never got separated. There was some stuff going on in the press, but it didn't come from a right source â€" obviously," Nemcova said.

Blunt will appear in Nemcova's upcoming charity book project, Colors of Love, which will feature photos of firefighters, doctors and others, including such celebrities as Bruce Willis, Lance Armstrong and Eva Mendes, all talking about the charities they support.

"It's about inspiring people to get involved in different causes and different charities," Nemcova said of the book.

When asked to comment, Blunt just said "you're beautiful" six dozen times in a row. We assume he was referring to Nemcova. He certainly wasn't talking about Nicole Richie or Ashley Olsen.

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There has been a rumor floating around that Petra Nemcova dumped James Blunt for always singing the song, "You're Beautiful" for having cheated on her with Australian TV presenter, Tania Zaetta.

Following in the footsteps of Alison Clinton, however, the British songster went public with his denial. He set the dating record straight in an interview with The Sun:

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

I'm a very lucky man to be with Petra and that's all I need to say. I've been linked to all sorts of friends romantically and it's all just laughable.

I only have to be photographed talking to someone and then I'm meant to be going out with them. Tania is a really great mate of mine, nothing more.

My personal life is settled and good and I'm feeling very lucky and happy.

Phew. That was a close call. We're glad Petra doesn't need to find a new man - although if Mary-Kate Olsen can do it, Nemcova stands a pretty good chance, as well.

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