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Jake Pavelka, who lasted five weeks last season on Dancing With the Stars, can relate to Bristol Palin. He knows a thing or two about having two left feet.

While Jake's popularity couldn't match Bristol the Pistol, who made to the finals, he says it's great that she lasted this long - and she has a shot tonight.

Jericho in Action

“It’s a level playing field. The score is zero, zero, zero,” the former Bachelor and Bachelorette star said. “It’s what makes Dancing With the Stars special."

From one bad dancer to another ...

"It really proves that when America votes, it’s what drives the show. It’s just like American Idol, it’s not decided by the judges. It’s decided by America.”

Well, the judges do play a role, as we discussed in our Dancing With the Stars recap earlier. But his point is essentially correct, and Bristol's proof of it.

When asked who his dream star for DWTS would be? "I think Jennifer Love Hewitt should do Dancing With the Stars. She’s a hottie,” Pavelka said.

No arguments here. As for tonight ... who are you pulling for?


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Jake Pavelka of The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars fame will appear on The Bold and the Beautiful in January as a pilot, which was actually his job before he became a professional reality show cast member.

Things are really coming together for the guy.

Jake Looking Cool

Jake's career prospects are looking about as good as he is here. There's always Big Brother next summer. [Photo:]

Pavelka, who is now dating Meghan Jones after breaking up with fake fiancee Vienna Girardi, previously appeared on Drop Dead Diva, where he played ... a dating reality show contestant. He's really got great acting range, wouldn't you say?

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Jake Pavelka, the former star of The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars, has a new girlfriend in Meghan Jones, a Dallas wedding planner.

The pool of available men must be running dry in north Texas.

Tournament of THG Couples Bracket

Just kidding ... sort of. Anyway, the two made their public debut Monday at Dancing With the Stars' 200th episode party in Los Angeles. Here's a photo:

Meghan Jones loves Jake Pavelka. She must not watch much TV.

"She makes me look really good!" Jake said, noting that a "great friend" introduced them "less than two months ago." Wait... Jake has friends? This is a wild story.

While she lives in Dallas and he's in L.A., they haven't faced too many distance issues yet. "Her family actually lives in Orange County," Jake Pavelka said.

Jake, who was dubiously engaged to Vienna Girardi earlier this year, is just gushing about Meghan Jones. Their favorite way to spend time together? Travel.

"We're going to flip a coin in the morning," he said. "It's either going to be Hawaii, Australia, Bali or Bangkok." We'd suggest eHarmony instead, Megs.

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What happens when someone famous for exploiting teenage pregnancy meets someone famous for exploiting the concept of true love?

Incredibly, the world does not stop spinning, as evidenced by the photo below. It was Tweeted by Jake Pavelka himself, as he ran into Bristol Palin and shared the disturbing news with the world:

Bristol Palin Shakes It

"Bristol Palin and I," wrote, a former Dancing with the Stars trainwreck contestant. "She is gearing up for the DWTS premiere on Sept. 20!"

We're amazed that there was enough room in this photo for the egos of both Bristol Palin and Jake Pavelka.

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi.

Doomed from the start, the happy relationship of The Bachelor star and his final rose recipient soon devolved into one of more memorable celebrity breakups of the year, culminating in an ugly, hilarious interview on The Bachelorette.

But Jake's calmed down since.

While he “absolutely” believed he'd be with Girardi for life, the upcoming guest star on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva says “It’s okay; everything happens for a reason.”

Now he just wants Vienna, who recently started dating a new guy, John Sala, to be happy. “I hope she goes out and breaks a million hearts,” Pavelka told People.

Pavelka, J.

Vienna's moved on from Jake (right) with John Sala.

“I think she’s got some pretty realistic goals in life, and I wish her the absolute best. Hopefully she’ll find a guy she can spend the next 60 years of her life with.”

Jake Pavelka hasn’t interacted with Vienna Girardi since all the drama went down, and hopes that over time, he and his ex can even become friends despite it.

“I don’t have any hurt feelings over it,” he says. “The whole thing was tragic and it was sad but it happened and … it really is okay. We’ll probably let a little bit of time go by, but I’m sure someday our paths will cross and we’ll be friends.”

Unlike Vienna, Jake hasn't started dating yet: “I’m tip-toeing back over there,” he says. “I haven’t really met anybody that I wanted to date. I guess that goes both ways. You kind of have to meet somebody that wants to date you.

In other words, someone who doesn't mind dating a guy who will berate them for remeasuring the furniture. You'd better not have a little dog either, ladies.


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Hey, at least she went after a single guy for once.

Rachel Uchitel, the professional adulteress whose affair helped wreck Tiger Woods' home and nearly did the same to David Boreanaz, is back on the prowl.

Sadly, it looks like she struck out - with Jake Pavelka!

According to an inside source, Uchitel, who met Jake while he was on Dancing With the Stars and she was working as a correspondent for Extra, sent one of Pavelka’s closest friends an email asking to be set up with the newly-single ex-pilot.

Jake said thanks ... but no thanks.

  • Professional Mistress
  • Jake P.

Rachel Uchitel wanted a ride on the wings of love. Not to be.

The Bachelor star just parted ways with Vienna Girardi, his airhead final rose recipient on the show, ending their engagement in a public feud for the ages.

Allegations of infidelity, lies, doubts about Jake’s sexual orientation (he says he's not gay) and an explosive interview on The Bachelorette made for a memorably ugly split. No wonder he's not looking to date again just yet.

Still picking up the pieces after the Vienna debacle, the Dallas native wasn't interested in the Celebrity Rehab 4 alum’s advances: “Jake thinks she’s probably a ‘nice girl’ but isn’t looking to date anytime soon,” the source said.

A nice girl? Are we talking about the same Rachel Uchitel?

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Fresh off his contentious breakup with Vienna Girardi, The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka appeared on The View and said he is single again and looking for love.

With a girl.

The reality star debunked rumors that he is gay, sparked in large part by Vienna's charges that they weren't intimate for months during their relationship.

"There was a lack of intimacy because our problems were so heavy," Jake Pavelka said. "I can't separate love and intimacy, apparently that makes me gay."

Asked point blank, he said, "no, no, I'm not" adding, "one of my best friends is gay. I can't see how someone can look at [Vienna] and find her not attractive."

We'd take issue there, but thanks for clearing that up, Jake.

Watch Out For Jake

Jake Pavelka: Not gay. Just a stiff. [Photo:]

The one-time pilot said that he and Girardi "have not spoken" since their fiery TV reunion taped on June 24. He also defended his angry behavior that night.

"What people don't understand here is, that was 24 hours after my [publicist] called me on the set of Drop Dead Diva saying the relationship was over."

"[Vienna] didn't call me, it was a publicist."

"24 hours later, I'm sitting there and I wasn't ready," he said of the joint interview with Girardi, which aired during a July 5 episode of The Bachelorette.

"You know when you're kids and you're trying to protect yourself? It was like that. When I got down on one knee, I meant it. I did [The Bachelor] for love."

Pavelka passed on good wishes to Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky, a contender for his final rose on The Bachelor before she left for her job at Facebook.

Follow the jump for a clip of Jake on The View:

Continue Reading...

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Ali Fedotowsky wants to set the record straight. Pun intended.

The Bachelorette star, who ditched Pavelka on The Bachelor to save her career at Facebook, and/or star on her own reality show, says Jake's not gay.

Rumors that Jake is gay have surfaced since his ugly split with Vienna Girardi last month, fueled by his perceived lack of interest in sex with women.

But Ali Fedotowsky shot down the rumor on Lopez Tonight, saying "Just because he wears really nice turtleneck sweaters does not mean he's gay!"

Very true, Ali. But what about refusing to kiss his fiancee?

Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka

Ali and Jake before her departure last season.

Fedotowsky said she still remembers how difficult it was to walk away from Pavelka, even though she walked away from that same job shortly after.

"It was a tough decision," she said of leaving after hometown dates. "I thought I was falling in love and wanted to stay, but I had a really good job!"

In the end, she said her Facebook bosses told her she could return to The Bachelor. "I tried to go back," she said, "but he wouldn't take me back."

It's true. We saw the phone call.

This week on The Bachelorette, Frank Neuschaefer turned the tables on her, leaving her to be with his ex despite making it into Ali's final three. That left her reeling, but she still has two great guys remaining. Which should she pick?


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Jake Pavelka does not like to be undermined.

His former fiancee, Vienna Girardi, learned this lesson the hard way when he berated her for daring to remeasure furniture ... or speaking in most occasions.

Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Image

He also hijacked her phone number.

Seriously. The Bachelor star recently refused to give Vienna control over the cell phone account he signed her up for, barring her from using her own phone.

“When Vienna and Jake moved to Los Angeles, Jake signed them up for cell phones,” a source explained. “Since the breakup, Vienna has been trying to keep her phone number. She is independent and just wants her own phone."

"But he wouldn’t release her number.”

DROPPED CALL: Vienna's wireless problems are more complex than most.

Vienna Girardi called her wireless carrier, AT&T, in a final attempt to wrest control of the account from Pavelka, only to be told she needed Jake’s permission.

AT&T received a big fat no from the fame whore.

“I am not willing to release this number to her. I would rather pay for it myself for the next two years than have her use it,” Jake reportedly told a source.

Damn two-year contracts.

Resourcefully, Vienna ended up getting new number and wireless account and spent much of Monday night texting her friends, so it all worked out in the end.

No word if she did any sexting with Lee Smith.


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Jake Pavelka’s sexual orientation has been a hotly debated topic since The Bachelor star's very public breakup with his airhead fiance Vienna Girardi.

Long before the rumors surfaced Jake is not into girls, Vienna was already making comments to that effect, blaming it for the pair's lack of intimacy.

Vienna Girardi, Friend

“Who wouldn’t want to touch me? He’s obviously gay,” Vienna told her ex-boyfriend, Brian Lee Smith, while she was still living with Jake Pavelka.

News that Jake refused to put it to Vienna during the final six months of their relationship, which only lasted about six months, was widely reported.

He didn't even really deny this during their recent TV smackdown, either, awkwardly saying there's more to relationships than physical intimacy.

Yeah ... like starring on every possible reality show. Pavelka later asked why he would want to be intimate with a woman who undermines him.

We know Jake wouldn't put out. The only question is why, and the true answer to this reality TV mystery may never be revealed. [Photo:]

Remeasuring the furniture after he already had? Unforgivable.

But back to the topic at hand. According to Lee Smith, Vienna had some very harsh words for her then-fiance: “He cries too much like a b!tch!”

“I really think he’s gay.”

Jake has emphatically denied that he is gay, but "abstained from sex" for religious reasons after they started their relationship ... supposedly.

Toward the end of their whirlwind engagement, Vienna started to re-think her opinions. Maybe he's not gay, just a fake liar fame whore!

“He might not be gay, but he seems to only care about his career. I don’t want to hurt him. I just want to end things,” Vienna told Smith.


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