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I messed up.

So Jacob Lusk says about his final performance on American Idol, a rendition of "No Air" that got the soulful singer eliminated from season 10 this week.

"I take full responsibility for my choices," Lusk tells TV Guide in an elimination interview, opening up about his experience on the show and the cover that resulted in him going home.

Jacob Lusk Goodbye Song

A few more excerpts are below...

On feeling the pressure: I was getting a little tired, probably. And really trying to do different things, do something that really wasn't my thing. This wasn't the time to do that. I didn't really have the greatest performance on Wednesday, and that's why I was sent home.

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Jacob Lusk believes he can American Idol, but feels like the underdog.

His version of Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's "No Air," during which he sang both parts, proved why many feel tonight will be the end of his run on the show.

The melody forced him to stay so high that he had trouble getting enough breath support and maintaining his pitch. You could say he had not enough air ...

For his second number, Lusk chose "Love Hurts," which he began tenderly, in his falsetto range, backed by a harp and strings. Luther Vandross would be proud.

If Jacob's voted off tonight, he went out on a strong note with this:

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Last night the American Idol top six performed, both separately and together, the songs of Carole King. Did Jacob Lusk do the legendary artist justice?

With a fun, energetic take on the hit "Oh No, Not My Baby," we would say so. Whether it's enough to keep him around another week is another issue.

"You really brought yourself back," says Randy. "The scatting was incredible, and that's why you're here." But will he be here in about 15 hours?

Performing in the dreaded opening slot (another act of sabotage, perhaps) won't help. He needed someone else to stumble, and they didn't really.

Still, you never know, and he added a fun duet with James Durbin later in the show. Watch them perform "I'm Into Something Good" below:

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Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Having drawn comparisons to Luther Vandross all season long, Jacob Lusk tackled the singer's "Dance With My Father" on American Idol Wednesday night.

It seemed like this was a great opportunity for the Idol hopeful to really shine, but Jacob had trouble from the very first notes. The reason for that? Well ...

When Ryan Seacrest asked why he was so emotional at the onset, Jacob said it wasn’t his emotions - there were mysterious drumming noises in his earpiece!

The mixup certainly didn't help an already fringe candidate. What do you think? Could it have been intentional? Take a look below and see what you think:

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Jacob Lusk's take on "Bridge Over Troubled" water on American Idol last night felt slightly off. Not full-on bad by any means, just ... off. Do you agree?

Steven Tyler does not.

"How much of you you put into a song is phenomenal," the judge said. "Those last three notes, and how well you fit in with the choir, is just incredible."

"You're such a gifted vocalist!" Jennifer Lopez, People's Most Beautiful woman of 2011, added. "I didn't want to let you give me the chills, but you did."

Does it give you the chills?

Thoughts? Was Jacob's performance enough to pull him through another week? Vote on who you think delivered the best performance last night here:

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Jacob Lusk was initially going to run with Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" on American Idol this week, but he decided to go with an alternate, less racy song:

Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror."

Before leading off last night's performances, he said that if he ends up in the Bottom Three, it's 'cause America wasn't ready to look themselves in the mirror.

Bold statement, but after his rendition of MJ's moving classic, he may just escape that fate. Not knock-your-socks-off stuff, but pretty solid, don't you think?

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Jacob Lusk has a tendency to be overly dramatic on American Idol. It's what has made this season 10 finalist a polarizing singer.

It's also what concerned Jimmy Iovine last night, as the producer was afraid Lusk's style would negatively affect his cover of "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" and Jacob might "blow the whole thing."

J. Lo thought the rendition was "beautiful," while Steven Tyler said both halves of the song just "blew me away." Do you agree? Or was there almost too much emotion in this performance? Watch and decide.

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I sing songs that have meaning.

So stated Jacob Lusk on last night's Motown-themed episode of American Idol.

The finalist proceeded to show us exactly what that means, belting out a Marvin Gaye classic and giving what many consider to be one of the top auditions of the season.

Hitting every night and playing with the melody, Jacob actually went down to give his grandmother a hug soon after he completed singing and the judges finished gushing. Watch the soulful arrangement and performance now:

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Jacob Lusk closed out the American Idol performance show last night - and may have finally showed some weakness.

The soulful crooner covered a 1987 Heart single, "Alone," coming on a bit strong with the vibrato and coming dangerously close to screeching instead of singing. But the judges still showered the finalist with praise, gushing:

"Gospel had a baby, and they named it Jacob Lusk" (Tyler) and "It is so amazing, so good" (Lopez).

What did you think of this rendition?

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Steven Tyler can't even judge Jacob Lusk. That's what the Aerosmith frontman told the American Idol finalist last night following his cover of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."

Tyler meant is as a compliment, of course, as Lusk once again poured every ounce of emotion he could into every note out of his mouth. Gospel singers joined Jacob on stage at one point, as he soared along on a single perfectly suited for his voice and his style.

Lusk is at the "top" of J. Lo's list, she said after the performance. Where does he stand for you?

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