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Shopaholic and Wedding Crashers star Isla Fisher takes over the February 2009 issue of Allure - and looks pretty tremendous in the process.

The 32-year-old Australian actress reveals why she’s so secretive about “Borat”  (a.k.a. fiance Sacha Baron Cohen) and baby Olive, and discusses her rocky road to fame, which included a stint at French clown school. That's awesome.

“We are going to get married, really, even more so now than ever," says Isla Fisher of her relationship with Cohen. "We have been talking about it, and we have been very close, but it has been difficult to plan [something private.]”

Here's a gorgeous photo of her ...

If you thought that Isla Fisher photo was gorgeous, we're just getting started. Here are many more shots of the actress in February's Allure. Click to enlarge!

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She doesn't get the press of Suri Cruise or Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

Heck, she doesn't even get the press of Valentina frickin' Pinault.

Heigl and Baby

But nine-month-old Olive Cohen - the daughter of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen - is certainly no slouch in the adorable department.

This celebrity baby was spotted at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills on Monday, giggling on the swings and relaxing in the shade. Behold the cuteness:

Isla Fisher and baby Olve sure make a cute mom-daughter pair.

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Isla Fisher doesn't find herself living within celebrity gossip circles too often. Which is fine with this actress. She has enough to deal with when it comes to boyfriend Sacha Baron Cohen.

When Cohen was filming his controversial comedy, Borat, Fisher tells Details magazine: "Instead of 'Hey, Honey, did you pick up the dry cleaning?,' it was 'Did you get beaten up? Are you getting sued? Is there a warrant out for your arrest?' "

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher Picture

However, the 31-year-old actress, who stars in the new movie Hot Rod, says despite her fiancé's notoriety, tells People magazine they don't attract much attention from the public or paparazzi in their daily lives.

And while you might think Cohen has no professional insight to offer, well, you might also think Britney Spears is a responsible mother.

After being frustrated by the dramatic roles being offered, Fisher says, "Sacha was like, 'Why don't you go funny?'" Soon after, she auditioned for Wedding Crashers, in which she charmed audiences as the wacky Gloria Cleary.

The couple is excited about being parents and being married, despite no wedding date being set for the latter. But that's okay.

As Usher and Tameka Foster just proved, you can change those plans whenever you want.

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Is Isla Fisher knocked up with a baby Borat?

An inside source, who is not unreliable at all, said that Fisher announced she�s expecting Sacha Baron Cohen�s baby at the Cat and the Fiddle pub in Los Angeles this week.

Bruno Picture

�Isla called everyone to a toast and gushed, �We have got good news. I am pregnant.��

�We have got� good news? Most awkward toast phrasing ever.

The couple are currently engaged, but a rep for the Wedding Crashers actress won�t confirm or deny the pregnancy.

Somehow we�re guessing this rumor is about as real as the Ryan Phillippe / Ashlee Simpson hookup some tabloids were reporting a week or so ago. But hey, our fingers are crossed!

Cohen, whose hit movie Borat won numerous accolades last year, was said to have stayed in character for months as it was filmed. No doubt Fisher was happy to see that end.

If she�s pregnant, it will be the latest in a long line of unwed celebrity pregnancies. Salma Hayek (via the seed of François-Henri Pinault)> and Jennifer Meyer (the mother of Tobey Maguire�s baby, Ruby) come to mind.

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Sacha Baron Cohen's fiancee, Isla Fisher, will go to bed with Borat, the naive, instigative Kazakh reporter who exposed America as never before.

But refuses to sleep with one of Cohen's other comedic personas - the flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter, Bruno.

The Dictator at the Oscars

Fisher, the Wedding Crashers star, agreed to endure Cohen staying in character as the lovable, yet anti-Semetic Kazakh reporter while he shot his hit film, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

However, she won't afford Cohen the same luxury he enjoyed as the Pamela Anderson-chasing horndog when he starts work on his forthcoming Bruno movie.

"Isla grudgingly endured months of living, and sleeping, with Borat when Sacha was making the movie as he had to stay in character while he was filming," a source close to the couple reveals.

"But now that he plans to make a Bruno movie, she says she absolutely won't let him stay in character 24 hours a day. She has issued an ultimatum: no Bruno in the bedroom or no sex until the film is finished."

Sasha Baron Cohen knows he's pushed his luck already.

After winning his Best Actor prize at the recent Golden Globe Awards, Cohen dedicated his triumph to Fisher because "she agreed to sleep with Borat for ten months."

Rumor has it that Isaac Cohen (no relation) recently issued an ultimatum to Britney Spears, insisting the pop princess stop going commando in public.

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Sorry, Mel Gibson, you've lost another one.

In light of her impending wedding to uber Jew, Sacha Baron Cohen, actress Isla Fisher has officially converted to Judaism.

Red Carpet Bruno

"He always makes me laugh. He's the funniest guy in the world!" Fisher said of the man who has made Borat a household, hilarious name.

To fans, Isla Fisher is probably best known for her crazed role in Wedding Crashers. Therefore, we can only assume that co-stars such as Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn join rabbis across the world in wishing this couple well.

While no date is set for the ceremony, a source says: "They will get married soon." Fisher has even learned to cook traditional Jewish meals, assuring she may grow as thin as Nicole Richie.

That was a bad-tasting-Jewish-food joke.

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