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Alec Baldwin could learn a lesson from his daughter.

During the same week in which the actor blew up at yet another reporter, possibly referring to him by a homophobic epithet, Ireland Baldwin sent a subtle message to her famous dad: Chill, man. Life is good.

The 18-year old has posted two new photos to Instagram, the first depicting her in a yellow bikini and also showing off a new tattoo on her left arm; and the second of her just relaxing on the beach.

  • Ireland Baldwin in a Bikini
  • Ireland Baldwin on the Beach

"A happy and healthy morning with my love @slatertrout || #thankful," Ireland captioned the pics, referencing boyfriend Slater Trout.

This isn't the first time we've been treated to a couple Ireland Baldwin bikini photos. And we're guessing we speak for men around the world when we say:

Let's hope it isn't the last time, either.

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Ireland Baldwin can feel your pain, Julianne Hough.

With that blonde dancer still taking heat over her blackface-based Halloween costume, Alec Baldwin's daughter is now coming under fire for her holiday attire: she's dressed like a Native American.

Many responded to the 18-year old's Tweeted headdress and war paint in a negative fashion last night... but have you met Ireland Baldwin? She is not one to back down from a fight.

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As of yesterday, Alec Baldwin is a new father... which means Ireland Baldwin is a new sister.

Which has led the 17-year old to write a long, heartfelt, humorous letter of advice to little Carmen Gabriela.

Begins the missive, which Ireland wrote on Twitter:

"You will eventually make your own decisions, but hopefully you will listen to and use the knowledge I have gained from my past experiences and from the results of my many mistakes."

Ireland Baldwin Twit Pic

Never one to be shy with her feelings (she thinks the paparazzi are doo doo head dummies), Ireland included a mature message about kids and their parents at the outset of the message.

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Like dad, like slightly less angry daughter.

In a Twitter rant that would make her famous father proud, Ireland Baldwin went off on annoying members of the press yesterday, saying she hopes "all paparazzi get s--t on by a herd of African elephants."

Hey, at least that slam won't have anyone calling for her to be fired as a credit card spokesperson.

Ireland Baldwin Pose

It's unclear what prompted Ireland's diatribe, but she continued by addressing these supposed journalists directly:

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You might wanna turn away right about now, Alec Baldwin.

In a new Twit pic, Ireland Baldwin gets up close and very personal with boyfriend Slater Trout, taking a lick off his ridiculous abdominal muscles for all to see.

Can you blame the teenager, though? Look at that eight-pack! It puts Justin Bieber to shame...

Ireland Baldwin Tastes Slater Trout

It's hard to avoid taking a taste when you date someone named Slater Trout.

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Alec Baldwin may be done with Twitter, but his daughter is embracing the world of social media.

By getting up close and very personal with boyfriend Slater Trout!

"Happy 4th," Ireland Baldwin Tweeted yesterday. "About to embark on a camping trip with @slatertrout. Hope you all have a fun holiday with your loved ones!"

  • Slater Trout Kissing Ireland Baldwin
  • Ireland Baldwin and Slater Trout

This 17-year old clearly did so, as evidenced by shots of her and Trout swapping spit and sharing a paddleboard while on vacation in Idaho.

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The critics have spoken... and the After Earth reviews are far from good.

But one positive has come from this epic fail of a film: the world was introduced to Stephen Baldwin's 16-year old daughter, Hailey Baldwin, on the red carpet of its premiere this week.

And with Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland having already made news by kickstarting her modeling career last month, the battle for family supremacy is clearly on.

Compare the cousins now and decide: Which would you rather... see pose for a photo?

And the Winner is?

It's a battle of the Baldwins! Which young beauty would you rather take home tonight? View Poll »

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The modeling career of Ireland Baldwin is barely underway.

But the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger - who signed last month with IMG - has already faced the wrath of Internet users after just a couple shoots.

And she has a message for these haters: Why all the hate?!?

Ireland Baldwin Photograph

“What I don’t fully understand is: What is the good in commenting on a photo of a 17-year-old girl and calling her fat, ugly, etc.?” Baldwin asks in a new Tumblr post “Is that helping you in some way? … Personally, I try to see the beauty in everyone. … I even see the beauty in the people who send me hateful replies!

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Ireland Baldwin has made her modeling debut... with a jab at her famous father?

The 17-year old - who stands 6'2" and says her goal is to become "the next Tina Fey" - poses in a bikini atop a boat in the Hudson River for the photo shoot, and she does it for The New York Post.

Yes, the same New York Post with which Alec Baldwin has feuded for years, including an ugly run-in just six weeks ago.

Ireland Baldwin Bikini Photo'

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