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Director Bryan Singer has tweeted a new X-Men: Days of Future Past set photo.

The photo would seem to be announcing Hugh Jackman's arrival to the set, though the fact that it's such a "stand-in" angle is a tad suspicious.

The caption along with the photo reads "Fitting." Take a look:

X-Men: Days of Future Past Hugh Jackman Pic

The film follows two continuities, acting as a sequel to both the original series and the prequel First Class.

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A new batch of stills from The Wolverine has hit the web.

The film stars Hugh Jackman as Logan, a.k.a Wolverine, who travels to Japan and must take on a character from his past, pushing himself to his physical limits.

Famke Janssen returns as Jean Grey, with Svetlana Khodchenkova joining on as Viper. Take a look at this still of Viper and The Wolverine, then click the link the other The Wolverine stills:

Viper and The Wolverine

The Wolverine premieres July 26,

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He may play Wolverine, but Hugh Jackman is also a beloved Broadway star who can belt out a show tune with the best of them.

As a result, rumors of the actor's sexuality have run rampant for years - and Jackman admits in the latest Hollywood Reporter that the chatter is finally getting to his wife.

Hugh Jackman Hollywood Reporter Cover

"Just recently, it bugs her," Jackman said of what his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, reads online. "She goes: 'It's big. It's everywhere!'"

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Hugh Jackman's Golden Globes acceptance speech last night (for Les Miserables) included an interesting bit of medical advice. The actor addressed flu shots.

After winning Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, Hugh quipped, "Sorry, I’m at the tail end of this flu and I was kicking myself for not getting the flu shot."

"But it appears actually you don’t need one. I feel great!"

In the midst of the worst flu outbreak in years, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention are on a mission to correct his message - whatever that was.

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Hugh Jackman wasn't just willing to get in the ring, he was eager to.

So the actor tells our partner site, Movie Fanatic, in an interview regarding Real Steel, a film he hopes will appeal to families, kids and adults like.

Affable, generous and gracious, the Australian talked about about the film's intricacies, as well as two other major movie projects he has coming up within the next 12 months: Wolverine and Les Miserables with Russell Crowe.

Real Steel opens Friday. Check out the trailer for the film below and follow the link to read Movie Fanatic's exclusive interview with Hugh Jackman!

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In the movie Real Steel, opening this Friday, Hugh Jackman plays a former boxer who bonds with his estranged son when the two get a robot into fighting shape.

But the true showdown takes place below, as this versatile actor is matched up against 50 Cent in a Fashion Face-Off that, we can only hope, does not produce any bloodshed. Whose corner are you in?

The man behind Wolverine, or the man in the purple velvet suit who has been shot nine times? Vote now, as Jackman takes his own aim at the rapping icon:

Fashion Face-Off!

The rapping world takes on the acting world in this showdown. Decide between the red carpet looks of Hugh Jackman and 50 Cent now! View Poll »

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First, he injured his eye during a stunt on Oprah.

Now, Hugh Jackman has done damaged to a much more sensitive area.

While playing cricket in Melbourne and taping a segment for Channel 9’s Australian broadcast of The Ashes Test cricket series, the actor swung at a pitch from professional Shane Warne and, well, see for yourself what transpired. Ouch!

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Wolverine will live to fight, and look handsome, another day.

While filming an elaborate entrance onto the set of Oprah Winfrey's talk show this morning, Hugh Jackman zip-lined over the audience and crashed into a lighting rod suspended above the stage.

Shooting was stopped as paramedics tended to the actor, but he quickly emerged, was handed a glass of red wine and joked with the crowd. Watch the stunt below:

"That was so much fun until the end," Jackman said. "I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbor, saw my dad, the kids and you, went to pull the brake and then boing."

The movie star was one of many famous Australians on hand for the Oprah event Down Under. He was joined by Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Russell Crowe and the family of Steve Irwin.

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Hugh Jackman is more than just an Academy Awards host and the Sexiest Man Alive.

He's also the actor that successfully brought Wolverine to the big screen in the wildly-popular X-Men franchise.

This May, the hunky Australian takes center stage as this iconic character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We can't wait.

Here are a series of promotional shots of Jackman in the role. Dude's fingernails are longer than the line of men waiting for a newly-single Megan Fox...

Click on the pics above for larger images of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman Biography

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman go Down Under Wolverine can also carry a tune on Broadway. More »
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