Not many people are familiar with Hope Dworaczyk. But Jason Kidd is... intimately! The basketball star and the model/former Ms. South...

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Make no bones about it, Lindsay Lohan's nude Playboy spread does not live up to all the hype, according to 2010 Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk.

"I saw that spread ... and I was not impressed," Hope told TMZ.

"I just feel like if I would have known I was doing a Playboy shoot, I would have worked out more maybe," adds Dworaczyk, who first posed in 2009. OUCH!

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Dworaczyk, who had NBA star Jason Kidd's baby, has a point as well. The much touted ballyhooed "boobs, ass, and vadge" Lindsay Lohan pictures are sort of a letdown.

There is no actual vadge of courage first of all, and they photoshopped the crap out of LiLo to the point where her freckles and "fiery" features are totally gone.

At least in the case of Hope Dworaczyk, she was wearing body paint, but still resembled herself in the mag. With Lohan, it's basically a faux version of herself.

Finally, she ALREADY POSED AS MARILYN MONROE for New York Magazine in 2008, in a spread that was both more revealing and sexier. Okay, rant over.

You tell us: Lindsay Lohan in Playboy ...


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Add another name to the list of folks who have a problem with NeNe Leakes.

Kim Zolciak has been feuding with this reality star for years, Star Jones jumped in during her run on Celebrity Apprentice, and now Hope Dworaczyk has sounded off with her take on the Real Housewife of Atlanta.

Hope Dworaczyk Nude

"I liked Nene a lot until I had to be her boss," the Playmate told E! News, previewing an episode that airs tonight. "One minute she was crying and opening up about herself and sharing something about the past that's very very personal, and the next minute, she's yelling. I think you can call it unstable."

Does Dworaczyk therefore understand why Star Jones wanted a bodyguard to protect her from Leakes? Yes.

"It was out of control," she said. "I think if I had been yelled at and attacked the way Nene gets in Star's face, I would have wanted a bodyguard, too."

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Playboy has bad news for its readers: It's gonna be hard to claim you purchase this magazine solely for the articles.

That's because Hugh Hefner and company have come up with a novel approach to nudity, starting with the June issue that goes on sale this Friday: three dimensions of nakedness!

Indeed, Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk (yes, that Hope Dworaczyk, the same woman that had an affair with NBA legend Jason Kidd) is featured on the magazine's cover in nothing but black lingerie. Inside is a 3D centerfold shot of her.

In a word: Oooga!

3D Playboy

Dworaczyk also posed for Playboy in April 2009, but this is an entirely new dimension of modeling. Literally!

What made Hefner follow the lead of Avatar, Clash of the Titans and pretty much big budget film going forward? The magazine's circulation has dropped from 3.5 million to 1.5 million over the last three years, so Hugh wondered:

"What would people most like to see in 3-D? Probably a naked lady."

Give the man credit: he's old, but his brain clearly still works.

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Over a year ago, rumors circulated around the Internet that Hope Dworaczyk was knocked up with Jason Kidd's child.

Considering the lack of news about a baby, as well as Dworaczyk's svelte figure in the photos below, it's likely this story was false.

Still, the part about Hope having dated the NBA star was spot on. How do we know?

Because the model is wearing nothing but a body painted Kidd jersey in her pictorial for the latest issue of Playboy. Check out the hot pics after this article's jump...

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If you thought Aubrey O'Day nude pics that didn't include any full frontal shots were strange, Playboy reportedly plans to top that with its next issue.

According to various sources, include The New York Post's famed Page Six gossip page, Seth Rogen will grace the upcoming cover of the men's magazine. He'll be joined by model and Jason Kidd baby mama,  Hope Dworaczyk. Naturally.

Playboy Cover Models

Neither Rogen nor Playboy will confirm these rumors.

If they are valid, his appearance would mark the ninth time in publication's history that a male has posed on the the cover. Previous testosterone-laden models have included Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld.

But who really cares about Rogen, right? Sounds like readers will have a chance to see Hope Dworaczyk nude!

Click on the following shots of the model for a few clothed previews:

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We're not kidding:

Hope Dworaczyk has given hope to NBA groupies everywhere that they're capable of seducing a future Hall of Famer and siring his child.

Hope Dworaczyk Naked

Indeed, a year after Jason Kidd split from his wife, The New York Post is reporting that he and his model girlfriend are expecting a child together.

"Hope, Jason and their parents all celebrated her pregnancy announcement at Sabor Latin Bistro in Edgewater Sunday night," said a source. "Since Hope started showing, she has stopped sitting courtside."

Based on this passage from her MySpace profile, Hope appears to be a natural mother and role model:

Hope Dworaczyk may need to cut down on her liquor and cigarettes now that she's having a baby with Jason Kidd.

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