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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo wrapped up Season 2 last night in the most romantic and smelly of fashions:

Via a wedding!

A wedding that involved a farting June Shannon exchanging vows with a dapper Sugar Bear, that is. But what else would you expect from this TLC favorite? Scroll down for a look at our top moments from the finale, along with their corresponding scores in our patented +/- review system...

Mama June and Sugar Bear: Married!

The rehearsal took place on a very rainy day, which caused some anxiety for Mama June. "I just farted," she told the cameraman. "It was a nervous fart." PLUS 7 for honesty.

The night prior to the nuptials, Sugar Bear slept in a tent and June shaved off her neck hair. PLUS 7 more for mostly observing tradition.

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Typically, we recap Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in our patented +/- style, handing out or taking away points based on ridiculous/entertaining developments within an episode.

But most of last night's Season 2 finale was focused on June Shannon in the bathroom, pooping out her stress on the day prior to her commitment ceremony.

Were we grossed out enough to stick a -1,000 on the installment and call it a day? Yes. But then Sugar Bear summed up the appeal of this family in one quote, captured in the following photo, which reversed our decision entirely...

... that's sweet in its own, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo way, no?

So 1,000 points all around and a rundown of the top best quotes from the finale below!

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