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It's been nearly three weeks since the world learned that June Shannon is dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, yet somehow, sad and stunning details about the situation continue to emerge every day.

Yesterday, we learned that McDaniel may be the father of Lauryn Shannon - June's 15-year-old daughter.

Today, a source has surfaced claiming that June has a long history of mental illness, and that the reality star attempted to kill herself while she was pregnant with daughter Alana, better known as Honey Boo Boo.

This is June Shannon

The claim comes from a woman named Patricia East, who is the first wife of Alana's father Michael Thompson, better known to fans as "Sugar Bear."

"Michael told me, 'Please come over! June is trying to kill herself!" East told Star magazine in a recent interview. "I wanted to do the right thing, so I went over."

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Last week, sources claimed that Sugar Bear Thompson would not fight for custody of Honey Boo Boo on the condition that June Shannon cut ties with Mark McDaniel.

McDaniel molested Anna Shannon - June's eldest daughter - when she was just 4 years old, and Thompson was reportedly very concerned for the safety of his youngest child.

Even so, he planned to give Shannon time to provide a safer environment for 9-year-old Alana (better known as Honey Boo Boo), in part because he didn't have a place of his own in which to raise her.

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Now, Thompson has reportedly changed his mind and has begun contacting lawyers about having Alana removed from June's home ASAP.

The cause of the sudden urgency is unknown, but it may have something to do with a revelation made by Sugar Bear's brother earlier today.

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There's been a new development in the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel child molestation scandal that might lead to more demands that June's daughters be removed from her home.

Lee Thompson - better known as Uncle Poodle - has reportedly told The National Enquirer that he witnessed McDaniel lying in bed with June's 8-year-old daughter Alana during a family vacation to a North Carolina casino in September.

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We learned last week that Shannon had exposed McDaniel to Alana (aka, Honey Boo Boo), but June and others claimed they had had no physical contact and that all of their time together was supervised by June.

Last week, there were rumors that Uncle Poodle would fight for custody of Honey Boo Boo unless Shannon broke off all contact with McDaniel. 

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Ever since the world first learned that June Shannon is dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel, it's been widely assumed that Shannon's youngest daughter would be removed from her care one way or another.

Shannon is in danger of losing custody of her three youngest children.

But even if the current investigation by the state of Georgia finds that "Mama June" is a fit mother, surely Sugar Bear Thompson - father of 9-year-old Alana - will do everything in his power to gain full custody, right?

Mama June and Sugar Bear

Not necessarily. Sources close to Sugar Bear tell TMZ that as of right now, he has no plans to fight for custody of Alana (better known to fans as Honey Boo Boo).

Sugar Bear apparently believes he would not be able to provide a suitable home for Honey Boo Boo as he has been living with friends ever since he and Shannon broke up last month.

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As more details become available about the the sexual abuse that landed Mark McDaniel behind bars, it becomes more and more astonishing not only that June Shannon would allow this man back into her life, but that McDaniel was ever allowed out of prison in the first place.

Last week, June's daughter Anna Shannon came forward as McDaniels' victim - revealing that her mother's then-boyfriend had repeatedly assaulted her when she was just 8 years old. 

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Cast Members

Yesterday, we learned that McDaniel had threatened to kill Shannon if she ever told anyone about his crimes.

Despite these threats, the heroic young girl eventually told her teachers about her horrifying home life, which led to McDaniel's arrest.

Just when it seemed that McDaniel's crimes couldn't be any more revolting, however, new information uncovered today reveals that Anna was not the sole victim of McDaniel's abuse.

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Last week, TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo following a series of stunning and sickening revelations.

First, TMZ reported that series star June Shannon was dating a convicted child molester named Mark McDaniel. 

Later, we learned that McDaniel's victim was Anna Shannon - June's eldest daughter who was just eight years old at the time.

Then, in perhaps the most shocking development in this story thus far, photos emerged that showed McDaniel with Honey Boo Boo - Shannon's 9-year-old daughter who currently lives with her in Georgia. 

More details have now emerged regarding McDaniel's horrific crimes and it's more astonishing than ever that June Shannon would welcome this man back into her life and allow him to spend time with her young children.

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The star of the newly-canceled TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo may have been even more rife with scandal than originally believed.

Executives axed the show amid reports of matriarch June “Mama June” Shannon dating her ex-boyfriend Mark McDaniel, a convicted child molester.

June Shannon and Mark McDaniel dated before his 10-year prison sentence, and he even molested one of June's daughter's prior to being locked up.

McDaniel is not the first sex offender Shannon has been linked to, though.

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  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Family

The father of Shannon’s daughter Jessica, Michael Anthony Ford, was arrested in 2005 and later convicted for the sexual exploitation of a child over the Internet.

According to Georgia Department of Corrections, he was sentenced to a maximum of four years behind bars and 10 years of probation for the criminal offense.

He is still behind bars on a separate charge of child abandonment.

The fathers of Shannon’s other children, including estranged husband David Michael “Sugar Bear” Thompson, also have criminal records, albeit not for sex crimes.

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Mark McDaniel, June Shannon's child molester boyfriend and the center of major controversy, can count on his daughter-in-law in his corner if nothing else.

To hear her tell it, just because he molested a little girl years ago - including June's daughter Anna Shannon - doesn't mean that he's a bad person.

Tell that to Anna and/or Sugar Bear and/or the State of Georgia.

  • Mark McDaniel Mug Shot
  • June Shannon Mug Shot

Peaches McDaniel tried defending her father-in-law on Facebook, adding in a defiant tone, "Peoples [sic] past are completely irrelevant to the present."

"if you are going to judge someone by their past, look at your own first," Peaches adds. "Michaels [sic] dad is an amazing man, as well an amazing father."

McDaniel is a registered sex offender after serving 10 years in prison for allegedly (or not allegedly, actually) one of June's daughters to have oral sex with him.

June and husband Sugar Bear recently called it quits, after which she started dating McDaniel, who was her boyfriend from before he went to prison.

For molesting one of her daughters. Did we mention that part?

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Earlier this week, we learned that TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo as a result of some seriously unsettling conduct from one of the show's stars, June Shannon.

Now it seems Shannon may lose more than just her reality TV fame, as a spokesperson for child protective services in June's home state of Georgia says that cases like June's generally result in at least temporary loss of custody.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Family

"When there are children who are not able to protect themselves, that are in daily contact or living with sex offenders," says CPS director Susan Boatwright. "Someone would go out there and assess the situation to see whether the children can stay there or not."

In other words, Mama June can likely expect a visit from the state in the very near future.

And considering Mark McDaniel - the sex offender in question - is the same man who molested June's daughter Anna Shannon when she was 8 years old, we're guessing authorities won't be okay with 9-year-old Alana sharing a roof with McDaniel.

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Last week, we learned that June Shannon is dating a convicted child molester named Mark McDaniel.

Shannon initially denied the reports, but TLC canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after uncovering evidence that Shannon had, in fact, been spending time with McDaniel.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Cast Members

The scandal has only worsened over the weekend, as June's daughter Anna Shannon came forward as the victim of McDaniel's abuse.

Now, in perhaps the most shocking development thus far, TMZ has obtained photos of McDaniel with Alana Thompson - June's 9-year-old daughter who is better known publicly as Honey Boo Boo.

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