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Sorry, Hugh Hefner. You're no longer the only man to see Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson nude.

As two of the most prominent Playboy Bunnies in history, these stars of The Girls Next Door have been photographed in the buff numerous times. But which blonde looks better in her birthday suit?

Follow this article's jump now to see Holly and Kendra naked - and then vote on your favorite...

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Having already apologized to our celebrity gossip readers to for overlooking an array of Kim Kardashian nude photos from her recent Playboy pictorial, it looks like another mea culpa might be in order.

A few months ago, we posted a picture of Holly Madison naked in an ad for PETA (and against fur). Well, it looks like the number-one girlfriend of Hugh Hefner posed for a second advertisement on behalf of this grating, attention-loving organization.

Check it out now:

Holly Madison Nude Photo

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Images of Holly Madison nude? Hot!

Images of Holly Madison nude, legs spread around a thrusting, naked Hugh Hefner? Not as hot.

But the Playboy Bunny and number-one girlfriend of the magazine's founder told Us Weekly that while she may not be knocked up yet, it's not for a lack of fornication.

"There has been lots of trying �" lots of trying!" Madison said at Playboy's Ninth Annual Super Saturday Night bash in Arizona.

Hefner, meanwhile, was tight-lipped when asked if they have plans to tie the knot.

"There will certainly be a lot of romantic years ahead, but a wedding we will see," Hef said, oblivious to the fact that he's pushing 117 years old.

Holly and Hefner

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Holly Madison PicHolly Madison is certainly doing a great job proving that blondes - and Playboy models - are far from dumb.

The number-one girlfriend of Hugh Hefner was recently asked about the rumor that Jennifer Love Hewitt was asked to pose for the magazine. Here's Madison's response to TV Guide:

You know, they always say, "Hef wants this" and "Hef wants that," but honestly he's not really that involved in the whole "pursuing celebrities" aspect of the magazine. If I asked him this morning [about Jennifer Love Hewitt], he would have no clue what I was talking about.

But would it be fun to see her in the pages of Playboy, Holly?

Absolutely! She has the perfect body for it.

See, just because Madison had light-colored hair and large breasts doesn't mean she isn't an intelligent gal. Of course Jennifer Love Hewitt should pose in Playboy!

Alycia Lane, as has also been rumored? Not so much.

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Thanks to her new nose, it's difficult to even recognize Ashley Tisdale.

But we're pretty sure that is the High School Musical star below, shimmering in a dress from this year's American Music Awards.

Looking similar to the young singer/actress? One of Hugh Hefner's Girls Next Door, as Holly Madison shows off her assets in a silver sequined dress at a recent holiday party in Los Angeles.

Ashley Tisdale, Holly Madison

Once you decide if the clothed Playboy Bunny looks better than Tisdale, let us know if Holly Madison nude is more attractive than Carmella DeCesare nude.

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Holly Madison Picture Guys may need to wait awhile before seeing any more Holly Madison nude photos.

Back in April, the number-one girlfriend of Hugh Hefner was promoted from mere cover girl. She was named a photo editor apprentice under the tutelage of Playboy's west coast editor, Marilyn Grabowski.

Madison helped design The Girls Next Door calendar for 2007, chock full of pictures of herself and Hefner's other two sex buddies: Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson. Now?

The blonde beauty is working as Playboy's junior photo editor. And she has bold new ideas for the magazine:

"I think readers are sick of seeing the same cookie-cutter blondes," Madison said. "I'm looking for natural bodies. I pay attention to what readers write in - and they do like to see diversity."

Maybe that's why Kimberly Bell is gracing the pages of the most recent issue.

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Now that the music career of Britney Spears is officially dead, we can focus on more important topics. Such as:

  • Which Vanessa Hudgens picture pose is your favorite?
  • When should the U.S. withdraw troops from Iraq?
  • And which girlfriend of Hugh Hefner is the best?

In the October issue of Details magazine, the Playboy founder himself answers the third question posed above: Holly Madison.

Holly Madison Photograph

"I love Holly the most. Five or six years ago, she was simply one of seven girlfriends, but... I fell deeply in love with her," Hefner said.

Just how deeply? The 81-year-old said his relationship with Madison is the one that "will last the rest of my life," fueling speculation that he plans on marrying the often-nude model. Other pieces of celebrity gossip claim that Holly hopes to emulate Halle Berry in the pregnancy department.

She recently said that her goal was "to have kids with Hef in the next year or so and when that happens I just want it to be me and him."

Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, Hef's other two squeezes and co-stars of The Girls Next Door, shouldn't feel too badly, though. The old man thinks they're swell.

"They don't [get jealous]. But whether it's three girlfriends or seven, it's easier than one wife. They're not going to give you a hard time, because you always have an alternative," Hefner said.

It's hard to argue with that. It's also why fellow sex magnet, Tila Tequila, is starring in a reality show this fall chock full of people from both genders with whom she can get it on.

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Having seen Holly Madison nude so many times, has Hugh Hefner finally stepped up and impregnated his 27-year old girlfriend?

The celebrity gossip mill has been churning for a week weeks on the subject of Madison pregnant. Now, a few more signs are adding to the rumblings.

Girls Next Door Pic

Last week, Hef and his blondterage - Madison, Kendra Wilksinson and Bridget Marquardt - visited Monaco. Once there, Holly shunned alcohol, wore figure-concealing outfits and skipped parties, including a birthday bash for fellow Wilkinson.

While a Playboy rep will confirm that Amanda Beard nude is very hot in the latest issue, he denies this rumor: "Holly is not pregnant, although she would like to be in the near future."

But it's not as though Madison is shy about her desire to follow in the footsteps of other expecting celebs, such as Salma Hayek and maybe even Nicole Richie. Hefner's number-one gal has gone so far as to let Wilkinson and Marquardt know she can handle the breast-feeding herself.

"I want to have kids with Hef in the next year or so," she said recently. "When that happens, I just want it to be me and him."

Good luck with that dream, Holly. Getting Hugh Hefner to settle down with one woman would be akin to asking Britney Spears to keep her crotch to herself.

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Apparently, Alex Rodriguez likes his stripper mistresses bleach blonde. And kinda masculine. And not particularly attractive, considering he's not only a reasonably handsome fella, but a superstar baseball player with a $252 million contract.

Yes, since the "Stray-Rod" scandal broke and it became known that Alex Rodriguez has been hitting strip clubs and likely having an affair with dancer Joslyn Noel Morse, The Hollywood Gossip has been trying to determine who the Iowa native reminds us of.

Then we were sent pictures of Joslyn Noel Morse nude. That didn't help us much either. But we can tell you one thing - despite her ample chest, she doesn't "stack" up to some of our celebrity gossip staff members' favorite bleach-blonde hotties.

None of whom are really our type. But if you're going to keep hitting strip clubs and cheating on your smart, pretty wife, might as well up your standards, Alex.

  • Pamela Anderson: Damn Hot at 40
  • Holly Madison Naked

Up top, we see Joslyn Morse and porn star Marey Carey. On the bottom row, the legendary Pamela Anderson and Hugh Hefner's #1 girlfriend, Holly Madison. Also naked.

Joslyn Morse, described by the New York Post as a "Playboy bunny wannabe," is in pretty exclusive company here. We can't say if she'll ever grace the pages of Hugh's magazine, but hey, if she changes her name to one resembling a famous person, a la Marey Carey or Katee Holmes, she might have a shot at porn.

Alexis Rodriguez, here we come.

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Holly Madison Nude Holly Madison is a Playboy model and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. As for Madison, she is best known for getting naked a lot and... More »
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We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road.

Holly Madison [on Hugh Hefner]

I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren't together.

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