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With infectious charisma to match his talent, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was named the winner of Dancing With the Stars last night.

How does that compare to being the MVP of Super Bowl XLI? What was his favorite part of the experience? What was the most difficult part?

Ward offered thoughts on that and much more to the L.A. Times:

Hines Ward Wins DWTS!

On his faith in Kym Johnson, despite her injured neck: "I knew Kym was gonna try to do all that she could to win for us, for me. I felt good. I don't have any problems with my hands and I knew I could hold her up with lifts and not let her fall."

"I mean, I use my hands for a living. If you remember, when Kym got injured she was not in the air. She was already on the ground. So I felt OK with lifting her, 'cause I had no plans to ever let her fall. And I felt good doing them with her."

On where he'll put the Mirror Ball: "I have a place in my trophy case with my Super Bowl MVP trophy, between my two Lombardis. It's gonna look nice."

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It's been a Dancing with the Stars season to remember.

The injuries. The drama. The personal stories that moved us. The moves on the floor that thrilled us. A cast of stars so engaging and evenly matched that the field was as competitive as it was entertaining from the start.

But there could be only one Season 12 champion.

Awaiting the Results

Somewhat surprisingly, given that she was just one point from perfection Monday and seemed like the dark horse to win, Chelsea Kane finished in third place.

That left Kirstie Alley, who ended up with five points less than the other finalists, but has been a fan favorite all season, up against Hines Ward for the crown.

Talk about anyone's game. Anyone willing to wager on this?

And the Season 12 Dancing With the Stars winner was ...

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"This is my Super Bowl." - Hines Ward

The one-time MVP of the actual Super Bowl may or may not win Dancing With the Stars tonight, but if he ends up hoisting that Mirror Ball, it won't be a fluke.

Heading into tonight's final results show, Ward is tied with Chelsea Kane with 59 points, meaning it's all coming down to the votes America casts. Will he win?

All bets are off, but he certainly didn't leave anything in the bag last night, finishing his season with a freestyle that mimicked a Super Bowl halftime show.

Seriously, you gotta watch this absurdity. Check it out below, along with the Quickstep Hines and Kym's rocked earlier in the Dancing With the Stars finals ...

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All three finalists proved themselves deserving of the Mirror Ball last night.

There can be only one champion of Dancing With the Stars, though, and more than likely, it will come down to one of two couples on this evening's results show.

Monday night's dueling DWTS finale performances involved two categories - a first round of judges' choice and a second round of freestyle dance.

Chelsea Kane aced both with the kind of fierce determination and focus necessary to execute partner Mark Ballas' unconventional choreography.

Kane and Ballas

Her first dance, a samba, had Bruno deeming her an "an ultra sexy bombshell" and commending the "rhythm flowing through your body like I've never seen before."

Chelsea and Mark's second dance, a freestyle Tron-esque number, earned them a 30 to go with the 29 in their salsa, posting a number near impossible to best.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson felt up to the task, however.

The NFL star donned a top hat for this week's judges' choice in a peppy quick step that ended with a burst of flair and champaigne at the judges' table.

"You make it like you're running for a touchdown and the whole crowd is cheering for you and following you around the ballroom," Carrie Ann said.

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Monday on Dancing With the Stars, viewers were shown footage of an event they likely heard about late last week - the fall that left Kym Johnson hospitalized.

It was not easy to watch. But combined with the shots of her in a neck brace, it made her flawless Salsa and Tango routines all the more impressive to watch.

With Kym all slinky and shiny, and with Hines Ward extra attentive and receptive to his partner, it was hard not to get a little emotional after the routines ended.

It's also hard to envision them not coasting into next week's finale. If two perfect scores don't cinch that, Kym's recovery and Hines' back story should do it.

Watch them dance to perfection on last night's show below:

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Baltimore Ravens fans aside, how can you not love Hines Ward?

The way the Dancing With the Stars contender makes you smile with his own infectious grin and laughter almost every time he's on screen, it's easy to forget what a tough week he had. Not even being arrested at gunpoint stresses him out.

The Pittsburgh Steelers star was cleared after that misunderstanding, but there's zero mistaking that he is a serious threat to take home the Mirror Ball trophy.

If he has to be cheesy, he'll do what must be done. Win or go home!

Here's Hines and partner Kym Johnson in action last night, smiling all the day to the finals (at least we think so ... it's hard to see him not in the final three):

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Pittsburgh Steelers star and Dancing With the Stars frontrunner Hines Ward was in a car that was pulled over by police early this morning in Los Angeles.

Police drew their weapons and handcuffed Ward and the woman was driving driving around 2 a.m., based on reports that the Civic they were in was stolen.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The woman explained that she had reported the car stolen after an incident involving a valet, then forgot to tell the police when later she got the car back.

Officers verified her story and Ward was released. He writes:

Hines and Kym Johnson cut a rug on Dancing With the Stars.

"The incident in the news that involved me getting pulled over. I want everyone to know that this was a complete misunderstanding. The police were just doing their job. Apologies were made and it's now in the past. Moving forward... Hines"

Good to hear. On an unrelated note, think he can win DWTS?

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It won't guarantee their safety in a reality show voted on by millions of fans, but Ralph Macchio, Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane proved they were a cut above the rest of the competition last night on Dancing With the Stars.

The Karate Kid and Karina Smirnoff quickstepped to the top spot after their fall (literal and otherwise) last week, joining Hines and Kym Johnson with 66 each.

Chelsea Kane, a.k.a. the Disney dark horse, was right behind them with 64. She and Mark Ballas have been low fliers this season, but have a real shot to win.

Don't believe us? Watch her after the jump. First, here's Ralph and Karina:

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Hines Ward is our frontrunner on Dancing With the Stars for a reason.

Not only does he have the technical skills and agility, but the Pittsburgh Steelers wideout is showing that he knows how to dazzle fans on and off the gridiron.

While he's sure to hear about all this in the locker room, his singing in the shower, wearing sequined props, smiling and winking are winning over the masses.

Oh, and mapping out his Viennese Waltz football diagram style? Priceless:

If someone beats Hines and Kym Johnson this season, it'll be an impressive feat.

The couple's flawless chemistry and technical merit earned them a 27, just a point behind co-leaders Romeo and Chelsea Kane. How do you think he did?

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Almost halfway through Dancing With the Stars' 12th season, a clear favorite has yet to emerge. Monday's scoring was so tight, it's anybody's Mirror Ball to win.

It's America Week this week, and athletes who represent two of our nation's favorite pastimes (okay, maybe that's a stretch) delivered powerful performances.

The theme of "songs that salute our country" saw a red, white and blue dance floor and NFL star Hines Ward showing his American pride with this Rumba ...

Hines and Kym Johnson's dance to "God Bless the U.S.A." earned all nines for a total of 27, good for sole possession of first, albeit by a single point.

Right behind him? WWE star Chris Jericho, who wore a military-style uniform (as did Hines) and also chose an iconic song, albeit from centuries earlier.

Chris performed a "strong yet delicate" Viennese waltz to "America the Beautiful," which ended with fireworks shooting from the stage - and a 26.

Check out Chris' performance and the DWTS scoreboard after the jump:

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