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Looks like that sighting of Hilary Duff drunk was a sign of things to come.

Sadly, it's getting hard to remember the days when Duff was the anti-Lindsay Lohan, that innocent virgin who chose baggy sweaters over revealing mini-skirts.

Sexy Hilary Duff

Even since she was tossed to the curb by Joel Madden, Hilary's outfits have become darker and tighter. We guess the singer is going through her gothic porn star phase, but we hope it doesn't last too long.

After all, the world needs a young artist that is known more for her songs and humanitarian efforts than her sexy outfits. For now, though, here are pictures of Duff at a recent concert, as she makes Kim Kardashian photos look conservative by comparison.


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Hilary Duff is a charitable, wholesome actress.

But that doesn't mean the 19-year can't get down with her drunken self from time to time.

Duff in Maxim

Reportedly, January 25 was one of those times. Hilary and older sister Haylie showed up - where else? - at L.A. club Hyde with a huge entourage.

The younger Duff - who has been single since splitting in November from Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden arrived arm-in-arm with her sister after 11 p.m., looking tipsy already.

Soon enough, Hilary was teetering over to the women's restroom with one of her girlfriends, in a very vomit-ous state. Perhaps she was trying to drink away the pain of Madden hooking up with Nicole Richie.

"It was kind of inappropriate," a witness said. "She was pretty drunk and staggering around the bathroom, bumping into people and shrieking that her gay male friend had a vagina so it was okay for him to be there."

The sisters continued to party Britney Spears-style throughout the night at a VIP table, where sources say they were "all over" their two man-dates. Haylie 21, whispered in the ear of her 30-ish-year-old date while kissing his neck.

Hilary perched on her date's lap, laughing and flirting with her unidentified older man.

We can't say for sure who it was - but does anyone know where Kevin Federline was that night?

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Hilary Duff must be in the forgiving, holiday mood.

Despite a difficult break-up with Joel Madden, the pair has found common ground in letting one dude who stalked them skate free from a restraining order.

Duff in Maxim

TMZ obtained documents filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court by the star duo's lawyers, which requests a dismissal of the restraining orders against celebrity photographer David Joseph Klein.

In October, Duff and Madden filed temporary restraining orders against Klein and his roommate Maksim Miakovsky, an 18-year-old Russian emigre.

The former couple feared for their safety and requested that a judge order the alleged stalkers to stay at least 100 yards away from Duff, her sister Haylie, Madden and his twin brother Benji.

Of course, now that Madden is dating Nicole Richie, future stalkers will probably be glad to stay away, lest they wish to get run over by a pill-popping bad driver.

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This wasn't always the case. Hilary Duff used to be a happy-go-lucky child star.

She pitched in for charity. She hated being stalked. She dyed her hair. Good times were had by all.

Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff

But times have grown gruff for Duff. Not only did she break up with Joel Madden, she's been forced to watch him snuggle up to an flimsy waif with a vicotin addiction.

Indeed, Madden is now dating Nicole Richie. If he can find her, that is (that was an anorexic joke). You'd look as glum as Hilary appears in this picture, too, if you lost your man to a girl that weighs less than many newborns.

But keep that chin up, Hilary. At least you're not Janice Dickinson.


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The good news for Hilary Duff is that she no longer has a stalker (and, apparently, Bob Uecker never did; just for the record).

The bad news is that the young singer/actress also doesn't have a boyfriend.

Hilary's Feline Frenzy

Duff and Joel Madden are no longer dating, as confirmed by Madden during a guest DJ appearance at a club in Chicago over the weekend. The rocker talked about being single, telling clubgoers that Duff had broken up with him ten days earlier.

The reason? We doubt it was Duff's new goth look, although if you see her dating either of the Olsen Twins, now you'll know why.

In reality, it was Duff and Madden's age difference (he's 27, she's 19) that caused problems. Sadly, this doesn't bode well for Wilmer Valderrama and Ali Lohan.

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While we were focusing on a possible new look for Hilary Duff, policemen were patrolling the streets, on the lookout for her supposed stalker.

It paid off. The 18-year-old who allegedly threatened to kill one of our favorite young singers has been arrested.

Some Duff Luck

Manhattan Beach cops arrested Maksim Miakovsky, an 18-year-old Russian emigre, at a Residence Inn last week. He was booked on charges of making criminal threats and stalking.

There was no word on whether or not a bitter Lindsay Lohan hired the thug out of jealousy of Duff's clean reputation.

TMZ first reported last month that Duff and her boyfriend, Joel Madden, were terrified that Miakovsky would cause them hard. Duff and Madden asked for a restraining order, alleging that Miakovsky "has stated his intention of 'removing' his 'enemies' (i.e., those who prevent him from being with her), has stated his intention of purchasing a weapon, and has threatened to kill himself and to engage in dramatic actions to get her attention."

Pretty much makes Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes appear sane.

Sources said a private investigator from Sunset Protective Services contacted Miakovsky at the Residence Inn and Miakovsky stated his intention of killing Duff on Sunday at an event she was scheduled to attend.

According to legal papers filed by Duff, Miakovsky came to the U.S. "for the sole purpose of meeting and becoming romantically involved with Ms. Duff."

Miakovsky is currently being held on $200,000 bail at the Manhattan Beach jail. He's scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday. We hope he either goes to jail for a long time or is forced to stalk Stavros Niarchos from now on.

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What is Hilary Duff thinking?

Has she been inspired by all the other newfound brunettes out there on the Hollywood scene (Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and even new mom Britney Spears come to mind), or by her punk rocker boyfriend, Joel Madden? Or is it for a new role? In any case, Duff is looking rough... although we may warm to it.

Hilary Duff finds Catnip

The formerly blonde star darkened her locks to a light auburn shade earlier this year, drawing generally positive reviews from T.H. Gossip (before we asked if we could touch it and her people served us with a court order to quit stalking her).

But last weekend, Duff turned up at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills with dark, almost-black hair. While it's a little disconcerting to see our little Barbie girl / Lizzie McGuire go goth, we think the dark color really brings out Hilary's hazel eyes and porcelain skin. But that's just us. We take celebrity fashion very, very seriously.

T.H. Gossip asks you, fans: How do you like your Duff?


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It looks like Hilary Duff will designing outfits for the smallest blonde in Hollywood.

And, no, we're not talking about Nicole Richie.

Hilary Duff Pregnant Photo

The singer/actress has collaborated with Mattel to create a line of clothes for the most popular doll in the country: Barbie. Such a collection features 11 outfits, including denim pieces, accessories and even faux fur.

Yes, even PETA would support this cause.

The ensembles are broken up into two categories, sweet and rocker, which "reflect Hilary's personal style."

This isn't Duff's first foray into the fashion biz. She has a fashion label, Stuff by Hilary Duff, and earlier this year she guest edited an issue of Seventeen magazine. She also pitched in for Katrina relief.

In other words: this is a teen star that doesn't just party. It is plausible, Lindsay Lohan.


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Thank goodness. We haven't had a good celebrity stalking story in weeks.

Hilary Duff is coming through, however. The actress/singer claims she fears for her life, alleging she and her boyfriend are being stalked by two men - one a paparazzi and the other a homeless man.

Duff a Cat-lover

TMZ has obtained court documents in which Duff and Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden state a 19-year-old Russian emigre came to the United States "for the sole purpose of meeting and becoming romantically involved with Ms. Duff."

That couldn't have been the only reason. Come on, he had no interest in buying the Screech sex tape?!?

The court documents state the man, whose first name is Max, "admitted to being 'obsessed' with her, has stated his intention of 'removing' his 'enemies' (i.e., those who prevent him from being with her), has stated his intention of purchasing a weapon, and has threatened to kill himself and to engage in dramatic actions to get her attention."

That's actually is frightening; even more so than every single Mary-Kate Olsen picture.

According to the documents, Max "has stated his belief that Hilary is in love with him and that Joel Madden stands in their way."

But there's also David Joseph Klein, a 50-year-old celebrity photographer who is roommates with Max and is also named as a threat.

The documents state: "Over the past six weeks, the defendants have engaged in an accelerated effort to make contact with Hilary, including visits to her neighborhood, to her mother's home, to her boyfriend's neighborhood ... to Mr. Madden's concert venue, and direct calls to Hilary's manager."

Wow. That's some serious stalking. Osama bin Laden could learn a thing or two from this nut case.

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Not to steal a saying from a nosy magazine The Gossip is far superior than, but: celebrities, they're just like us! They walk their dogs!

No, we're not talking about when the handlers of Travis Barker let him out of his cage. We mean actual canines and their famous owners. Just take a look:

Vogue Cover

What happens when your girlfriend is named the new Wonder Woman? You're relegated to dog walker, of course. Adam Brody seems content to saunter along with he and Rachel Bilson's puppy, however.

Breathtaking AND down to earth? We already knew Jessica Biel was the former, but eschewing the use of any dog walker speaks largely to the latter quality, as well.

Returning frm a trip, Hilary Duff has all the essentials: suitcase, bucket hat, adorable puppy.

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