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Hilaria Baldwin has pulled a Gwyneth Paltrow.

And, no, we don't mean Alec Baldwin's wife has just won an Academy Award.

Instead, about six weeks after Paltrow's comments about moms with office jobs having it easier than movie stars (due to a set 9-5 schedule) Baldwin has posted an online picture of her and nine-month old daughter daughter Carmen taking a nap.

Pretty cute, right?

Yes, except Baldwin wrote as a caption to the picture: "Between teething & yoga photo shoots, we are tired."

Hilaria Baldwin Baby Pic

Hilaria will hopefully forgive the single mother - who is working two jobs and isn't married to a multi-millionaire - for not crying many tears of sympathy over Baldwin's lack of sleep.

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Alec Baldwin, you are a lucky man.

In a series of Instagram photos over the past week, the actor's wife has been showing off her Yoga skills, posing with the couple's baby... pretending to be passed out drunk on St. Patrick's Day... and also giving us a look at her talents in the bedroom.

No wonder Alec Baldwin is done with the public spotlight. He has plenty to keep him busy in private!

Hilaria Baldwin Yoga Pose
Impressive, Hilaria Baldwin! Alec's wife shows off her flexibility in this Yoga pose.

Click through Hilaria's impressive moves above and take note of some other Yoga-inspired stories from the week.

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