Henry Ropner was rumored to be the new man in Kate Middleton's life. But that never panned out.

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Kate Middleton may no longer have a chance to be queen - but that doesn't mean a new man in her life can't be her king for a day. Or maybe longer.

A little over a month after Prince William and Middleton split, Kate's working the rebound angle. She's got herself a new man.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Image

Middletown's been seen out on the town with Willl's Eton classmate and high society lad Henry Ropner, who has a little bone to pick with the prince. Reportedly, Henry lost former girlfriend Jecca Craig to William back in 2004, and their relationship's been frosty ever since.

Sounds like English celebrity gossip that can rival any in the U.S.!

The British rag The Sun reports that Kate and Henry have been cozying up together all around London and a source says "there's been a lot of flirting."

And Alex Rodriguez and Joslyn Noel Morse can tell us all what happens after a bit of flirting!