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No offense to Rob Lowe, but Chris Traeger will not be the prettiest character on the Parks and Recreation Season 6 premiere.

In gorgeous casting news broken by Entertainment Weekly, Heidi Klum will guest star on the September 26th opener as the very popular mayor of a small town in Denmark.

She'll cross paths with Leslie Knope when the Pawnee Councilwoman accepts a Women in Government award abroad.

Heidi Klum Interview Pic

Klum will join Henry Winkler on the Parks and Recreation premiere, while other recent notable casting scoops include:

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Heidi Klum is at it again.

After showing the world her sunburned butt, and then posting a nude selfie online, the super model has taken to Twitter and treated followers to a photo of herself on the beach.


"Last day in paradise, love Bora Bora !!," Klum wrote as a caption to the picture.

And we're loving this America's Got Talent judge more and more every day. Ogle the image now, fellas:

Heidi Klum Topless Shot

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Supermodel Heidi Klum loves her artistic, exposed beach selfies like she loves her ... well, that's what she loves most in this world these days.

She drops her top like it's no thing, but you can't pry her phone away!

With no disrespect to her sunburned rear end, this latest one as hot as it gets, short of actually sitting next to Heidi Klum nude while she took it.

That sand wouldn't be the only thing smiling in that scenario:

Heidi Klum's Breasts

In conclusion, Heidi Klum is a near-perfect physical specimen, and if she wants to flaunt it using the technology of the day, who are we to intervene.

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The pain of Heidi Klum is the gain of men around the world.

Over the holiday weekend, this America's Got Talent judge captioned a photo of her sunburned rear end with the simple word "ouch!," while including along with this risque shot one of her in a bikini.

"Thank you for another beautiful day in paradise," Klum wrote below the second image, which is pretty much the same reaction most warm-blooded males have about now...

  • Heidi Klum Butt
  • Heidi Klum Bikini Body

In the market for more Heidi Klum bikini pictures? You've come to the right place! Follow the preceding link right this very instant.

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If this is what we can expect when Heidi Klum kicks off her America's Got Talent judging career on June 4, count us in!

A pair of topless women jumped on stage yesterday during the Germany's Next Top Model finale and protested the presence of Klum as a panelist.

It's unclear why, but female had painted Heidi Horror Picture Show on her chest, as scene/censored here:

topless protest

Security intervened before the women got to Klum, and the show continued as scheduled, but if this was all some kind of marketing ploy for Tuesday's AGT premiere, we say:

Well done, NBC. Well done.

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It turns out Heidi Klum is more than just a looker.

She's also a savior.

Klum Photo

While vacationing in Oahu yesterday with her children, Klum's seven-year old son Henry was swept away in a giant riptide along with a pair of nannies.

At this sign of trouble, the new America's Got Talent judge and boyfriend Martin Kirsten jumped in to action, diving into the water and coming through in the clutch.

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She may look like a fox but Heidi Klum isn't afraid to pig out.

Following the release of her Carl's Jr. promotional photo - announcing to the world that Klum has followed in the insanely hot footsteps of Kate Upon and Padma Lakshmi as spokeswomen for this fast food chain - the model has taken us behind the scenes of her upcoming commercial.

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Heidi Klum stars in a new commercial for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's and all we have to say in reaction is:

Who's hungry?!?

Heidi Klum Hardee's Ad

The super, duper model - who premieres as a judge on America's Got Talent this summer - is featured in the ad wearing a low-cut tank top, seductively taking a single burger bite and... we've lost our train of thought.

The commercial will premiere later this month, but like so many Heidi Klum photos from the past, it's likely to remain seared in our brain forever.

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Howie Mandell and Howard Stern are officially the luckiest men in the country.

NBC sources have confirmed to TMZ that Heidi Klum will join the cast of America's Got Talent this summer, becoming the show's four judge alongside the aforementioned gentlemen and newcomer Melanie Brown.

Sharon Osbourne resigned from the series last year.

Heidi Klum Academy Awards Dress

Note to readers: Excuse us while we go set a series recording for America's Got Talent.

Klum, of course, has plenty of reality show experience, having hosted Project Runway for many years.

We wonder what Joan Rivers has to say about this news.

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Move over, Brandi Glanville. Heidi Klum is after the title Breast in Show.

With that Real Housewife having shown up at the 2013 Academy Awards in this positively insane outfit, Klum walked the red carpet of Elton John's annual Oscar viewing party in a similarly revealing gown.

Unlike Glanville, however, folks weren't wondering what the heck she was doing there.

Also, unlike Glanville, they were forever grateful for this fashion choice. Ogle away now, fellas!

  • Heidi Klum Cleavage Dress
  • Heidi Klum Breasts Alert