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Stephen Colletti of Laguna Beach fame recently turned 22.

Not in attendance at the JV player's big birthday bash: Lauren Conrad. Or Kristin Cavallari. Or Hayden Panettiere. Nope, none of his exes showed up.

Who, Me?

The latter two did come out of hiding on Thursday, however, cozying up (and maybe even dishing secrets) during a party at Hollywood hot spot Hyde!

Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari and Heroes' Hayden Panettiere both dated Stephen Colletti. We really hate Stephen Colletti right about now.

Kristin, 21, is back on the market after breaking up with Nick Zano, who she dated for like a year, after Colletti... and Brody Jenner. Hayden, 18, also moved on from Stephen to an older man - co-star Milo Ventimiglia. Go Halo!

As for Stephen, we believe him to be single.

But, given his track record of dating all the young celebrities we have crushes on, he should be getting it on with Blake Lively or Carrie Underwood any day now.

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For all of those fearing that Hyde has jumped the proverbial shark, well, this isn't about to dispel that theory.

The man best known as Danny Tanner partied it up in L.A. Sunday. Yes, Bob Saget was the biggest celeb at Hyde, according to TMZ's club spies.

At least the Olsen Twins are old enough to get sloshed with him now.

Meanwhile, underage hottie Hayden Panettiere was spotted outside her home after visiting Nickelodeon Studios to support her little brother, Jansen Panettiere, in his new TV movie, Last Day of Summer.

Only 42 more days until she's legal. Just saying.

Back east, Akon and Samantha Cole were spotted rocking out to Amy Winehouse tunes in the Hamptons at the pleasure palace Star Room.

Fortunately, Akon did not smack that (well, at least not in public). We're sure he tried his best to throw someone off stage. Danah Allyene was probably mad jealous.

While Akon looked on, lyricist extraordinaire L'il Jon entered the scene and entertained the crowd from the DJ booth, taking over the beats.

We can only imagine, having heard his collaborations with Usher about 10 million times, that this involved a lot of L'il Jon screaming "Okaaaaay" and "Yeahhh!"

Meanwhile, back in the city, she of the large booty, Kim Kardashian and himbo Wilmer Valderrama rocked the Estrada Entertainment party at Home.

Hey, when you're no longer with Mandy Moore, you might as well move on to an inferior model. That guy's bedpost must be enormous to accommodate all those notches.

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