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L.A. nightspot Les Deux should have posted a "Slippery When Wet" sign on Friday night, according to Us Weekly club spies who were on the scene.

Leading the sex-crazed pack was Lauren Conrad, who got her groove on with an unidentified man (possibly Chris Richardson)... a mere three feet from her ex-boyfriend, Brody Jenner.

LC, aka Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad reportedly pranced into the club close to midnight, wearing a turquoise dress with her hair down in soft, delicate waves.

She sat at a table with other reality TV show stars Frankie Delgado (from MTV's Twenty-four-Seven) and Shaunte & Anthony (from MTV's Maui Fever).

The star of MTV's The Hills was careful not to make eye contact with Brody Jenner, of course. Oh, but don't think she didn't know he was there!

Meanwhile, a really lame singer by the name of Jesse McCartney slithered his way over to LC's table where he made out with some chick who totally looked like she could be his twin sister.

Then there's seductive, underage girl-on-girl action hero Hayden Panettierre, who held a personal tongue wrestling match with VJ boyfriend Stephen Colletti (a talented young man who once two-timed LC and Kristin Cavallari - he's a player).

Hayden and Stephen Colletti got their freak on while sitting at a table with another reality star, Dieter Schmitz (also from Laguna Beach) and Rumer Willis, who should have her own reality show at this stage.

Later, Brody Jenner apparently wasn't fazed by LC's flirty display, as he was seen hanging out with a gaggle of girls (including a USC blond) and recent Paris Hilton victim James Blunt.

Just another hot night on the club scene. Imagine what must have gone down at Hyde.

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Hayden Panettiere doesn't like being called Lindsay Lohan.

But as we saw two days ago, she doesn't mind co-opting her signature salute.

Sexy Hayden Panettiere Photograph

And as we discussed yesterday, she doesn't mind dressing like her. How YOU doin'?

Or acting like her, as the picture below indicates. The Hollywood Gossip is not certain when this picture was taken, or who the other girl is in this picture of Hayden Panettiere.

But this is clearly a picture of Hayden Panettiere licking the breasts of another young lady. Just in case you were unclear on that.

Yup, that's something else, isn't it? We've come to expect some big things from the 17-year-old Heroes star, but this kind of girl-on-girl action wasn't one of them.

Is this oddly endearing, semi-naughty pic an indicator of what's in store for Hayden Panettiere? We aren't sure... nor are we certain whether we want it to be.

After all, we're crazy about Britney Spears and want her to stay well now that she's clean and sober. Yet she sure makes things a lot more interesting (and titillating) around here with each crotch shot and trip to rehab. Follow?

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Seriously. We're starting to wonder if Hayden Panettiere's middle name is Jailbait. Actually, we're not. We know darn well that it's actually Leslie. But come on.

Take a long, long look at the outfit she's rocking below and you'll know what we're talking about, though. Out in L.A., the 17-year old starlet makes jaws drop in this ridiculously short, black, snug, see-through number. Yow.

Yummy Stuff

Yeah. She's looking more like Lindsay Lohan with each passing day. We certainly understand where her boyfriend, Stephen Colletti, is coming from. The prospect of hitting this has to be worth the risk of 2-4 years in a California jail.

Despite her undeniable hotness, Hayden Panettiere isn't immune from a good joke. Ashton Kutcher lays a classic practical gag on the Heroes cheerleader on the premiere of the final season of his hit show, Punk'd!

Her mom, Lesley Panettiere (not BFF Rumer Willis), acts as the accomplice as the young hottie is suddenly approached by an older man and his son. His wife comes in and "catches" Hayden Panettiere flirting with him.

Hayden's facial expression after the irate wife drops the f-bomb is nothing short of priceless - and the reason Ashton Kutcher's hilarious show has been such a long-lasting MTV staple!

Of course, Hayden Panettiere has been on the distributing end of Punk'd, having been the accomplice when Ashton punked her VJ boyfriend, Colletti.

What goes around comes around, girl!

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Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere doesn't want to be mixed up for fellow tabloid magnet and party animal Lindsay Lohan! Got that? Don't be callin' her Lindsay. She's made this wish abundantly clear with her past comments on the subject.

But yet, as the formidable celebrity gossip queen Perez Hilton wryly notes, she's already hitting the Hollywood party scene with reckless abandon, and she's even yoinked Firecrotch's signature peace sign pose! Peep it: 

A Gorgeous Gal

Here, we see the lovely Hayden Panettiere channeling her inner Lohan on the set of Fireflies In The Garden, which co-stars Julia Roberts and Ryan Reynolds.

On a side note, that guy next to her looks mad sketchy. He's glaring at Hayden like she's a piece of meat. We mean that literally. That guy looks like he can eat! It's like he's Star Jones and Hayden Panettiere a porterhouse steak.

Which is gross, but better than him getting any ideas about getting in this Hero's pants. Because she's, like, underage. For another 132 days. Not that we know.

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Actress Hayden Panettiere rocketed to fame as the self-healing cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes. But the 17-year-old is just getting started.

Since becoming the focal point of the show's "save the cheerleader" plot line, the sexy and adorable Hayden Panettiere has also started filming a new drama, Fireflies in the Garden, with Julia Roberts, and is gearing up to promote her debut pop album this fall.

Sexy Hero

"With singing, I get to be myself," she tells People in its new issue.

That's all well and good. But later this spring, Hayden Panettiere will celebrate another important milestone - high school graduation.

"Thank God!" says the Nyack, N.Y., native. "School was difficult; when you come and go, you miss out on a lot. Cliques are formed and you're just lingering."

In L.A., Panettiere has found a new BFF in Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Rumer Willis, 18.

"I stole my pink belly-button ring from Rumer," she admits.

Moreover, she's found a boyfriend in Laguna Beach alum Stephen Colletti, 21, whom she's been dating for more than a year.

Colletti, of course, used to date Kristin Cavallari. And Lauren Conrad. At the same time. We can only take our collective hat off to the young man.

But Panettiere and Colletti are so low-key (their big nights out usually consist of dinner and a movie) that the actress almost feels guilty about not giving Hollywood Gossip hounds like us more to work with.

It's safe to say Justin Timberlake doesn't share that attitude.

"I had paparazzi on my street for a while," she says. "I think I bored them to tears. I'm no fun to watch."

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Everyone knows there are some things you just don't wanna be called.

Would Allegra Versace want to be called fat? Well, maybe. Okay, bad example.

A Cute Girl

One can certainly understand, however, why the lovely Hayden Panettiere took issue and flipped out after being mistaken for that whoremonger Lindsay Lohan last night.

TMZ staffers spotted the Heroes cheerleader leaving the Hollywood hotspot L Scorpion last night with co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Leonard Roberts.

That's when a confused onlooker shouted out, "Give 'em hell, Lindsay!"

When one of the members of the paparazzi reiterated the fan's mistake, a huffy Hayden Panettiere yelled back, "Don't ever call me that again!"

Wow. Lindsay Lohan, you just got owned. Good think Hilary Duff would no longer be as offended under similar circumstances.

Check out the video of Hayden tweaking at TMZ by clicking here.

After the initial skirmish, the fan didn't hear Hayden clearly and uttered the name of Dina Lohan's daughter yet again! But fortunately, before Hayden could berate the fan a second time, a cameraman screamed a string of choice obscenities to the confused Lohan fan.

No word on whether Rumer Willis was there.

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Justin Timberlake vowed to "break the slime barrier" at Saturday's 20th Annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards - and the show's host sure did deliver the green goo.

Timberlake, who won the award for favorite male singer, was slimed both at the beginning and end of the show.

Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko Picture

During the opening number, Justin Timberlake, dressed in a tuxedo and an orange scarf, sang:

"You'll never get a drop of slime on old J.T." â€" but was soon covered with it.

Other stars who got drenched with the green stuff included Mandy Moore, Tobey Maguire, Steve Carell, Vince Vaughn, Chris Tucker, and Jackie Chan.

Even Nicole Kidman got slightly slimed when she accepted the award for the animated movie Happy Feet. The actress, who voiced a character in the film, was there on behalf of the film's director, George Miller.

The show, which featured performances by Gwen Stefani and Maroon 5, also included a daredevil bungee jump by stuntman Ron Jones, who plunged into a giant vat of green slime from a height of 225 feet.

Early in raucous show, Charlotte's Web star Dakota Fanning won for favorite female movie star and the Black Eyed Peas won for favorite musical group.

"I consider all of you my friends!" said Fanning, who was presented with the award by Blades of Glory stars Will Ferrell and Jon Heder.

Other awards went to Ben Stiller, who took home the Wannabe Award, Adam Sandler for favorite male film actor and American Idol for favorite the TV show. Idol judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul were on hand to accept the award.

In one of the show's gross-out moments, Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere announced Drake Bell of Josh and Drake as the winner of Nickelodeon's favorite TV actor by picking out the "world's largest booger" from a giant nose.

As for burping champion, Timberlake lost the the title after he was challenged by the entire 12,000-person crowd to a burp-off. Together, everyone at the Pauley Pavilion - with the help of some special effects â€" defeated the singer with a massive ensemble burp.

"Tonight I went head-to-head with every kid in the audience and I don't know if I stood a chance," said Britney Spears' ex-beau after the show. "They came in strong and I gave it a go but it just wasn't good enough."

At the end of the evening, Timberlake, with the help of Vince Vaughn, used a "detonator" to release a giant surge of slime that came up through the floor, spraying the actors and much of the audience and.

Awards are determined by kids who vote to pick the winners. Approximately 40 million votes were cast this year, according to Nickelodeon.

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She's a hot young star - one of the hottest in Hollywood, even.

She's got a hit TV show (Heroes), a half dozen movie credits to her name, and a new album (produced by J.R. Rotem) due out this May.

Hayden Panettiere Cleavage

So what the frick is Hayden Panettiere doing in an NHL commercial?

A good question. One can understand the 17-year-old starlet's confusion - and subsequent anger at her agent - when she learned she'd be promoting this lame sports league....

An NFL ad with Tom Brady would be something. But the NHL? After all, the girl's career is on the rise here. You could say Hayden is like the anti-Britney Spears.

She can't be showing her face in an ad for a league that averages less than a third of the viewers of Heroes for a typical game. Can she? Who knows. Maybe it's punishment for being seen out with Rumer Willis. That's, like, career suicide.

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Memo to Hayden Christensen: You're not Hollywood's only hot Hayden!

That's right, we're talking about Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, who was spotted yesterday out and about in L.A. The blonde bombshell, 17, sported a cute, low-cut t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sandals as she stepped into a trendy boutique to pick up a coffee. See below:

Hayden Cleavage


Hayden had her hair pulled back in a pony tail and her sunglasses on top of her head. The petite star, 5'1", could barely hold onto her big brown bag as she sipped her coffee. No wonder she sometimes has people carry her stuff!

As J.R. Rotem can surely attest, Hayden really pulls off this cute casual look. She is best known, however, for her trademark Heroes cheerleader outfit - and conjuring up fantasies among millions of adolescent geeks.

SIDE NOTE: Rumer Willis, who is apparently pals with Hayden, was there too. That's Rumer in this pic, looking a little like Michael Jackson in fact. Whatever. It's good to see Lindsay Lohan's ex-personal assistant is still alive and kicking.

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A year ago at this time, few people knew who Hayden Panettiere was, let alone how to pronounce her last name (pen-eh-TEER).

Yet the 17-year-old has become a certified Hollywood "it" girl, starring in NBC's smash hit, Heroes, as well as in various films and launching a singing career!

Hayden in Hawaii

She's even been spotted hanging with Paris Hilton - the true sign that you've hit the big time. Or need to check into rehab ASAP. Sorry. We're getting a little ahead of ourselves, we know.

In any event, here's timeline of the brief career of Hayden Panettiere, a star you'll surely be hearing a lot more from in the coming years ...

September 25, 2006: Makes one of the best debuts in TV history �" jumping off a building, snapping her body back together, then doing it all over again! That's right, Hayden Panettiere made heads turn (on many levels) as the indestructible cheerleader Claire Bennet on Heroes.

November 1: As her star rises, Hayden Panettiere officially moves from Palisades, N.Y., to L.A. along with her parents and younger brother.

November 3: Poses for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Inside, she tells the mag she celebrated her hit show's success by buying a Porsche and nearly running over Kanye West. Now that would have been heroic.

November 14: Photographed at L.A. eatery and mandatory paparazzi stop, Koi, holding hands with J.R. Rotem. Yes, that J.R. Rotem. The music producer whose 15 minutes of fame felt like 15 seconds after he hooked up with Britney Spears one night last fall.


December 4: Hangs out with that skank Paris Hilton at VH1's Big in '06 Awards. Ick. And, in the creepiest pairing of the night, Panettiere presents an award with sleazy 44-year-old Tommy Lee, who tells her (no joke) to call him when she turns 18. The man is a class act.

THG NOTE: That's August 21, 2007.

December: Becomes the new Neutrogena cover girl!

December: Stars with Anthony LaPaglia in The Architect, one of her first dramatic leading roles in a feature film.

December 14: Adopts a cause �" online safety, in the 2 Smart 4U ad campaign. In the ads, Hayden warms teenagers of the dangers lurking on the Internets. Like Perez Hilton, we're guessing.

Jaunary 3, 2007: Photographed at LAX with a mountain of luggage and rocking a sweatshirt that exclaims "Little Miss Bad." We are liking this!

January 9: Celebrates with castmates when Heroes wins for Best New TV Drama at the People's Choice Awards.

February: Poses for Vanity Fair in a white bathing suit reminiscent of a 1950s-era Marilyn Monroe. It's attractive, yet it makes us feel dirty. You know, the usual.

February 6: While shopping, bumps into Kristin Cavallari, who used to date Stephen Colletti, who's reportedly dating Panettiere. DRAMA!

May: Her debut album, still untitled, is slated to hit stores. The producer? J.R. Rotem. We don't have high hopes for the record, but we guarantee it's better than anything Sanjaya Malakar will ever produce.

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