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Unlike Britney Spears, some singers' career prospects are actually trending up. Namely, a cheerleader who wants to be a rock star!

Well, she's not really a cheerleader, she just plays one on Heroes. But Hayden Panettiere is making a move into music as well, and a new single from Hayden is, surprisingly, not half bad. It's typical pop-rock cheesiness, yes, but not half bad.

Paris Protege

The lyrical brilliance of Hayden Panettiere is evident early on as the track begins with "So many memories of you and me, like the time we drove to the O.C. ..."

It's enough to bring a tear to one's eye.

Follow the link to here Hayden's "Your New Girlfriend" over at Perez Hilton.

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Who's that glamorous goddess? Why, none other than Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere, who draws a crowd wherever she goes. Particularly at the MTV VMAs ...

Out and About with HP

As usual, Hayden Panettiere steals the show, this time at the Music Video Awards.

With an amazing career just beginning, and magazine-cover good looks, it's no shock that Hayden Panettiere remains a favorite of all the agencies that make a living at taking celebrity photos. Hey, she's legal now. Ogle freely. Ogle often.

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Hayden Panettiere has been a bad, bad girl.

Seriously, you're not going to believe what naughty things the Heroes star has been up to. According to sources, Hayden Panettiere, 18, recently reduced her mother, Leslie Panettiere, to tears when she got a tattoo without her parents' permission.

Inaugural Balled

The sexy Heroes cheerleader actually got the tattoo done a year ago, and managed to keep it a secret from her protective parents for a time.

"It's a small Leo symbol [her zodiac sign] on my ankle. My mom didn't see it for ages," says Hayden Panettiere of her clandestine tat.

The lovely lady's tattoo didn't remain a secret for all that long, though, as a hot new acting job intervened, forcing Hayden Panettiere to out the hidden body art.

"I was being body-scanned for a special effect on Heroes," Hayden said. "And she saw it, then tried to rub it off, and suddenly I realized. Her eyes welled up."

Hey, could be worse. What would Hayden's parents think if they walked in on their daughter having ... an even bigger tattoo inked on her petite frame? Or multiple tattoos!?

Or, what if there were Hayden Panettiere nude pictures floating around!
My goodness. Imagine the kind of uproar that would cause on the home front.

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You know what they say. When in Paris... a barely legal blonde bombshell has to strut her stuff. And sometimes, that means a little side boob action.

Hayden Panettiere showed us a little breast - and a tremendous body all around - while wearing a gorgeous, form-fitting gold dress while on a press trip yesterday in France.

Yummy Stuff

Ooh la la! Look at the reaction of her Heroes co-star, Milo Ventimiglia, for all that really needs to be said. Keep those eyes on the prize, Milo!

Hayden Panettiere in France promoting her TV show... and rack. Tres sexy!

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world you probably have never even considered. Because they are pointless, and above all, not real.

Our current match-up features a pair of young, beautiful TV cheerleaders. Who will emerge victorious when Heroes star Hayden Panettiere goes 10 grueling rounds with Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly? Let's find out. Ding, ding!

Hayden Panettiere, Hot Per Usual


Minka Kelly: Check.
Hayden Panettiere: Check.
Edge: Even


Minka Kelly: Dillon, Texas
Hayden Panettiere: Odessa, Texas
Edge: Minka (better pass defense)


Minka Kelly: Panther pride, running successful car dealership
Hayden Panettiere: Shady dealings with an organization known as The Company that is aware of people on the planet with unusual abilities.
Edge: Minka


Minka Kelly: Average for a 17-year old girl.
Hayden Panettiere: Unparalleled.
Edge: Hayden


Minka Kelly: Oh God yes.
Hayden Panettiere: Barely.
Edge: Minka


Minka Kelly: Had roles in What I Like About You and American Dreams.
Hayden Panettiere: Appeared on soap operas One Life to Live and Guiding Light.
Edge: Hayden


Minka Kelly: Father was in Aerosmith, mother was a Las Vegas showgirl.
Hayden Panettiere: Lives with her folks, has 1 a.m. curfew.
Edge: Minka


Minka Kelly: Recently broke up with Fantastic Four star Chris Evans; recent rumors have linked her to Harry Morton.
Hayden Panettiere: Has been going out (and engaging in PDAs) with former Laguna Beach star Stephen Colletti for a year.
Edge: Minka


Minka Kelly: Grew up in Albuquerque, N.M., dreaming of being a surgeon.
Hayden Panettiere: In the animated Dinosaur, lent her voice to a creature named Suri!
Edge: Hayden


Minka Kelly: Umm, makes Friday Night Lights a whole lot brighter?
Hayden Panettiere: Starred in TV commercials at age one; Current Neutrogena cover girl; Working on debut album; Voted sixth on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women of 2007; Has made estimated $2 million in 2007 alone.
Edge: Hayden

THE VERDICT: The Friday Night Lights sexpot pulls a stunning upset, ousting Hayden by the slimmest of margins, 5.5-4.5. Guess you better tune in to watch Minka Kelly on Friday nights, starting October 5! Don't count out the Heroes starlet, though. She has a tendency to bounce back rather quickly.

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Now that she's finally 18 and can legally... vote, Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere is heating things up. Just about every conceivable place you can look.

First there was her cheerleader Got Milk ad. Cute, sure, but pretty vanilla.

A Pretty Panettiere Pic

Then there were those steamy Hayden Panettiere photos in FHM. Now we're talkin'!

But most recently, the tantalizing Panettiere took a bite of forbidden fruit (so to speak) on the cover of fashion / beauty mag GenLux, encouraging passersby to "take a bite!"

We'd take a bite out of Hayden Panettiere. There's no question about that. But daydreaming about doing so is a tad distracting to a motorist, don't you think?

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We couldn't help but notice that this weekly pop culture power rankings in Sports Illustrated contain some familiar faces and stories to readers of The Hollywood Gossip. Let's take a look at what's in the news and who's winning SI's notoriety contest ...

10. Joey Fatone
The "Fat One" signs on to run the red carpet show for the TV Guide Network. We never thought we'd say this, but, we miss Joan Rivers.

9. Chuck Liddell
The former UFC champ partied all night with Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon of Entourage) in Las Vegas last weekend while Dillon celebrated his birthday.

8. Duane Chapman
Dog The Bounty Hunter may have a hit TV show and best selling book but he still can't escape the law. There's gotta be a Michael Vick joke here somewhere.

7. Hayden Panettiere
The hottest cheerleader this side of Friday Night Lights turns 18 which means bring on the cigarettes and pornos (her words, not ours).

6. Bill Murray
There's nothing funny about drinking and driving, but when it entails Bill Murray throwing back a few in a golf cart, it has the makings of a Caddyshack reunion.

5. Tom Brady
So, Brady wants some time off to see the birth of his child (with Bridget Moynahan, his ex). We'd pay to see the look on Bill Belichick's face when he's asked about that one.

4. Tiki Barber / Eli Manning
Tiki finally lit a fire under Eli and made him break out of his clichéd monologue after questioning the QB's leadership skills. Why didn't he do that last year?

3. Ryan Seacrest
Just when you thought Super Bowl pre-game shows couldn't get any worse, Fox announced that the American Idol metrosexual will be hosting the snoozefest in February.

2. The Orange Bowl
One of college football's most storied stadiums is living on borrowed time after the Hurricanes start playing home games at Dolphin Stadium in 2008.

1. Michael Vick
Can we stop talking about whether or not Michael Vick will be able to resume his NFL career when he's done serving his time in jail? Any team that signs Vick when he gets out might as well go out and get Kevin Federline to play wide receiver.

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We come across many celebrity photos in this line of work. Most of which are somewhat funny, but not really worth making a big deal out of.

Then along comes this Hayden Panettiere FHM photo shoot

Not sure if you've heard, but Hayden's 18th birthday was this week (Tuesday), making it no longer a felony in 48 states for us to ogle her amazing body!

Hi From Hayden

Okay, so posting hot pictures of Hayden Panettiere was never actually a crime. It just made us feel creepy. And heck, it still does.

Eh, who cares. Here is Hayden in all her sexy, provocative glory. Gaze upon the cheerleader from Heroes and try to contain yourself.

Her co-star, Masi Oka, was also featured in the magazine - but really, who cares about that guy. We're all about Hayden, all the time.

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Hey, she's 18, alright? We can say that kind of thing now! Woooo!

Anyway, here's what this young star has to say about a certain beverage.

Paris Protege

"You don't have to be a hero to feel invincible," notes one of The Hollywood Gossip's favorite celebrities. "That's why I drink milk. The protein helps build muscle, and some studies suggest teenagers who choose it tend to be leaner. Cheers to that."

Of course, it's easy for Hayden Panettiere to sing the praises of the "Body By Milk" campaign, of which she is the newest spokeswoman. The girl can't even buy booze! Come on!

Hayden Panettiere has got milk. And has got it goin' on!

We love to joke about her, but it's nice to see that for all the celebrity gossip she generates, Hayden Panettiere continues to set a good example for her fans.

Now if we can just get Britney Spears to stay home and have a glass of milk with Jayden James Federline once in awhile, instead of staying up all night partying topless and guzzling margaritas in the pool with Matt Encinias. Just an idea.

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Hayden Panettiere celebrated her 18th birthday Tuesday in a big, important way ... by registering to vote at the Declare Yourself offices in Beverly Hills!  

Hayden Panettiere: Sexy Cowgirl

Oh, and Hayden Panettiere also held a large birthday bash.

The actress and 75 friends and family partied at LG House in Malibu. On hand to help Hayden drink Diet Cokes were Stephen Colletti (Hayden's oh-so-lucky boyfriend of a year), BFF Rumer Willis and random family hanger-on Mario Lopez.

Also present were Heroes co-stars Adrian Pasdar (and wife Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks), Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg, Zachary Quinto, and Kristen Bell.

The food was Italian with pasta and Japanese with different types of sushi and rolls. The red velvet cake said (wait for it) "Happy Birthday, Hayden!" Fitting.

Having just turned 18, we suppose it's acceptable that Hayden Panettiere needs some blowing lessons. It took her five tries to get all those candles out!

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