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Petite actress Hayden Panettiere models a line of leather Dooney & Bourke handbags in their latest ad campaign - and looks dwarfed by that thing.

The Heroes cheerleader is still a bona fide hottie, of course.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

This handbag line is just the beginning of Hayden's foray into celebrity fashion.

Soon enough, getting the clothes straight off Panettiere's back won't be just a recreational activity enjoyed by Milo Ventimiglia.

The star will soon debut her own celebrity fashion line at, which states “Currently, Hayden is working on putting out new summer inventory straight from her closet to you! There will be a summer sales event at with huge inventory. Please be patient as this process will take a few weeks.”

On a side note, hope Alan and Lesley Panettiere have patched things up.

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Hayden Panettiere's father, Alan, was released from custody on $50,000 bail after being arrested for allegedly striking Hayden's mom (his wife).

Alan Panettiere, who goes by Skip, was arrested at 3:15 a.m. Monday at the family's West Hollywood home and spent about 10 hours in custody.

He was booked on a charge of felony domestic violence following a fight with wife Lesley Vogel, a.k.a. Lesley Panettiere, police deputies said.

Sunday evening, the couple attended a Hollywood charity benefit for the Whaleman Foundation hosted by Hayden at trendy Beso restaurant.

The pair were seen arguing, which quickly led to violence.

A sheriff's spokesman says that Alan, who felt "disrespected," struck Lesley Vogel one or two times on the cheek causing bruising. Another sheriff's official says that alcohol abuse was "most likely" involved in the incident.

"When they were both about to leave, they had a heated argument outside the restaurant. They were doing a good amount of yelling," a witness said.

We feel terrible for Hayden - who has been acting since starring on As the World Turns as a small child - and younger brother Jansen. We hope they're both doing okay, and that this situation is resolved as best it can be.

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Law enforcement sources say that Hayden Panettiere's dad, Alan Panettiere, has been arrested for allegedly battering his wife - Hayden's mom.

Sgt. Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said Alan was arrested early this morning on a felony count of domestic violence.

Hayden Gets Lei'd

He was popped after allegedly striking Lesley Panettiere in the face at around 3:00 a.m. today. He is being held on $50,000 bail.

Alan and Lesley Panettiere, parents of the 18-year-old Heroes star, were at a party earlier in the evening, according to sources.

There were no smiles flashed last night when a "disrespected" Alan Panettiere allegedly beat up Lesley Panettiere, the mother and manager of Hayden Panettiere.

Alan Panettiere allegedly became upset because Lesley was "hanging" with someone at the shindig and he felt she was "disrespecting" him.

According to Lesley's statement to Sheriffs, the couple went home and began arguing before Alan struck her in the cheek.

Cops took pictures and there are visible marks. Paramedics advised Lesley Panettiere she should go to the hospital but she refused.

Alan did not give a statement. It's unclear if any of Hayden Panettiere or her brother, Jansen Panettiere, were at the house at the time.

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Hayden Panettiere is back to the bob.

After wearing extensions on the set of Heroes, the actress busted out the short hair one again while out for dinner Monday in Beverly Hills.

What are your thoughts on Hayden's off-the-shoulder, clingy top? And her new, short hairstyle? Our celebrity fashion experts want to know ...

Hayden in Lace

Hayden Panettiere's new look: Love it or shove it?

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Yesterday we reported on Hayden Panettiere's debut album (really) and single "Wake Up Call." Well, the 18-year-old star released a video to go with it.

Personally, we find it pretty frickin' dreadful.

Hot Hayden P.

Trust us, it's hard to criticize an actress we really lust after respect. It just makes so little sense. Not only is this typical, awful, mailed-in pop dreck - with cliched lyrics about going to clubs no less - the Heroes star is already that - a star!

In other words, she doesn't need a stupid album to raise funds to support a lavish lifestyle, and doesn't seem obsessed with her own celebrity (cough, Paris Hilton). So why put out an awful album in the first place? It just doesn't compute.

But you decide for yourself. Here's the video ...


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Hayden Panettiere is gearing up to release her first album.

The not-unattractive Heroes star played her first single, "Wake Up Call," on Ryan Seacrest's KISS-FM radio show Tuesday afternoon – and opened up about the "very different, very diverse" songs comprising the album.

"They're a little bit eclectic," Panettiere said. The actress described the experience of hearing her music on the radio as "scary" and "terrifying."

Hayden, the subject of engagement rumors with boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia, put a lot of effort into the songs on her debut disc.

In fact, the project has been four years in the making.

"[The music] changed so much over the years," she says, "just because my life experiences and who I am as a person is obviously reflected in the music."

Continue Reading...

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Don’t tell Hayden Panettiere, but her boyfriend, Milo Ventimiglia, is planning to propose, according to the totally unreliable InTouch Weekly!

The actor, 30, recently confided to a friend that even though Hayden is only 18, he wants to get engaged, preferably even this year. Holy Halo!

“Milo was looking at rings in late June,” Milo's supposed pal says. “He really likes Cartier and intends to spend around $200,000."

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere, who met via their hit series Heroes, began dating secretly last year and went public in January.

While we wouldn't blame our man Milo for trying to lock up Hayden with a lifetime contract before she gets much older and realizes just how hot she is, we somehow doubt the validity of this celeb news story. Seems a tad soon, no?

We'll check with our inside source and get back to you.

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About this time last year, Hayden Panettiere ditched her California beau Stephen Colletti for a really sweet guy in Milo Ventimiglia.

Then, waving goodbye to her long California-girl locks, the 18-year-old Heroes star chopped inches off for a really sweet, short bob.

The question is, celebrity hair critics: which to you prefer on Hayden Panettiere?

  • Hayden: InStyle UK Photo
  • You Know What That Look Says
  • A Glamourous Hero

  • Which hairstyle works best on fair Hayden Panettiere?

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We have no idea where this Hayden Panettiere picture came from, or exactly when it was taken, but it's safe to say that the Heroes star hasn't gotten less attractive since the last time we saw her. Goodness. Very artsy and sexy.

Well, that's all we've got. Enjoy:

Out and About with HP

Even Hayden Panettiere admires teenage goddess actress Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden Panettiere Biography

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